Surface Hub Begins To Ship

Surface Hub Begins To Ship They will arrive equipped with Office software (Excel, PowerPoint, Word and OneNote) right out of the box, where users also have the option to hook up Universal Windows Apps to the screen from their personal devices should they desire to. According to a Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Microsoft, early business testers saw increases in productivity; reduced time spent setting up for me... [Full Article...]

Microsoft's public experiment with Artificial Intelligence crashed and burned within a day

The debacle is a prime example of how humans can corrupt technology, a truth that grows more disconcerting as artificial intelligence advances. Well, he didn't really  say  that. So, yes,  Tay  can be amusing too, not only racist. (She asked not to identify it because she wasn't speaking in an official capacity.) She called  Tay  "an example of bad design". [Full Article...]

Tay, Microsoft AI, goes offline after Internet teaches her to be racist

A spokeswoman for the company said: "The AI chatbot Tay is a machine learning project, designed for human engagement". All appeared to be going smoothly, but within 24 hours Tay's tweets appeared out of control as a barrage of racist and sexist comments were parroted back to Twitter users. [Full Article...]

Blind Walking Fish In Thailand Climbs Waterfalls Like Salamander

Blind Walking Fish In Thailand Climbs Waterfalls Like Salamander The discovery may lead to a better understanding of how the first fish set foot (or rather, fin) on land. Waterfall-climbing cavefish Cryptotora thamicola uses unusual pelvic adaptations to walk over slippery rocks and through fast-flowing water. [Full Article...]

IOS 9.3 Problems and Glitches

IOS 9.3 Problems and Glitches It's very similar to the popular F.lux tool, and it works by reducing the amount of  blue light  emitting from the screen. It is safe to say that the release of iOS 9.3, which happened March 21, was much anticipated and it brought with it  a lot  of bug fixes and cool features. [Full Article...]

Microsoft may back bids for Yahoo

Microsoft may back bids for Yahoo Starboard has successfully ousted company boards before. "Starboard needs to convince a strong group of shareholders to accept this bid", said Tim Bajarin, president of tech research firm Creative Strategies. [Full Article...]

Check out these new Pokemon Go images

Check out these new Pokemon Go images Moreover, some Pokémon will undergo evolution if the same species is caught multiple times. Teams can assign their Pokémon to gyms - which, like PokeStops, are found at real locations in the real world - and compete with others for control of an area, though it's not clear what you'll earn for having the most territory under your banner (other than bragging rights, of course). [Full Article...]

How to Order the New iPhone SE

The week also said that the new iPhone is much faster than the iPhone 6 and the camera is a lot better, too. The power button, moved to the right hand edge to accommodate the enormous screens of the 6 and 6s cycles, is back in place on the top of the handset, and the volume buttons are circular again, not pill-shaped. [Full Article...]

Apple pulls iOS 9.3 update for older devices following activation problems

As yet there is no official statement from Apple on when this issue will be fixed, you can find out more details over at Apple's support forums at the link below. And while it took Apple a few days to pause the iOS 9.3 update due to these issues, the problem has been identified, and hopefully it won't be long before Apple pushes out a new update. [Full Article...]

Waiting for your iPhone SE? You can get it from April 8

Sales of its flagship iPhone are leveling off after surging a year ago to record levels that made Apple the world's biggest company by stock market value. Supply chain solution provider Redington in a statement said it "will offer iPhone SE beginning April the 8th, in 3,000 retail outlets across the country". [Full Article...]

IPhone SE vs. iPhone 6 vs. 6S - Best Apple Device

I think this will appeal more people to buy an Apple phone who otherwise couldn't afford their flagship phone. Before it launched, there was also a lot of speculation that the SE would be a "cheap" iPhone . The new iPad Pro, meanwhile, is also available for preorder today. Apple's selling the 9.7-inch iPad Pro , of course, but you can also get it from the carriers as well, including AT&... [Full Article...]

Ted Cruz: Heidi isn't scared of Trump

Which brings us to a CNN TV interview where Cruz warned Trump not to attack his wife, Heidi Cruz. "Ted is a consistent, principled conservative who has demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters and win primary contests, including yesterday's Utah caucus", Bush wrote in a Facebook post. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 To Release With Android N, 6GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 To Release With Android N, 6GB RAM For customers who might have already ordered/bought the handset from the 23rd of February until the 17th of March, they will proactively receive the credit and will receive a monthly credit towards their upcoming phone bills. [Full Article...]

David Letterman's new Santa retirement look

David Letterman's new Santa retirement look Letterman is completely bald with a big, bushy, completely gray full beard, and he's gained some weight. But he looks happy, is still rocking his home state pride and gets to power walk on an beautiful Caribbean island. And everybody hates it. My wife hates it. My son hates it. But it's interesting. "I retired and... I had no regrets".   During his appearance on the stage show, Letterman def... [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 May Launch In July With Android N

We know that Android N access for OEM's is going to take place in the summer, but it would have to be a really quick turnaround to make this a possibility for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Rumors have also hinted at the possibility that the Galaxy Note 6 may end up featuring a 4K display, and if that is the case, then the additional RAM could wind up being a necessity as opposed to being a luxury. [Full Article...]

Captured Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam planned more attacks

Captured Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam planned more attacks Sven Mary, lawyer for captured fugitive Salah Abdeslam, leaves the federal police headquarters in Brussels , Belgium, Saturday, March 19, 2016. At a German Marshall Fund forum in the Belgium capital on Sunday, Didier Reynders, the deputy prime minister and foreign affairs minister, said Abdeslam had told investigators that "he was ready to restart something in Brussels ". [Full Article...]

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S5 Marshmallow Update Date Set?

As for its  processors , it is highly likely that Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 will  power  up the device. Other rumored specs of the new Samsung Galaxy J7 include a 13MP snapper on the back and a 5MP selfie camera. No Bluetooth or USB connection is required for using it and it does not even require any kind of charging. This week, a slew of new images have leaked that claim to be the official  Samsu... [Full Article...]

IOS 9.2 Jailbreak Still Unavailable

IOS 9.2 Jailbreak Still Unavailable While it might not be the same as a brand new untethered jailbreak, it's a massive step in the right direction. In the meantime, both Chinese developers offer iOS 9.1 jail breaking tools. Therefore, Apple users are cautioned in downloading the tool to avoid any problems in their devices. You can refer to our how-to jailbreak guide to jailbreak your iOS device. [Full Article...]

Windows 10 Mobile OS Released - Know If It Supports Your Windows Phone

Windows 10 Mobile OS Released - Know If It Supports Your Windows Phone What was really special about Windows 10 was the fact that it came free of cost and was an upgrade anyone could do with great ease. The company has been known for their Operating System experience and when they announced the Windows 10 OS, a wave of excitement was spread through the world of technology. [Full Article...]

IPhone SE Specs: Apple Unveils 6SE, Pricing & Release Date

IPhone SE Specs: Apple Unveils 6SE, Pricing & Release Date Apple introduced iPhone SE, the most powerful phone with a four-inch display, in a beloved compact aluminum design that has been updated with matte-chamfered edges, a color-matched stainless steel Apple logo, and four gorgeous metallic finishes, including rose gold. [Full Article...]

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