Apple will start building iPhones in India this spring, report says

Priyank Kharge, state minister for information technology, confirmed on telephone that the company had been cleared to make the phones in Bangalore and said it was a validation of the state's industry-friendly policies. This was seen as a prelude to Apple making iPhones in India. Apple plans to start assembling the iPhone in Bangalore by end April under a contract manufacturing arrangement with ... [Full Article...]

USA auto sales seen lower in January; GM, Ford post declines

USA auto sales seen lower in January; GM, Ford post declines The last close places the company's stock about $1.94 off its 52 week high of $14.22 and $1.21 above the 52 week low of $11.07. Ford Motor Company's payout ratio is 52.63%. 12/01/2016 - Macquarie began new coverage on Ford Motor Company giving the company a "neutral" rating. The Company operates in two sectors: Automotive and Financial Services. [Full Article...]

Weekend weather: Rainy, with winter storm due Sunday

Weekend weather: Rainy, with winter storm due Sunday Friday through 4 p.m. Saturday . Rain and freezing rain, which began falling in the early evening on Thursday, will continue overnight and into Friday. "Monday morning commute could be". A chance of rain for much of next week. Ice accumulations are expected to be less than a tenth of an inch. It's possible that it could be 35 degrees on Sunday with a lot of rain. [Full Article...]

Oculus loses big, jury awards $500 million to ZeniMax

Oculus loses big, jury awards $500 million to ZeniMax While the award, which is likely to be appealed, is sizable, it is less than the $2 billion in damages ZeniMax sought, and it isn't likely to significantly affect Facebook, which has more than $29 billion on its balance sheet. ZeniMax also claims Carmack violated his employee agreement and confidentiality clauses with the company. The company said in filings that the technical know-how of Carm... [Full Article...]

Ban Ki-moon rules out presidential run

He was unable to capitalise on his much-anticipated homecoming, mired in a series of perceived PR gaffes and a scandal involving family members. If she is thrown out, presidential elections would have to be held within two months. While Ban hadn't formally aligned with a political party, he was the best hope for conservatives to retain power after Park saw her approval ratings plummet. [Full Article...]

Third quarter group revenues drop at Vodafone

Compared to the previous quarter, Vodafone India's service revenue increase by 5.4 percent. This and other pressures in the region has prompted the UK-based operator to enter talks with Idea Cellular, the third largest mobile provider behind Bharti Airtel and Vodafone , about a possible merger. [Full Article...]

Comcast Xfinity Roku App Comes With Monthly Fee

Comcast clarifies, however, that you don't need to have your Comcast box and your Roku connected to the same TV in order to use the Xfinity TV app. And during the beta, the Roku device can't be used as a primary outlet due to "technical limitations", Comcast had said. [Full Article...]

Fast Food Packaging May Be Harmful

Fast Food Packaging May Be Harmful A new study has found that fast food packaging contains cancer-causing chemicals - showing that the risk of quick meals goes beyond trans fats and calories. "There are diseases that correlate to it, so we really don't want this class of chemicals out there", said researcher Graham Peaslee , in the press release . [Full Article...]

Health chair: Congress may have to aid insurers during Obamacare transition

Health chair: Congress may have to aid insurers during Obamacare transition Almost 46,000 New Yorkers signed up for health insurance through the state's exchange in the last two days of open enrollment on Monday and Tuesday, the state Health Department announced Wednesday. "If one doesn't have health insurance but uses health coverage, being charged at full list prices can be devastating". Of the 3.6 million who enrolled through the exchange, two-thirds enrolled in Medi... [Full Article...]

Apple Rolls Out WatchOS 3.2 Beta For Apple Watch

Apple Rolls Out WatchOS 3.2 Beta For Apple Watch Apart from the typical bug fixes and performance improvements, the watch 0S 3.2 Beta 1 includes the rumored Theater Mode, which was apparently said to arrive in iOS 10.3. The Apple Watch's screen can be activated with a tap or through a press on the Digital Crown. It could bring a lot more functionality to the Apple Watch, enabling users to order food, book a cab or flight tickets, or make payment... [Full Article...]

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Comes To PS4 In July

Well, we actually don't, but if it did come to PC it would take Square Enix over a year to port. Cor Leonis may appear too as seen in some Gladiolus screenshots. This pack will be available in two versions. The episode will be released as stand-alone DLC on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live and is available as a free download for Premium Edition and Season Pass buyers. [Full Article...]

Sen. Durbin calls Trump attorney general nominee Sessions 'wrong person for job'

Sen. Durbin calls Trump attorney general nominee Sessions 'wrong person for job' Just a few hours later, the Trump administration delivered her a handwritten letter-she was sacked and being replaced with USA attorney Dana J. Boente the day before Jeff Sessions, a man who was once voted too racist to be a judge, could become Attorney General. [Full Article...]

India asks Pak to do more to counter terror

India asks Pak to do more to counter terror The action comes as the Trump administration has announced visa curbs on seven Muslim-majority countries and placed Pakistan under "extreme vetting". "So yes, this was a consideration", said the official, who declined to be identified. "Pakistan does not need any certification or endorsement from India over the recent actions it has taken in relation to Hafiz Saeed", an Interior Ministry Spokesper... [Full Article...]

Lakers Luol Deng Shares Message of Hope For Refugees

Lakers Luol Deng Shares Message of Hope For Refugees He said: "Refugees are productive members of society". His birthplace was in Sudan at the time of his birth but now lies in the country of South Sudan, thus legally binding his citizenship to South Sudan which is already an independent country and is not included among the list. [Full Article...]

Earth may be sending oxygen to the Moon

Earth may be sending oxygen to the Moon While looking at Kaguya data, a team of researchers discovered that for about five days during the Moon's orbit around the Earth, the probe's plasma detector measured a large amount of high-energy oxygen ions approaching the Moon. The oxygen ions passing through at that time looked completely different than the ones that came from the sun, and, because the Earth was right in the way, this indica... [Full Article...]

Iraq Bans US Travelers In Wake Of Trump's Travel Ban

Other steps reportedly being contemplated include increasing use of U.S. special forces in Syria and Iraq, directly arming Kurdish forces (a move that is likely to anger the Turks), and potentially including Turkish forces in the Raqqa operation. [Full Article...]

Why Trump's 'Muslim Ban' Is a Gift to Real Terrorists

Why Trump's 'Muslim Ban' Is a Gift to Real Terrorists Senior staffers on the House Judiciary Committee helped Donald Trump's top aides draft the executive order curbing immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations, but the Republican committee chairman and party leadership were not informed, according to multiple sources involved in the process. [Full Article...]

Austria to ban Islamic veils from all public places

With a parliamentary election due next year, Chancellor Kern hopes the package will provide fresh impetus to an eight-month-old coalition which has bee described as "ineffective" by critics. Apart from the ban on Muslim veils, the " integration law " also includes mandatory attendance of German language lessons and value courses for all refugees and migrants arriving in Austria . [Full Article...]

Apple has Allegedly Been Removing Iranian Apps from its App Store

With all the noise around United States president Donald Trump's new immigration policy, there is less to be cheerful about. But not every title in the App Store has been updated since then. "There are 40M smartphones in the country and if you are wondering about the number of iPhones, there are 6M iPhones in the hands of Iranians right now", Techrasa writes. [Full Article...]

LEGO launches kids' social network LEGO Life

LEGO launches kids' social network LEGO Life The LEGO Life app lets kids personalize their LEGO experience through direct interaction with their favorite LEGO characters, exclusive content, an in-depth 3D LEGO minifigure avatar creator, and fun building inspiration and challenges. Anyone over 13 can sign up with their own email address, but kids 13 and under need to be signed up via a parent's email. And kids won't be able to share informa... [Full Article...]

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