Pokémon Go Begins European Roll-out in Germany

Pokémon Go Begins European Roll-out in Germany These days at iconic tourist attractions around major cities , you're as likely to find Pokemon hunters glued to their smartphones as you are to see tourists snapping selfies. Pokemon fan Kee Wan Ting, 19, downloaded the app during its launch by logging into the New Zealand iOS app store with a friend's account, as she was excited to try the game. [Full Article...]

Sponsored locations will eventually come to Pokémon GO

The developer company Niantic accepted that requesting for so much info was a mistake . Following the huge success of Pokemon Go, it has been reported that Hollywood studios are scrambling to sign a deal for the Pokemon movie rights. A young girl found a dead body while she trespassed onto a property. Communicate with your family or friends to let them know where you plan on going and wha... [Full Article...]

Feds launch multiple probes in wake of Tesla Autopilot crash

NHTSA also wants to know what occurs if cameras or sensors have problems sending accurate signals to the Autopilot system and if a driver is warned about degraded signals. While Autopilot was turned on at the time, Scaglione said he has no reason to believe Autopilot had anything to do with the accident. It disclosed that Tesla and NHTSA officials met on June 14 - two weeks before the agency o... [Full Article...]

Pokemon Go Finally Solved This BIG Security Issue

We have no idea how many mobile device owners downloaded the Pokemon GO but rumor has it that it will soon surpass the daily active users on Twitter . That's not to say that any of this data will be used for nefarious purposes, but it's worth knowing exactly what you're getting into when you sign up to play a GPS-based game on your smartphone . [Full Article...]

Pokemon Go craze reaches Lancashire Police

Thank you for your incredible response and support of Pokémon GO! Also read: Pokemon Go shows mixed reality can be game changing. Players of Niantic's last AR game Ingress will be familiar with sponsored locations. What time is Pokemon Go out in the UK? Safety: Players should use the same safety precautions while playing the game that they would in any other outdoor setting , incl... [Full Article...]

The next brilliant feature coming to Pokemon Go: Ads

We'll update this article if and when Pokémon Go appears in other App Stores around the world today. Since Pokemon Go was released overseas last week, a group of teenagers have already been robbed by criminals who hacked into one of the websites where players can download the game. [Full Article...]

How does Pokemon Go work?

How does Pokemon Go work? The game was already available in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile, if the government or Niantic staff would like to know where state senatorial candidates Jane Kim and Scott Wiener are at this precise moment, they can: The two have agreed to play Pokémon Go against each other , which isn't pandering for the Millennial vote at all. [Full Article...]

Pokemon GO Plus Devices are Being Sold for Over $100 on eBay

Churches, common "Pokestops" in the digital game, have reported a spike in attendance as players flock to the landmarks and receive information about the church. From poke stops , to poke gyms. "When we have our meet-ups [to play Pokemon Go] we'll have all kinds of people show up - college students, people in their 30s in business attire, the cops show up and play". [Full Article...]

Epic boss calls console upgrades a "great step forward"

Epic boss calls console upgrades a If you wanted a new Project Scorpio but were anxious about the financial commitment, the latest news from Microsoft will come as a real boost. However, unless you're a console collector, you may want to wait until the release of Project Scorpio in 2017. [Full Article...]

In his final moments, Dallas suspect apparently tried scrawling message on wall

Military service changed suspected Dallas gunman Micah Johnson from an extrovert into a hermit, his parents have said. Protesters view the police slayings as further evidence of the law enforcement abuse that has energized the Black Lives Matter movement, which was fueled by the 2014 killing of Michael Brown by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri . [Full Article...]

Which Celebrities Are Obsessed with Pokémon Go?

Google will soon reduce Pokemon Go's permission to only the basic profile data that Pokemon Go needs, and users do not need to take any actions themselves". The augmented reality game challenges players to capture virtual Pokémon hidden in real world locations. Other analysts suggest Pokemon Go is competing with Twitter in regards to its daily active users - the game is reportedly being... [Full Article...]

Pokémon Go could be a hit with hackers

You no longer need to live in fear and ban playing the game thinking that all your emails are being accessed by the developer. Experts discovered Monday that many gave permission to the "Pokemon Go" app to access their entire Google account such as email, calendars, Google docs and anything else that users store with their Google credentials. [Full Article...]

Ortiz says goodbye as AL wins All-Star Game 4-2

Hosmer hit a solo home run in the second inning to tie the game at one, and also drove in the AL's fourth and final run in the third inning. The Yankees' Dellin Betances flashed his 100 miles per hour heat, and Astros reliever Will Harris came on to throw a called third strike past Cardinals rookie Aledmys Diaz on a 3-2 pitch on the outside corner with the bases loaded to end the eighth. [Full Article...]

Relive your childhood with Pokemon Go

Relive your childhood with Pokemon Go To gather the location data for Pokestops and gyms, the team asked Ingress players to submit entries they thought were suitable of being portals. "The game tells you which Pokemon is in your area". Once the user reaches level 5, they can start going to gyms to battle other Pokemon , in hopes of becoming the master of the gym. Niantic and many police stations have already issued warnings about... [Full Article...]

Mercedes Toto Wolff: "Colliding team-mates is not what we want"

Mercedes Toto Wolff: We came close to a repeat of the stuff up caused by the two drivers during May's 2016 Formula One Spanish Grand Prix, where they came into contact and were both forced to retire. However, he added: "If the racing is not possible without contact, that is a outcome". The collision concluded a titanic contest between the two Mercedes men after an incident-packed race that left Mercedes team bos... [Full Article...]

Pokemon Go: What You Need To Know

Pokemon Go: What You Need To Know It's also a good idea to "transfer" (AKA get rid of) any Pokemon you don't want, as you get an extra Candy when doing so. It's not just regular drivers on Craigslist who are offering their services, as many other people using other popular ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft to hit up local Pokemon hot spots. [Full Article...]

Microsoft finally puts a price on the Enterprise version of Windows 10

Microsoft finally puts a price on the Enterprise version of Windows 10 Today, Microsoft and IBM announced a new partnership, whereby Big Blue and develop new business applications for the Microsoft Surface tablets and Surface Book laptops for its roster of large enterprise customers. The company says that customers of this scheme will have access to the latest hardware and faster device refresh cycles. Microsoft has also expanded its Surface Enterprise In... [Full Article...]

Tesla investors show concerns over the company's missed Q2 targets

Tesla investors show concerns over the company's missed Q2 targets Investors have lately started to show their reluctance towards Tesla's ambitious goals of selling 500,000 cars by 2018, as the latest misses have put under doubt the company's ability of handling the hype around its upcoming 35.000-dollar Model 3. [Full Article...]

Decks cleared for Theresa May to become second woman PM of UK

May is poised to replace current Prime Minister David Cameron, who announced his resignation following the Brexit referendum. Soon after, May will meet Queen Elizabeth and return to Downing Street as the new prime minister tasked with leading Britain out of the EU. [Full Article...]

Kim Kardashian Lands Forbes Cover!

Kim Kardashian Lands Forbes Cover! Cha-ching! Not bad at all. Along with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, Kardashian West also owns the online and retail clothing boutique, DASH. She believes landing the prestigious cover would have meant a huge deal to her father Robert Kardashian , who passed away in 2003. [Full Article...]

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