Five Teams Will Be Able to Land a Spaceship on the Moon

Independent teams from all over the world are participating in it to win prizes worth $30 million. Synergy Moon is expected to launch on a new rocket known as Neptune 8 made by the Mojave, California-based Interorbital Systems. Part-Time Scientists (a German team that had partnered with the famous auto manufacturer Audi to build its land rover) is also planning to launch its space vehicle in m... [Full Article...]

Trump Administration Tells Government Scientists To Stop Speaking To Public

Monday afternoon, the Associated Press reported that the EPA was under a "media blackout" - meaning it can not issue press releases, blog posts or social media updates to communicate its most recent findings. Whether the media blackout and apparent federal agency censorship will greatly affect agriculture or is nothing more than a temporary move that is part of the normal transition of power t... [Full Article...]

Apple will soon let app makers publicly respond to reviews

Apple will soon let app makers publicly respond to reviews As per the latest developer documentation for the iOS 10.3 beta, app makers will have the ability to respond to publicly posted reviews - and also ask for reviews in different ways - in a matter of months. Together, the changes amount to a major overhaul of the App Store feedback system, addressing what has been a point of frustration for consumers and developers by aligning it more closely wi... [Full Article...]

Sen. Tammy Baldwin opposes Betsy DeVos for ed secretary

Sen. Tammy Baldwin opposes Betsy DeVos for ed secretary DeVos fed that narrative when she stumbled over questions about basic education policy during the January 17 hearing, at one point suggesting that states should be able to decide whether to enforce a federal civil rights law meant to protect children with disabilities. [Full Article...]

MacBook Pro Is OK To Buy Now Says Consumer Reports

A buffer overflow issue in the libarchive library and a cross-site scripting problem in the built-in Help Viewer are also patched in today's macOS Sierra 10.12.3 security update , which also resolves a bug in the IOAudioFamily component. Head over to the Mac App Store to download and update to the latest version. To get macOS 10.12.3 for your Mac, click the Apple icon on the taskbar (top-left... [Full Article...]

Google's long-forgotten Voice service just got a big update

If you decide you do want to install the full app, you'll be able to do so from the Instant App. For example , when you click on a link, Google Play fetches only the "part" of the app that is needed at the moment and starts playing the video or link in the app. [Full Article...]

Samsung details causes of Note 7 fires but questions remain

Samsung details causes of Note 7 fires but questions remain The smartphones were in the headlines a year ago when their fires injured people, destroyed a auto and caused the evacuation of a Southwest Airlines flight. The flagship device was mean't to take on the might of Apple's iPhone 7 which launched in September. If the company continues its current trend of releasing both curved and non-curved models, however, expect pricing to be broadly in line... [Full Article...]

With First Executive Order, Trump Strikes Blow to Obamacare

With First Executive Order, Trump Strikes Blow to Obamacare Although the new Trump White House website does not list health care as one of the administration's "top issues", and it didn't come up in his inaugural address, Trump addressed repeal in one of his first acts as president. To allow Trump to build his national security team, Congress passed a bill last week granting Mattis a one-time exception from federal law barring former USA service members ... [Full Article...]

Michigan School of Choice Week

Michigan School of Choice Week National School Choice Week runs from January 22 to 28 this year with 21,392 events happening nationwide. There are 83 events planned to take place in Rhode Island through out the week including information sessions, policy discussions, and open houses at schools. [Full Article...]

New weather satellite sends first images to earth

New weather satellite sends first images to earth The ABI covers the Earth five-times faster than the current generation GOES imagers and has four times greater spatial resolution, allowing meteorologists to see smaller features of the Earth's atmosphere and weather systems. northeast, Jan 15, 2017. The instruments can also simultaneously capture wide-angle views of the entire disk of Earth while scanning across localized regions. [Full Article...]

President visits with Central Intelligence Agency staff

But the president was singing a different tune on Saturday when he visited the lead agency. "As you know I have a running war with the media", Trump said. Packed. I get up this morning, I turn on one of the networks, and they show an empty field", said Trump at Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in Langley, Virginia. [Full Article...]

Woakes wants England to be pitch ideal in Kolkata

Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul have failed to provide strong stands at the top, which is something which England have been able to pull off. England's innings was built on a solid platform from openers Jason Roy (65) and Sam Billings (35) as well as handy contributions from Jonny Bairstow (56) and Eoin Morgan (43). [Full Article...]

NASA's Cassini spacecraft captures the closest view of wavemaker moon 'Daphnis'

But now, as this nearly surreal observation of Saturn's tiny moon Daphnis shows, we're finally getting a really good look at the small-scale processes that are at work in Saturn's rings. The edge of one of the ring perturbations also appears a little blurry at one point, which could indicate that the moon disturbed and thinned the ring material at that spot. [Full Article...]

Dwyane Wade adressess the fans after Bulls suffer embarassing loss

I know, I know, water is wet. Otherwise we're going to keep getting our (rears) beat. Atlanta led 65-36 at half-time and by 30 or more points much of the night as the Bulls stumbled to 21-23, one game ahead of Milwaukee for the final Eastern Conference playoff spot. [Full Article...]

Could Wolf 1061c be the next Earth?

Could Wolf 1061c be the next Earth? The new closest exoplanet that might be like Earth is Proxima Cen b, which was discovered a year ago orbiting in the Alpha Centauri system, our nearest stellar neighbors, making it the closest possible potentially habitable exoplanet. If a planet is located just inside the habitable zone of the star, it would succumb to a " runaway greenhouse effect ", with all heat trapped inside atmosphere, ju... [Full Article...]

Stunning claim: Doing this one simple thing will make you look younger

Few studies have assessed the association of sedentary time with leukocyte telomere length (LTL). 1,500 women between ages 64 and 95 were asked to fill some questionnaires and wear a device for seven days to track their activity levels. The women, who had an average age of 79, showed far greater degree of damage to their cells if they moved less. Doctors have tried to disentangle the effects o... [Full Article...]

Trump takes to Twitter after inauguration speech

In an ideal world, of course, wanting to make sure everyone can receive health care, protecting the rights of all human beings regardless of sexual orientation, and wanting to save the world from an obvious ecological disaster would not be considered ahead-of-the-curve positions. [Full Article...]

Australian Open: Bernard Tomic knocked out in straight sets by Dan Evans

Australian Open: Bernard Tomic knocked out in straight sets by Dan Evans The 24-year-old lost in the third-round of the Australian Open to Dan Evans of Great Britain. Rain forced the players to their seats halfway through the third set, but Evans kept his cool. A thumping forehand cross-court return victor took Murray to break point, which he converted with another stunning lob as Querrey attacked the net. Tomic let his attacking instincts disrupt his rhythm and Evan... [Full Article...]

Peskov dismisses allegations that Moscow took personal swipe at Obama

Peskov dismisses allegations that Moscow took personal swipe at Obama While Mr. Trump has expressed an admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and hopes that relations between the two enormous countries can improve, it remains unclear how his rhetoric will translate into foreign policy. "Otherwise there is no way". "Russia has to support Trump ", Markov wrote on his Facebook page. Outlining Russian actions like the annexation of Crimea, the bombing o... [Full Article...]

2016 was Earth's hottest year- for the third year in a row

During El NiƱo ocean surface temperatures rise abnormally. Region 2, which covers areas from the eastern Jefferson County border east to places like Chiefland, Gainesville, and Jacksonville , had their third warmest year since 1895. They're "harmful on several levels, including human welfare, ecology, economics, and even geopolitics", he said. With the exception of June, all months from Janua... [Full Article...]

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