Video shows drone crashing into Seattle's Space Needle

Roughly 1 million people visit the Space Needle each year , making it the most popular tourist destination in the Pacific Northwest. The drone, which was not affiliated with Seattle Center or the Space Needle, appears to lift off a few blocks east of the Needle and then ascend high above the landmark on a typically grey and gloomy December day. [Full Article...]

Africa Cup of Nations: Aubameyang leads Gabon in opening match

Africa Cup of Nations: Aubameyang leads Gabon in opening match The 27-year-old Borussia Dortmund striker has proved to be one of the hottest strikers in the tournament after opening his account. The two teams now lead Group A with a point each before the second game of the day pitting former African champions Cameroon against Burkina Faso. [Full Article...]

Pope demands protection for migrants after ship sinks with 100 on board

Pope demands protection for migrants after ship sinks with 100 on board While Trump has claimed infrastructure to be a top priority for the administration, the White House hasn't yet communicated a clear vision for America's infrastructure. Taylor also said she wasn't sure how much of a factor Trump will be in the 2018 gubernatorial race. And Trump's speech spoke to Depeel's concerns. [Full Article...]

Doping: Three Chinese weightlifters lose Olympic gold medals

Doping: Three Chinese weightlifters lose Olympic gold medals The Chinese Weightlifting Association also released a statement yesterday, saying it will launch a full investigation into the case. The IOC said its decision entered into force immediately. Doping cases are rewriting the original results from weightlifting in Beijing. Adams is now the only medal victor left standing from the 2008 Olympic women's shotput. [Full Article...]

This lovely seadragon has never been seen alive, until now

But they are not alone. Among one of the most recently discovered species is the ruby seadragon which was even captured on video for the first time. Like the common seadragon ( Phyllopteryx taeniolatus ) and the leafy seadragon ( Phycodurus eques ) the new Phyllopteryx dewysea was discovered around the seas of Australia. [Full Article...]

National Guard Commander to be Removed From Post Mid-Inauguration

National Guard Commander to be Removed From Post Mid-Inauguration He is also tasked with overseeing military air support that protects Washington D.C. during the inauguration. A transition source, however, says Trump's team wanted continuity and it was the Army that wanted to replace Schwartz mid-ceremony. [Full Article...]

New primate species identified in China, named after Star Wars character

Mark Hamill playing character Luke Skywalker . "Skywalker refers to the distinctive gibbon behavior of moving rapidly through the forest canopy, and it also refers to the ancient Chinese belief that gibbons were highly venerated and nearly mystical beings that were above other mortal animals", Samuel Turvey, a member of the ZSL research team, told CNN . [Full Article...]

Recent analysts Ratings: General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)

Recent analysts Ratings: General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) BlackRock Fund Advisors now owns 47,194,917 shares of the auto manufacturer's stock worth $569,643,000 after buying an additional 1,562,070 shares during the period. It would take about 2.77 days to cover all short positions. There were more than a few analysts who recently mentioned the stock in their research. [Full Article...]

TN dists defy Jallikattu ban as people bristle with rage

TN dists defy Jallikattu ban as people bristle with rage The court further said that it was "unfair to ask the bench to pass order". The Supreme court had in November past year dismissed the plea of the state government seeking review of its 2014 judgement that banned use of bulls for Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu. [Full Article...]

All-new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Wins "Best of 2017" Award

The Ridgeline bested two other finalists: the Ford F-series Super Duty and the Nissan Titan . Electrek reported that this made the Bolt EV the first all-electric vehicle to win the prestigious American award, which is decided by a jury of 60 professional auto journalists from Canada and the US. [Full Article...]

Global PC shipments keep declining according to Gartner

Global PC shipments keep declining according to Gartner In calendar year 2011, PC makers sold about 365 million PCs, so annual sales have contracted by nearly 100 million units over those five years. "Holiday sales were generally weak due to the fundamental change in PC-buying behavior", she said in an email statement, adding that the one bright spot in the market - PC enthusiasts who frequently upgrade - is not enough to make up for users relying m... [Full Article...]

Baltimore house fire: 6 children presumed dead

Katie Malone was a special assistant at his Catonsville office, Cummings said in a news release Thursday morning. "Hug your kids. Hug them hard and hug them long", he said. The office of U.S. Congressman Elijah E. Cummings (D, Maryland) identified the woman as a staffer who has worked for Cummings for almost 11 years as a special assistant in the congressman's Catonsville office. [Full Article...]

Google Maps Makes it Easier to Book an Uber, Lyft

The impact on you at home: Hailing an Uber with the Google Maps app wasn't hard before, but one-stop shopping is always preferred. On January 12, Google announced the ability for users to book a ride with Uber (or another ride provider) directly from Google Maps . [Full Article...]

2016 officially second hottest on record for U.S., NOAA says

The data, collected by NOAA's National Centers For Environmental Information (NCEI ), indicated that the average temperature for the Lower 48 was 54.9 degrees F. This is the 20th consecutive year the annual average temperature exceeded the average. The year featured an extremely lopsided ratio between record highs and record lows, at 5.7-to-1. [Full Article...]

US Announces Polar Bear Plan; Critics Call It Toothless

Instead, the FWS wants to reduce "human-bear conflicts, collaboratively managing subsistence harvest, protecting denning habitat, and minimizing the risk of contamination from oil spills". President-elect Donald Trump and many of his cabinet nominees reject the mainstream scientific consensus that humans are driving climate change . He has also promised to pull the USA out of the Paris climate ag... [Full Article...]

Moon may have formed through multiple impacts on ancient Earth, study shows

The findings of the study conflict with earlier theories behind the moon's creation, especially the " Giant Impact Hypothesis " which is most widely accepted. For the entire time, we've looked up at the Moon and wondered where exactly it came from and why it's been hanging around for so darn long. Researchers at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and Weizmann Institute of Science in Isr... [Full Article...]

IBM Has Most U.S. Patents for 24th Consecutive Year

IBM Has Most U.S. Patents for 24th Consecutive Year Setting a USA patent record, IBM researchers, engineers, and designers generated more than 1,100 inventions in the cognitive computing space alone, with patents granted for inventions that help machines learn, reason, and efficiently process diverse data types while interacting with people in natural and familiar ways. [Full Article...]

Samsung Gear S3 Hands on: Blending timeless watchmaking with cutting-edge technology

Samsung Gear S3 Hands on: Blending timeless watchmaking with cutting-edge technology Both the Gear S3 classic & frontier will go on sale from January 18, 2017 and will be available in all leading Samsung sales channels at a price of Rs 28,500. The screen of the watch has the pixel density of 278ppi. The Gear S3 focuses on improvements in nearly all quarters - display size, protection, more RAM, more and improved options for fitness tracking and more importantly better battery li... [Full Article...]

Apple to Consolidate Server Production in Arizona

Apple to Consolidate Server Production in Arizona This would be a consolidation process, as according to a person familiar with Apple's data plans, the other U.S. centers now produce their own servers. Like many modern manufacturers, Apple's products include a wide variety of components, many of which are sourced from countries around the world. If approved, the operations could create a range of new jobs in the area, with Apple now advertising... [Full Article...]

Jumbo asteroid makes remarkably close approach to Earth

On Monday, an asteroid zoomed past the Earth, coming closer to our home planet than the moon orbits around it. But on October 31, 2015, an asteroid 470 meters in diameter (1,500 feet) flew by the Earth just barely beyond the orbit of the moon, and we only knew about it 21 days beforehand. [Full Article...]

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