Samsung slashes preliminary Q3 earnings after discontinuing Galaxy Note 7

Chung Chang Won, an analyst at Nomura Holdings, estimated in a research note before the company's announcement the worst-case scenario of Samsung terminating the Note 7 would cost the company about US$5 billion in operating profit through 2017. [Full Article...]

Some local Donald Trump supporters are standing by him

Louis, Missouri, U.S., October 9, 2016. They spoke out against Trump , pointing out the fact that " locker room talk " doesn't involve the degrading way the GOP nominee talks about women. Trump admitted and apologized for saying what he said . You do not respect women while you perpetuate the serious and violent rape culture that is so normalized in this world. [Full Article...]

Matthew devastates Florida sands key to protection, tourism

Matthew devastates Florida sands key to protection, tourism For the past three days, I have toured our east coast communities from Brevard County all the way to the Florida/Georgia line and have seen homes wiped out, severe beach erosion, flood damage and down trees and power lines. The massive influx of water from the storm caused rivers and creeks in the area to overrun their banks and flood nearly all side streets in the city and almost all of the histo... [Full Article...]

Sacramento Kings Announce Jersey Sponsor

Sacramento Kings Announce Jersey Sponsor The floodgates now are open and next up are the Sacramento Kings. Blue Diamond Growers represent 100 years of agricultural history in Northern California, with over 3,000 family growers helping to produce eighty percent of the world's almonds. [Full Article...]

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Will Be Charged With Criminal Contempt of Court

At a hearing in federal district court in Arizona on Tuesday, prosecutors with the Justice Department's Public Integrity Section told a judge that they intend to proceed to trial against the Maricopa County sheriff on criminal charges, a Justice Department spokesman said. [Full Article...]

Woods to withdraw from Safeway Open in California

He first said on September 7 that he planned to play, then officially committed to the tournament on Friday. "He brings an aura and an atmosphere to a tournament that no one else in golf can bring", said McIlroy, who like everyone else is eager to see what Woods will produce next. [Full Article...]

Game 3 of Indians-Red Sox ALDS rained out

Josh Tomlin will try to finish off a three-game sweep for the Indians, and Clay Buchholz will attempt to extend the Red Sox's season, but it is the bullpens that more likely will be affected by a rainout that creates the potential for games three straight days. [Full Article...]

Drake surpasses Michael Jackson with record 13 American Music Award nominations

Drake surpasses Michael Jackson with record 13 American Music Award nominations Drizzy leads the way with 13 nods in categories including " Artist of the Year " and "Favorite Album". Winners of the American Music Awards are based on fan voting in contrast to the more prestigious Grammy Awards, for which the Recording Academy surveys industry professionals. [Full Article...]

Train service resumes after deadly New Jersey crash

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the September 29 crash at a Hoboken, New Jersey, terminal that killed one woman and injured more than 100 people. Meanwhile, passengers on ill-fated Train 1614 were able to retrieve personal belongings left on board. "Our biggest concern is trying to alleviate some of what will be a level of stress for our customers, because this is a dif... [Full Article...]

Trump wrong on Muslims reporting crime

While taking questions, the Republican candidate was asked what could be done to tackle Islamophobia. He went on to say that Islamophobia was an issue, but the solution he put forward to this was simply that Muslims who come into the country should be obligated to report what they see. [Full Article...]

Tropical Storm Nicole threatens Bermuda

Tropical Storm Nicole threatens Bermuda A visible image of Hurricane Nicole in the Atlantic Ocean taken by NOAA's GOES-East satellite on October 7 at 7:45 a.m. EDT shows clouds being pushed away from the center by vertical wind shear. Secondly, the Bermuda High, a high pressure cell that is located over the western Atlantic Ocean, may cause a block, keeping Matthew from moving straight out to sea. [Full Article...]

Android 7.1 Nougat won't bring Assistant to everyone

Android 7.1 Nougat won't bring Assistant to everyone The camera in these phones, in particular, seems very impressive. It looks like there are a number of storefronts there that could accommodate a Made By Google shop. Google Now is already equally powerful. Much like the Samsung Gear VR, slotting your phone into the device will create a VR headset, giving you full interactive and immersive experiences in the virtual world. [Full Article...]

Mt. Aso in southwestern Japan erupts

Mt. Aso in southwestern Japan erupts A power outage possibly caused by volcanic ash has been affecting over 5,000 households in the city of Aso and three other municipalities since 6:00 p.m. Japan Meteorological Agency issued its third-highest alert, warning people not to approach the volcano after it rumbled to life at 1:56am (1646 GMT Friday). [Full Article...]

The Girl on the Train gets lost along the way

AH: That's how it is in the book too, but in that case, it was fascinating because Megan goes missing towards the beginning, so when we would go back in time and the narrative would be from her viewpoint, I was excited because we were getting to see what had happened to her and what could have led to her going missing. [Full Article...]

Wait over, Indian Apple fans finally grab iPhone 7 (Lead, With Images)

Wait over, Indian Apple fans finally grab iPhone 7 (Lead, With Images) Airtel Infinity postpaid plans offer unlimited voice calling - local, STD, and on national roaming - along with 4G/3G data, SMS and free subscription to Wynk Music and Wynk Movies. While Snapdeal has teamed up with American Express to offer the latter's card members a discount of Rs 10,000 on the purchase of the device. Flipkart said in an earlier statement. [Full Article...]

South Korea orders more checks on Galaxy Note 7 batteries

South Korea orders more checks on Galaxy Note 7 batteries Updates have gone out to inform users who own bad units, and to limit their charge capacity to help mitigate the danger of their continued operation as the official worldwide recall moves forward. Once installed, users will be prompted with a safety notice that urges owners to power down and exchange their recalled device. In an interview with MobileSyrup, Brannen stated, "Samsung's first prio... [Full Article...]

Scientists announce discovery of Brazil's largest dinosaur

Scientists announce discovery of Brazil's largest dinosaur The said plan-eater dinosaur belonged to a dinosaur group known as titanosaurs and lived during the Cretaceous Period on Gondwana, the supercontinent which is now South America, India, Antarctica, Africa and Australia at present time, Latino Fox News reports. [Full Article...]

Officials anxious about complacency as Matthew nears Florida

Officials anxious about complacency as Matthew nears Florida Wednesday afternoon. He said he was concerned about storm surge and that as the hurricane moves north, areas like Jacksonville and Georgia might be less prepared. He is urging those in the Coastal Empire to leave immediately. The governor planned to call for more evacuations on Thursday, which would bring the total to about 500,000 people in the state. [Full Article...]

How Hurricane Matthew could hit Florida twice

How Hurricane Matthew could hit Florida twice In coming days, USA military personnel equipped with nine helicopters were expected to start arriving in the capital to help deliver food and water to hard-hit areas. As of 10 a.m., the eye of Matthew was moving northwest near 14 miles per hour between Andros Island and Nassau in the Bahamas. Overall, at least 16 deaths have been blamed on the hurricane that could hit Florida by late Thursday. [Full Article...]

Who Won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics?

David Thouless , Duncan Haldane , and Michael Kosterlitz proved superconductivity in two-dimensional materials and the finding resulted in improved materials for electronics, quantum computers , and other technologies. The three physicists have used the mathematical technique to study the topology of unusual matters. A Japanese scientist - Yoshinori Ohsumi - whose research is focused on how... [Full Article...]

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