Prepare for Pixel phones as Google confirms October 4 event

Prepare for Pixel phones as Google confirms October 4 event The tech giant will be releasing two variants of its flagship smartphone this year- the Pixel and the Pixel XL- just like last year. Momentum by TNW is our NY technology event for anyone interested in helping their company grow. Both the devices are expected to have USB Type-C port that will provide rapid data transfer and charging. It was also noted that both the phones were running the lat... [Full Article...]

Eric Trump: My Father Used 'Insane' Tax Laws to His Advantage

During a discussion on Tuesday's show, cohost Mika Brzezinski praised the Republican presidential nominee's reaction to Saturday's New York Times revelation about Trump's massive loss he reported in 1995. Donald Trump, a man who disemboweled the scarecrow from "The Wizard of Oz" and called it his hair, is not well liked by college-educated women, who prefer Hillary Clinton by 30 points. [Full Article...]

Clinton maintains lead in latest Times-Picayune/Lucid presidential poll

The debate will provide voters their first extended chance to evaluate the No. 2's in the White House race and is the only showdown between the vice presidential candidates. Others told Trump they faced more immediate concerns with state-level regulators. The question of whether Trump is a suitable role model for children also took center stage Monday night at the New Hampshire Senate debate. [Full Article...]

Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to 3 Scientists

The other half will be split between Duncan Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz. Haldane is a 65-year-old physics professor at Princeton University in New Jersey. In the early 1970s, Kosterlitz and Thouless challenged the previous theory that superconductivity and superfluidity could not occur in thin layers, demonstrated that superconductivity could occur at low temperatures, and uncovered the mecha... [Full Article...]

15-Year-Old Girl Asks Hillary Clinton About Trump's Comments on Women

Mike Pence and Democratic nominee Virginia Sen. He mounted an unapologetic defense of his business record, previewing lines he might deploy during his rematch with Clinton on Sunday. Contending that Clinton is "far and away, the superior candidate in this election", Sanders blasted Trump's economic and tax plans, saying they would benefit only the wealthiest Americans. [Full Article...]

15-year-old asks Clinton about Trump comments

A daily round-up of all that's happening as Hillary Clinton goes head to head with Donald Trump. "I misspoke tonight", the statement said. "I mean how do you get more acclaimed than that?" Trump appeared to be gaining ground in Pennsylvania, where Clinton led by seven percentage points, last month. [Full Article...]

GOP senators say Trump is not a role model

After today's stops in Pennsylvania, Clinton has no public events until the debate on Sunday. "I would focus on Hillary's record on politics of 30 years", Barrasso said when asked about Trump bringing up Bill Clinton's sex scandals. Since the debate, the New York Times published a snippet of Trump's leaked 1995 tax returns , which call into question his business prowess because the returns sh... [Full Article...]

Russian Federation deploys new air defense missiles in Syria

Russian Federation deploys new air defense missiles in Syria Russian foreign ministry statement: Russian embassy in Damascus was hit by mortar fire on Monday. The decision to suspend bilateral contacts with Russian Federation about a ceasefire in Syria does not mean abandoning Syrians, US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday. [Full Article...]

Illinois to yank billions from Wells Fargo amid scandal

Illinois to yank billions from Wells Fargo amid scandal Stumpf told lawmakers that Wells Fargo will eliminate sales quotas for branch staff starting October. Frerichs was uncertain how much the yearlong suspension would cost the nation's second-largest bank, which serves as broker-dealer for state investments, but said it likely amounts to millions of dollars. [Full Article...]

Facebook launching Marketplace in Android app, facilitating easier private buying & selling

Facebook launching Marketplace in Android app, facilitating easier private buying & selling Here's what Facebook has to say about its new service: "In recent years more people have been using Facebook to connect in another way: buying and selling with each other". Worse than that, killers are also using the site to find their next victim. Have you ever bought or sold something through Facebook? In a nutshell, Marketplace lets people search for things that people are selling nea... [Full Article...]

Colombian voters reject peace deal with Marxist FARC rebels

Colombian voters reject peace deal with Marxist FARC rebels President Juan Manuel Santos conceded defeat in the vote, but vowed to continue peace efforts. Last week, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced that his government does not have a back-up plan in case the public rejects the deal. [Full Article...]

Japanese Scientist Claims Nobel Prize for Medicine

Japanese Scientist Claims Nobel Prize for Medicine Many research groups are exploring a strategy of fighting the disease by reducing these cells' use of the cleanup process, said Eileen White, a researcher at the Rutgers Cancer Institute in New Brunswick, New Jersey. "There are now over 40 to 50 clinical trials ongoing internationally to test different inhibitors or activators of autophagy", he said. "I thought the breakdown (of cells) would be ... [Full Article...]

Automakers show off electrics at Paris show

The vehicle is supposed to go on sale by the year 2020. With a high-speed charger, VW says the battery can be charged to 80 percent capacity after just 30 minutes. In this mode, the wheel retracts, giving an increased impression of space. Data is also gathered from ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors, and cameras. [Full Article...]

Hyundai RN30 Concept - i30 N with 380 hp 2.0L turbo

Hyundai RN30 Concept - i30 N with 380 hp 2.0L turbo I think we first need to grow a performance base with the i30 N. That's why we'll offer two versions: a road version and a more track-orientated model. So-called "floating" fenders over each wheel combine with side splitters as part of the aerodynamic package which also includes a roof fin, tailgate spoiler and diffuser. [Full Article...]

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger: I didn't see the controversial victor against Burnley

We have a solid board and solid fans and they believe in me and the team, but it still gets questioned and stretched at some point. Seeking their fifth league victory on the trot and fifth consecutive win overall, the Gunners look to keep rolling into the worldwide break Sunday when they face Burnley at Turf Moor. [Full Article...]

Ryan has concerns over 9/11 Saudi bill but predicts veto override

Ryan has concerns over 9/11 Saudi bill but predicts veto override Republicans claimed that the Houthi insurgency is an Iranian proxy, blamed President Obama's foreign policy for emboldening Iran, and argued that the war is justified. Saudi Arabia has a very mixed record on terrorism, however. "How can you say you're serious about strangling ISIL when the textbooks that are produced inside Saudi Arabia are the very same textbooks that are handed out to recrui... [Full Article...]

Life normal in Pakistani Kashmir, but tense on Indian side

It claimed that in reality, on the night of September 28 and 29 September, the Indian forces resorted to "unprovoked firing" at the LoC at multiple points, which led to the death of two Pakistani soldiers. in Islamabad yesterday, calling on them to help ensure peace in the region. Earlier, Defence Secretary Ashton Carter had said while India has generally shown responsible behaviour with nucle... [Full Article...]

Debate organizers: There were 'issues' with Donald Trump's microphone

Debate organizers: There were 'issues' with Donald Trump's microphone He has not brought up the audio issues since, in recent days complaining instead about moderator Lester Holt's questions. German gov't thinks Trump would wreck United States economy Financial group apologizes for Giuliani's "unscripted" event speech: report Gingrich: "No excuse ever" for 3 a.m. [Full Article...]

CDC Lengthens Suggested Time Couples With Zika Risk Should Wait Before Pregnancy

Condom use. These are the men alive or have traveled to areas where transmission Zika is active or who have had unprotected sex with someone who presented a risk of infection, say the US Centers Control and Prevention diseases (CDC). That Zika virus has existed in Southeast Asia for a long period but knowledge about the disease and its diagnosis remains limited. Researchers analyzed 158 cases ... [Full Article...]

Mom missing at sea once said son was no killer

Family members say Carman has Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism. He said he has "just been trying to process both my experience with the sudden sinking" and "realizing that my mom is gone". He and his mother went out on a fishing boat this month. A Rhode Island police department says state and federal law enforcement agencies are involved in an investigation into a CT woman's disa... [Full Article...]

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