Overwatch's Next Character Teased In New Blog Post

Overwatch's Next Character Teased In New Blog Post The Overwatch blog post - structured as though it's an interview celebrating Oladele's win of the "Adawe Foundation's prestigious "genius grant" - reveals all sorts of information about this new character, who seems to specialize in robotics and artificial intelligence. [Full Article...]

UPS wants UAVs to cover its 'last mile' deliveries

UPS wants UAVs to cover its 'last mile' deliveries In fact, the company's senior VP of engineering says that cutting a single mile from each driver's daily route would save the company up to $50m per year. It doesn't require a pilot. That's because UPS may send your package via drone. And, while the FAA has now ruled out drone delivery, UPS has been working with the administration as part of its advisory committee. [Full Article...]

The Walking Dead season 7 episode 10 recap: a reunion

The Walking Dead season 7 episode 10 recap: a reunion Episode 11, titled Hostiles and Calamities will tell us all about it. After all, he needs all the help he can get to fight off Negan. King Ezekiel is also beginning to become a bit stagnant. Once they left, Rick discovers that Gabriel has left and they begin to look for any clues to where he may have gone or why. But they're not like the Saviors, in that they don't interact and force confli... [Full Article...]

Trial begins for 44 suspected of Erdogan assassination attempt

They are charged with attempting to kill the president, attempting to overthrow the constitutional order, crimes against the government, leading an armed terrorist organization and the killing of an official. Ankara believes the coup attempt was masterminded by Fethullah Gulen , a Turkish cleric living in the United States, and has been pushing for his extradition. [Full Article...]

Trump Planning 'Streamlined' Immigration Order

The changes have not yet been signed off on by Trump, and are now under review by the White House Counsel's Office, which is seeking some changes , a White House official told the Washington Post . The news of the memos came as Kelly announced Saturday that President Donald Trump is working on a "streamlined" executive order banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim nations, which was initi... [Full Article...]

Air Pollution Linked To Millions Of Premature Births Around The Globe

Air Pollution Linked To Millions Of Premature Births Around The Globe The study released this week but based on 2010 dataestimates that globally 2.7-3.4 million preterm births may beassociated with PM2.5 exposure and South Asia is the worst hitaccounting for 1.6 million pre-term births. The image above shows the percentage of total preterm births associated with outdoor PM exposure in 2010. According to the study, the highest numbers of those births are in South... [Full Article...]

BlackBerry sues Nokia in battle of the fallen tech giants

Nokia insisted on providing the products and services to companies like T-Mobile and AT&T, Bloomberg has reported. The BlackBerry lawsuit centres around its claim to own "key mobile innovations that underlie 3G and 4G mobile communications technologies, such as Long-Term Evolution (LTE), including LTE Advanced, and Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network (UTRAN) technologies". [Full Article...]

Ex-SEAL turns down job as Trump's national security adviser

Ex-SEAL turns down job as Trump's national security adviser One source told Fox that retired Navy Vice Admiral Robert Harward "really wanted " to do the job, but ultimately decided that he could not. Priebus said there were statements from both the director of National Intelligence and the CIA refuting the story, and that article and another one in The New York Times claiming the Trump campaign had contact with Russian officials during the cam... [Full Article...]

Du Plessis gushes over `massive weapon` Tahir post T20I heroics

Du Plessis gushes over `massive weapon` Tahir post T20I heroics The 37-year-old did reap the benefits of a superb bowling performance by the rest of the team with Chris Morris, who was also denied a hat-trick, having figures of 2-10 in his opening three-over spell. "The last few tours we have been [on] there we have played really good cricket". Imran Tahir picked up his first five-for in T20 worldwide cricket. [Full Article...]

'NES Classic Edition' bundle sells out despite hefty price tag

'NES Classic Edition' bundle sells out despite hefty price tag Nintendo UK representative sent a statement to TechRadar , breaking their silence on the issue that production of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition has ended. According to Gamespot , one such bundle is an offer from Walmart, who now sells their stocks of NES Classic Edition consoles along with a 32-inch television set and a second controller for $190. [Full Article...]

Backyard Worlds: Join Search for Planet Nine, Nearby Brown Dwarfs

A new citizen-science project lets participants search for hidden solar system objects beyond the orbit of Neptune, where a possible ninth planet may lie. "Because there's so little sunlight, even large objects in that region barely shine in visible light", explained Marc Kuchner of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. [Full Article...]

Scientists Believed Super-Earth Planets Support Alien Life

Gliese 411b has been labeled a "Super Earth", which means that it's a rocky planet much like our own. Super-Earth Gliese 411-B claimed can support the humanity, the hot exoplanet is the 4 nearest to the solar system and has a rocky surface. [Full Article...]

India smashes satellite launch record

India smashes satellite launch record The milk carton-size satellites "entered a 500-km-high orbit, minutes after the launch", Libi Oz, a spokeswoman for the science ministry, said in a statement. Of the 104 satellites launched, 101 were nano satellites of which 96 satellites were from the United States and one satellite each from Kazakhastan, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Israel and Netherlands. [Full Article...]

Impact of Brokerage Rating on Nokia Corporation(NOK)

Wall Street renowned brokerages following Nokia Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) have now given a mean price target of $5.421 on its stock. Nokia Corporation (ADR) was Downgraded by Oppenheimer to Perform on Jan 3, 2017. Whereas for the next year revenues are set at $25.42B by 11 analysts. Equities analysts predict that Nokia Corporation will post $0.24 EPS for the current fiscal year. [Full Article...]

Footballers warned over 'unethical haircuts' in the UAE

Footballers warned over 'unethical haircuts' in the UAE There are precedents for the ruling - Saudi Arabia keeper Waleed Abdullah was recently told to cut his "un-Islamic" hair by the referee before a match. According to the Mirror , he's one of 40 players being bought to justice over their "Qaza" haircuts , where only part of the head is shaved. The Ghana striker is now playing with Al Ahli in the Arabian Gulf League. [Full Article...]

Almost half of Netflix users admit to stream cheating

Almost half of Netflix users admit to stream cheating Netflix says most TV watchers are not planning to cheat; about 80% of it is unplanned. "Your special someone isn't around, you turn on Netflix and you just can't help but watch without them". Brazil had the highest number of cheaters, at 58 percent, while the Netherlands had the lowest, at 27 percent. If you stray, don't beat yourself up about it. [Full Article...]

Disney-Owned Maker Studios Drops PewDiePie Over Anti-Semitic Videos

Despite earlier reports that the content had been removed from PewDiePie's YouTube channel, at time of writing the video is still online and has been viewed almost 10 million times. His channel is now the most popular on the video site and his videos usually get millions of views. After a Wall Street Journal report cited nine of the Swedish gamer's videos that featured "anti-Semitic joke... [Full Article...]

Happy Valentine's Day Cards, Love Letters and Quotes

Couples spend their savings on gifts , and singles look for an excuse to not feel lonely, coining the terms "Single Awareness Day" or "Friendship Day". Men purchase about 75 percent of all the roses sold in the this time every year. I wish you all find the love of your life, and recognize and cherish it till eternity. [Full Article...]

Elon Musk Wants Humans To Become Cyborgs

POSH MILK FLOAT DESIGNER float designer and sage/loon (delete where appropriate) Elon Musk has been word-spewing again, this time on the inevitability of the human race becoming cyborgs. As for the distant future, Musk said that what we predict right now won't look much like what actually happens 50 years from now. Despite a state-of-the art metro, many people in Dubai and across the energy-... [Full Article...]

Senate Confirms Linda McMahon as SBA Administrator

Senatators voted 81-19 to appoint Linda McMahon, who served as the chief executive of WWE before stepping down to run twice for the Senate in CT. A Senate panel recently approved her nomination by a vote of 18-1, moving the nomination to the full Senate for consideration. [Full Article...]

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