Endangered orca found dead off Canadian coast

Endangered orca found dead off Canadian coast At least five orcas in the family group J-pod have died in the past year. He says the animal has been identified as J34, a southern resident killer whale believed to be about 18 years old. Sechelt First Nation is expected to take the skeleton for ceremonial purposes. Once clean, the bones will be reassembled and displayed. "So this will be a great specimen for display", Cottrell said. [Full Article...]

European Union accuses Facebook of providing misleading information on WhatsApp acquisition

European Union accuses Facebook of providing misleading information on WhatsApp acquisition The European Commission, the European Union's executive arm, said it had issued a " statement of objections " and given Facebook until 31 January to respond. Facebook was yet to respond to the development. The commission now believes that Facebook had "intentionally, or negligently" given it misleading information, thereby breaching its obligations under the EU Merger Regulation. [Full Article...]

Hawai'i to Receive Over $11 Million to Help Homeless

The grants are meant to provide critically needed housing and support services to those experiencing homelessness, HUD said. "We're moving in the right direction to see more federal dollars come into our community, but we absolutely could use more". [Full Article...]

Pregnancy leads to brain changes that help mothers care for their babies

Children also go through a comparable "gray matter pruning" process when they hit puberty. The authors of the study speculated that the gray matter changes may be what helps a mother facilitate attachment to their baby. According to the study, it is fined a mother's change had got many changes when she becomes pregnant. Over the last few years, researchers have become excited about the prospec... [Full Article...]

BlackBerry to launch autonomous vehicle research hub in Ottawa

BlackBerry to launch autonomous vehicle research hub in Ottawa Blackberry is betting its future on the self-driving vehicle business following its 2010 acquisition of QNX, a company which develops software for multiple in-car infotainment systems and whose software became the foundation of the BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system. [Full Article...]

Facebook CEO builds AI butler for his home

The simple AI system, customized to his own home, is now capable of choosing and playing music, turning lights on and off and recognizing visitors at the door. Yes, the voice that speaks to Stark in his home and does everything possible to make the superhero's life stress-free. Zuckerberg noted, " I had to reverse engineer APIs for some of these to even get to the point where I could issue a com... [Full Article...]

Orcas caught on drone video eating shark off California coast

That night, both Monterey Bay Whale Watch and Moore uploaded the video to social media, where it has since been watched hundreds of thousands of times. Not only did he witness a pod of 25 offshore orcas, he also caught them nibbling on a shark like it was an oversized fish stick. Moore's drone footage of the killer whales feeding is a welcome boon to marine biologists because it allows them to... [Full Article...]

Hansard and Ronan lead Dublin homeless shelter takeover

Hansard and Ronan lead Dublin homeless shelter takeover Citing health and safety concerns, the receivers have called on the group " to immediately end the current occupation in the best interests of those who are staying there ". "This is a NAMA owned building which is essentially - if anyone knows their stuff and pays tax - that's essentially our building". Last night saw Hansard appear on the Late Late Show , where he explained why he and others hav... [Full Article...]

Three said hurt in shooting near Muslim prayer hall in Zurich

He was wearing dark clothing and a dark wool cap, they said. According to Al Jazeera, police confirmed that some shooting victims were injured in the prayer hall of the center, but would give no further explanation. The center, which has been cordoned off, is located in Eisgasse, between the main station and Langstrasse, one of the most popular night-life hotspots in Zurich. [Full Article...]

Russian ambassador in Ankara targeted by gunmen

Russian ambassador in Ankara targeted by gunmen Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said last week, "We're seeing the most cruel form of savagery in Aleppo , and the regime and its supporters are responsible for this". Moscow and Ankara remain on opposite sides of the conflict - with Ankara backing rebels trying to topple Moscow's ally President Bashar al-Assad. [Full Article...]

Magnitude 7.9 natural disaster hits east of Papua New Guinea

Magnitude 7.9 natural disaster hits east of Papua New Guinea The natural disaster has resulted in New Zealand being put back on red alert for another possible Tsunami. Australia's Bureau of Meteorology has said there is no threat to its coastlines. Any tsunami waves in countries other than Papua New Guinea were forecast to be less than 0.3 meters, the PTWC said. A tsunami measuring less than 1 meter (3 feet) hit the coast of the island of New Ireland sh... [Full Article...]

Prehistoric Ghost Shark Older Than Dinosaurs Filmed Alive for the First Time

Before it was take, Ghost Sharks had only been seen in the Southern Hemisphere. The discovery by an unmanned submersible operated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute extends the odd fish's range by more than 6,000 kilometres. [Full Article...]

Sun-like star ate some of its planets

Sun-like star ate some of its planets The latest discovery has revealed a new planetary system which has a star which is much similar to our Sun. Jacob Bean, the co-author of the research and an assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago, said , "While analysing HIP6846, we got some robust and reliable evidence about the presence of the "death star" which is nearly equal to the dimension of Sun... [Full Article...]

China Warns Of 'Negative Impact' Of Dalai Lama At Rashtrapati Bhavan

China Warns Of 'Negative Impact' Of Dalai Lama At Rashtrapati Bhavan December 16: China today accused India of disregarding its concerns in hosting the Dalai Lama at Rashtrapati Bhavan last week, warning of a disturbance to ties in a terse protest that highlights the tension between Asia's two largest nations. [Full Article...]

Starbucks Unveils New Holiday Drink Inspired By 'Gross' Tradition

Starbucks Unveils New Holiday Drink Inspired By 'Gross' Tradition Yup, the dessert that you love to hate or hate to love, the one that has adorned your grandmother's dinner table at some point in December for as long as you could remember, is headed to a Starbucks near you. We are now living in a dystopian holiday hellscape, where every special holiday food short of fruitcake has been commodified into a limited-time offer at a fast food restaurant and/or a flavo... [Full Article...]

Pakistan not to accept any changes to Indus Waters Treaty

The World Bank had earlier said the Indus Waters Treaty, 1960, is seen as one of the most successful global treaties and has withstood frequent tensions between India and Pakistan, including conflict. "There are examples available where such matters had been successfully resolved bilaterally within the Permanent Indus Commission (such as the height of the freeboard for Kishanganga) or between the ... [Full Article...]

Vardy sent off but Leicester rally to snatch late draw

Vardy sent off but Leicester rally to snatch late draw Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri will consider appealing the red card awarded to Jamie Vardy in the thrilling 2-2 draw with Stoke . The game had been billed as a duel between the two Spanish worldwide strikers Negredo and Swansea's Fernando Llorente, but the Boro man won hands down, scoring on 18 minutes with a lovely first-time finish from Adam Clayton's low cross. [Full Article...]

Russian Federation and Japan seek deal over disputed territory

Putin was due to head home with promises of economic cooperation after appearing to achieve what experts said was a key goal - easing his global isolation when Russian Federation faces Western condemnation over the destruction of eastern Aleppo in Syria, where it is backing President Bashar al-Assad's forces. [Full Article...]

Nintendo Switch goes on tour in North America starting January 13

For example, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima indicated that " By no means was that everything " when the Switch was first unveiled. Plenty of gamers are excited about the upcoming Nintendo Switch, but hardly anyone has had a chance to actually try out the console just yet. [Full Article...]

Evernote CEO downplays app's privacy concerns

Evernote is reversing course on an upcoming change in its privacy policy that upset a lot of its customers. If you're anxious about the content of your notes falling under the eyes of an employee or through a government request, you can always encrypt them so even employees can't read them, but it's still an off-putting practice for some people. [Full Article...]

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