Twitter turning Vine into pared-down version, lets users download videos

Starting next year, the Vine you know in the App Store and Google Play is now becoming Vine Camera . Once the pared-down version hits the marketplace, it will prevent you from doing so, although you can grab your files from the Vine website . [Full Article...]

Twitch Launches IRL, Mobile Broadcasting Functionalities

IRL will be powered by the Twitch mobile app, which will get native streaming in 2017, letting users go live directly from their phone's camera. The new Twitch IRL channel has been created for those that would like to talk to your community and share thoughts, opinions, feelings, and just events from everyday life. [Full Article...]

Dylann Roof convicted of all counts in church slaughter

Dylann Roof convicted of all counts in church slaughter The trial lasted barely more than week. Over half of those charges could be punishable by death. Some family members of victims dabbed their eyes with tissues, and jurors appeared emotional when Williams, after apologizing to them, showed crime scene photos of each person killed alongside a small picture of them while alive. [Full Article...]

John Legend 'disappointed' with Kanye West for meeting Donald Trump

John Legend 'disappointed' with Kanye West for meeting Donald Trump Legend had thoughts on that comment, specifically: "I don't think it's impossible to talk to [Trump] about issues, but I won't be used as a publicity stunt, and I think Kanye was used as a publicity stunt", Legend said. Kanye has yet to respond to John's remarks, but on Wednesday morning, he revealed he had a special keepsake from his meeting with Trump - a signed copy of the business mogul's T... [Full Article...]

LG is working on a 4K HDR gaming display

LG TVs suffer with while playing HDR content to between around 30ms and 60ms. With professional-grade picture quality and exceptionally vibrant colors, HDR compatible monitors will appeal to creative professionals, gamers, and anyone else that takes image quality seriously and LG intends to ace the game by releasing these monitors to tap into a market that is largely uncontested. [Full Article...]

Corpus Christi, Texas, tells residents not to use tap water

As a result of the water contamination notice, a number of schools in and around Corpus Christi have canceled classes for the day . The city's notice urges residents to limit themselves to bottle water for "all drinking, beverage and food preparation (including baby formula and juice), making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes or clothes, washing hands, and bathing until further notice". [Full Article...]

Ben Affleck's Batman movie confirmed to release in 2018

Ben Affleck's Batman movie confirmed to release in 2018 Affleck then joked whether is it a hurricane report he's having. "All he gets to do is Jason Bourne". Affleck has always been more cautious about hyping up his solo Batman movie, but it appears he's being a little more forthright with his optimism just a couple days after attempting to keep expectations to a minimum. [Full Article...]

Modern Warfare gets 6 new maps

Now Infinity Ward hasn't added anything too insane to its Modern Warfare re-release, but the Supply Drop skin crates that have appeared in recent Call of Duty games are now purchasable in Modern Warfare . So things like new uniforms, emblems, reticules, weapon camos, and calling cards. The original Winter Crash was PC only, so this marks its console debut. [Full Article...]

Super Mario Run is now available

Super Mario Run is now available The game marks Mario's first official appearance on Apple's mobile devices and was first teased this fall, and if the hype is any indication productivity is going to take a serious hit for the rest of today. Here's how to fix Super Mario Run problems and get back to enjoying and appreciating Nintendo's latest foray into smartphone gaming. As a refresher, Super Mario Run is the first mo... [Full Article...]

Download now the official Dropbox app for Xbox One

Emphasizing the gaming enhancements that can be achieved with Dolby Atmos, Microsoft states that gamers will be able to feel sound "moving" precisely around them. If you're an audiophile who wants the most immersive experience while playing games, listening to music or watching movies, Microsoft has some good news in store for you. [Full Article...]

Adobe Flash Player Released, Users Recommended to Update ASAP

It's a nice addition to an already robust browser and will certainly put a lid on some of those irritating auto-play Flash ads. According to reports, once this new update will be installed on your computer, the Microsoft Edge will not load Flash Player by default and, instead, it will ask you if you really want to run Adobe's application. [Full Article...]

Crazy Volume Spikes for: Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F)

They now have a $32.86 target price on the auto manufacturer's stock. Several other analysts also recently weighed in on the stock. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) went down -2.66% during trading on 12/12/2016, with the company's shares hitting the price near $12.82. [Full Article...]

IBM promises Trump that it will hire United States workers

IBM promises Trump that it will hire United States workers She wrote that the company is also planning to spend $1 billion on training and developing IBM employees in the U.S. Rometty from IBM , for example, is already on a strategic forum of Trump's, which is a collection of top business leaders that will be providing individual views to Trump. [Full Article...]

Marco Rubio: 'I have serious concerns' about Rex Tillerson nomination

Marco Rubio: 'I have serious concerns' about Rex Tillerson nomination Rubio sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which will consider all State Department nominees, including Tillerson. If Trump's choice is confirmed by the Senate, it would hand the job of the nation's top diplomat to a man whose ties to Putin go back nearly two decades at a time when possible Russian interference in the US election is under scrutiny. [Full Article...]

1 small delivery for a man, 1 giant leap for Amazon, drones

Amazon's drones are fully autonomous and are dispatched from a local centre. The drone works autonomously, flying under 400 feet from warehouse to household. The company is also testing its drone vehicles in "multiple worldwide locations". "The real significance here is the impact it has on shopper expectations". [Full Article...]

Microsoft Translator can now handle multilingual group conversations in real time

Microsoft Translator can now handle multilingual group conversations in real time Using the Translator app or the website, one can invite other people by sharing with them the conversation code of the session. Skype's translation tool can now handle nine spoken languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese (Brazilian), Arabic, and Russian. [Full Article...]

EDITORIALLY SPEAKING: Pruitt wrong choice to lead EPA

Emily Holden , reporter for E & E News' ClimateWire and Power Plan Hub. During the campaign, Trump threatened to defund or eliminate the EPA. To be clear: the science of climate change is not an "unsettled debate". E & E is a trade journal that covers environmental and energy policy and markets. "Our respect for our government leaders and our reverence for earth as God's creation impel u... [Full Article...]

Super Nintendo World To Open At Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World To Open At Universal Studios Japan Super Nintendo World definitely looks like a Super Mario game come to life complete with the different worlds, flagpoles, Princess Peach's Barbie-like abode and a looming castle of the main baddie Bowser. It's estimated that the new area will bring in £80 billion for Japan within a decade, and create around 1.1 million jobs. That's about all we know thus far, but a combination of recently pu... [Full Article...]

Overwatch's Holiday Event Has Begun

Much like prior holiday events , it's accompanied by Winter Loot Boxes and a special Brawl mode. The limited-time loot surprises will contain random things from the update and players can expect one item per loot box. These festive rewards, which can be either purchased or earned, will only be available through January 2nd-so get hopping. While the Loot Boxes themselves will vanish in the New Yea... [Full Article...]

Gboard Keyboard App Finally Available On Android

One example of the keyboard in action that Google loved to tout was searching for the address to a restaurant while in the middle of a messaging conversation. What makes Gboard such a joy to use is users don't need to jump out of an app to perform a search. Oddly enough Google seemed to have only launched it for iOS devices and not Android, but that has since changed. [Full Article...]

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