EPA Candidate and Trump Discussed Climate Change, but Not Paris Deal

EPA Candidate and Trump Discussed Climate Change, but Not Paris Deal During the International Conference in Marrakesh, Chinese official denies Donald Trump's claim stating China is responsible for climate change "hoax". S. or impose hefty tariffs on imports on American goods. Mr Priebus was selected as Mr Trump's chief of staff over Steve Bannon, the founder and chairman of far-right news website Breitbart. [Full Article...]

Roof must deal with judge after firing lawyers

The New York Times reveals the reason behind the concern people have with Dylann Roof serving as his own lawyer. Roof sat in the lead chair at the defense table, wearing a striped jail uniform but no handcuffs or shackles. Jury qualification began Monday. Seven potential jurors have been qualified in the federal death penalty trial of the white man accused of fatally shooting nine black par... [Full Article...]

Congress allows rule permitting mass hacking by government to take effect

Congress allows rule permitting mass hacking by government to take effect In a speech from the Senate floor, Wyden said that the changes amounted to " one of the biggest mistakes in surveillance policy in years ". Wyden promised to introduce a new bill in the next Congress to repeal it. Additionally, FBI employees can now search computers infected by malware that makes them part of a botnet - a method used by criminals to disrupt internet service, distribute spa... [Full Article...]

Mass coral bleaching in recorded history

Scientists say warm seas have killed two-thirds of a 700km (435 miles) stretch of coral on the Great Barrier Reef. The sites on the Northern Great Barrier Reef were surveyed in March and April and then again in October and November. "We found a large corridor of reefs that escaped the most severe damage along the eastern edge of the continental shelf in the far north of the Great Barrier Reef", ... [Full Article...]

Private rovers to investigate Apollo 17's abandoned moon buggy

Over the past few months Audi's experts have been working on the rover's intelligent all-wheel-drive power distribution, optimizing its high-performance electronics and contributing their piloted driving expertise to the development process. [Full Article...]

Britain Promises Close Ties With Poland After EU Exit

Britain Promises Close Ties With Poland After EU Exit Responding to a letter from 81 MPs who were encouraging negotiations about expats in the United Kingdom and the European Union to take place immediately to allay "anxieties" of those concerned, Tusk said: "Would you not agree that the only source of anxiety and uncertainty is rather the decision on Brexit?" Some 150 British troops from the Catterick-based Light Dragoons, as well as a number of a... [Full Article...]

Nintendo Switch To Have Hands-On Event In January

And we can expect the collaboration to happen in reality. Take-Two Interactive President Karl Slatoff has stated that the company is "intrigued and excited" about the Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, although Bethesda Softworks has some stipulations in regard to their potential setup with Nintendo, they are open to the possibility of making their games compatible with the Switch. [Full Article...]

University recommends preventative measures following first local Zika transmission

PHE revealed that of the 265 travel-associated cases reported in Britain, seven have been diagnosed in pregnant women. Rough estimates indicate that between 1 percent and 13 percent of women infected during early pregnancy by the Zika virus, which is transmitted by the tropical mosquito Aedes aegypti , are giving birth to infants with microcephaly , a condition that is characterized by an unde... [Full Article...]

Big leg, athleticism of Rams' punter a concern for Patriots

Big leg, athleticism of Rams' punter a concern for Patriots Louis on September 30, 2012. Rams' defense has given up 63 points over last 64:02 of game action. That's easier said than done, especially against a high-scoring team such as the Patriots . Fair. Accurate. The Rams might be prepared to defend LeGarrette Blount on Sunday. PLAYER SPOTLIGHT: Rams DT Aaron Donald . Donald is a force in the interior, and his ability to collapse the pocket and c... [Full Article...]

Stock under Radar: Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK)

The Company has 52-week high of $3.38 and 52-week low of $0.66. Analysts had expected Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE:CHK) to post net income of about $-0.03 per share on $2,178.03M in revenue. Deutsche Savings Bank Ag has invested 0% of its portfolio in Chesapeake Utilities Corporation (NYSE:CPK). Ameriprise reported 113,992 shares or 0% of all its holdings. [Full Article...]

Tesla to launch Enhanced Autopilot System in mid-December

Tesla to launch Enhanced Autopilot System in mid-December Right now the newest cars are behind the old ones in terms of auto-steering and auto-parking because Tesla's engineers are rewriting a lot of the code to improve it. Models built after October will have hardware capable of a long list of features, but have been waiting for a software update. Tesla said the hardware, which will give its cars a "level of safety substantially greater than that of a h... [Full Article...]

Cubans Honor Castro, Express Sadness, Gratitude

Unlike other nations which have declared mourning for Castro as gratitude for his assistance, the Dominican government hasn't announced such a tribute. "This isn't going away, because we are millions". He has not died because his ideas do not die, because the battles do not cease and less those of those who pursue his liberation, the president said. [Full Article...]

Great Barrier Reef sees record coral deaths this year

Great Barrier Reef sees record coral deaths this year Now a 435 mile stretch of the north reef is more dead than alive, after nine months of the worst die-off ever recorded. The alga lives in the tissues of corals, and warm waters change them, turning them in white and eventually killing them. [Full Article...]

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Launched in Indian Market @ Rs 1,55900 Specification Features

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Launched in Indian Market @ Rs 1,55900 Specification Features The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar have an OLED panel and a Touch ID sensor replacing the function keys on the keyboard. The device starts at Rs.1,29,900 for the 13-inch variant (256GB) without TouchBar. The company has gotten rid of the MagSafe charger which can not be plugged into the iPhone. This means that an adapter will be required to connect anything with the MacBo... [Full Article...]

How to Delete iCloud Calendar Spam Without Alerting Spammers

The media reported that users get an alert on the calendar app as well as a text message. However, no matter what you click, that response is sent back to the inviter, which will surely trigger more spam, because they know your account received the request and you interacted with it. [Full Article...]

Trump claims millions voted illegally

The former Democratic presidential candidate addressed the looming recount in Wisconsin - and the prospect of others in MI and Pennsylvania - Sunday morning on CNN's "State of the Union". Mr Trump has derided the fundraising effort by Ms Stein to launch recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania as a "scam". On Saturday, a day after Wisconsin officials said they would conduct the first presi... [Full Article...]

Amber Heard pays $350000 to charity

Amber Heard pays $350000 to charity What with the very public breakdown of her marriage to actor Johnny Depp, and those domestic abuse allegations - and the horrid internet trolling that followed - the star has undoubtedly found 2016 to be a hard one. Let's hope she's not punished further for refusing silence. Here's why. She and Depp still need to sign their final documents on the settlement. Depp prefers to transfer the donation... [Full Article...]

Satya Nadella: Next Microsoft Phone Will Be "Ultimate Mobile Device"

However, earlier this year , Steve Ballmer said during an interview that he regrets not understanding the potential of the iPhone and also that he made bad bets on the phone business. According to a report from ZDNet this week, Microsoft is actively working to enable x86 on ARM emulation by fall 2017, coinciding with the " Redstone 3" Windows 10 update. [Full Article...]

Apple Offering Free Repair to iPhone 6s Users Affected by Unexpected Shutdowns

Apple Offering Free Repair to iPhone 6s Users Affected by Unexpected Shutdowns Apple says that any iPhone 6s owner whose device is experiencing these shutdowns will be entitled to a free battery replacement. The handsets turn back on when users plug them into a wall adapter. iPhone 6S owners who believe that their handset is having shutdown problems should have their devices checked in an Apple Store or an Apple Authorised Service Provider . [Full Article...]

Ranking Member Johnson Statement on Successful Launch of GOES-R Satellite

A NASA commentator called the satellite as "America's most advanced eye in the sky" as it thundered off the launch pad against a black night sky. After it reaches its final designated orbit in the next two weeks, GOES-R will be renamed GOES-16. [Full Article...]

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