GOP Sen: Delegates 'Silenced' By Rules Committee, Forced To Support Trump

GOP Sen: Delegates 'Silenced' By Rules Committee, Forced To Support Trump The 2016 Republican National Convention starts Monday and with approximately 2,470 delegates and 2,302 alternate delegates from across the country, it's created to be huge, in the words of the party's presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump . [Full Article...]

Pokémon GO finally launches in the UK

Perhaps it could save the location of rare Pokemon you've spotted so you can hunt them down later on foot. And yet, we all know that this isn't a barrier for those who want to play the game on the iPhone because many users created US accounts for the App Store in order to download Pokemon Go legitimately and without waiting for Nintendo to launch it in their countries. [Full Article...]

Japanese messaging app Line shares surge in debut in Tokyo

With its offering, LINE was able to raise more than $1.3 billion between its offering on the NYSE and its offering in Japan on the Tokyo stock market. The company also warns that investors shouldn't read into trends from the past, because it expects future growth to depend on attracting new users and boosting marketing, among other measures. [Full Article...]

Pokémon Go is officially out in the UK now

Nintendo, a Kyoto-based company that evolved into a video game maker in the 1970s, has seen its price of shares surge in the last week . But it's not that simple. A spokesman said they had not experienced any problems yet, but wanted to pre-empt any issues. SimilarWeb said Pokemon Go manage to surpass Twitter in terms of daily active users on Monday and now sees 5.92 per cent of the US ... [Full Article...]

If Your Country Doesn't Have Pokemon GO, Play These Games Instead

If Your Country Doesn't Have Pokemon GO, Play These Games Instead Tap on these transformed Pokestops, and you'll be taken to the stop's screen. There was no actual interaction between user and character. On joining a team you can assign a Pokemon you caught to an open Gym, or to one where other team members have already placed Pokemon . [Full Article...]

Verizon offers free calling from USA to France

Verizon offers free calling from USA to France Our thoughts are with the people of France and our customers who have friends and family there . After all, you might want the peace of mind that comes from hearing their voices over the phone. Roaming fees for Sprint customers in France will be waved as well. Sprint is waving the charges for all calls and SMS to and from France from now through July 17th. [Full Article...]

RETRO GAMING | Super Mario Bros. 3 is back!

There is "technically" a USB port, Nintendo tells Polygon , but it is "only used to power the system with the included AC adapter". In addition to the NES Classic Controller, the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro are also compatible with the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition . [Full Article...]

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 upgrade plea goes full

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 upgrade plea goes full Window 10 free upgrade offer ends on July 29. When that roadmap was last updated back in May, a little smartphone icon made it clear that Edge extensions were planned for Windows 10 Mobile. The announcement means that Windows 10 joins Azure and Office 365 as Microsoft's subscription services, providing the company with a potentially solid stream of revenue, though it's worth noting that - f... [Full Article...]

3SIXT gets in early with "iPhone 7 ready" headphones

The 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB versions of the iPhone 7 Plus are likely to be priced at CNY 6088 (or around Rs. 61,000), CNY 6888 (or Rs 69,000), and CNY 7888 (or Rs 79,000) respectively. The rear shells are said to be dummy units that are sent to accessory manufacturers so they can design cases and other peripherals ahead of the device's launch. [Full Article...]

Nintendo Shares Up 56% Amid Pokemon GO Craze

Nintendo Shares Up 56% Amid Pokemon GO Craze The craze around the game is a huge step up from its humble beginnings as an April Fools joke launched by Google in 2014. As of Thursday morning, Pokemon GO is now officially available in one more market, as aspiring trainers in the United Kingdom can now download the game directly from the Google Play and Apple App Store without any extra hassle. [Full Article...]

OMG: Pokemon Go has officially launched in the UK

Nine days after its first release , Pokemon Go is officially available in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. What's more , the game is also breathing down the neck of Twitter in daily active users with 65 million. The 153 MB new update patch does not add any new features as its exclusively meant to stabilize the game so that players can leave behind their worries about the game crashin... [Full Article...]

WWE Summerslam: Dean Ambrose to Lose WWE Championship to Seth Rollins?

It would come as a pretty big surprise if the face of WWE doesn't take on AJ Styles at the August 21 PPV in Brooklyn. WWE Battleground is set to take place this July 24 and the organization has yet to confirm if their plans regarding Styles, Ambrose and Rollins will push forward. [Full Article...]

Tips for saving battery life, data usage while playing Pokemon Go

Unfortunately, at least in my experience, enabling Battery Saver causes Pokemon Go to lock up every once in a while. Now, thanks to a suggestion from Reddit user throwaway96388 , players may be able to conserve battery and cut their data usage down using one simple trick. [Full Article...]

Popular game apps before Pokémon Go

Players should be cautious as pedestrians and obey all traffic laws, and drivers should be on the lookout for children who may be distracted by the game. Players could also inadvertently commit an offence of trespass. Many of them are evolved versions of others. "Children should make sure their parents know where they are going when playing and parents should look to speak to their childre... [Full Article...]

Police forces across Canada warn of risks involved with playing Pokemon Go

Police forces across Canada warn of risks involved with playing Pokemon Go While they have released patches for both iOS and Android users, many players are unaware that they need to manually revoke the game's " Full Access " status before they can reset the app's permissions to " Basic " (wherin they can only access your name and email address ). [Full Article...]

Tesla ends its resale value guarantee in North America

Tesla ends its resale value guarantee in North America The electric vehicle manufacturer has confirmed that the Model X 60D will actually be just a software-limited version of the Model X 75D. Tesla will continue to sell the Model X 75D, which starts around $80,000, as well as the more powerful Model X 90D and P90D, which can run upwards of $149,000 with premium options. [Full Article...]

Consumer Reports says Tesla should drop Autopilot name

Consumer Reports says Tesla should drop Autopilot name In the wake of a fatal crash that has prompted investigations by a couple of federal agencies, Consumer Reports is urging Tesla to disable automatic steering in its Autopilot technology - and rename Autopilot while it's at it. CR believes that this mixed messaging creates a situation where the driver may not be engaged enough to react to a unsafe situation, even though they are expected to ult... [Full Article...]

How to download Pokemon Go in the United Kingdom now it's launched

Moreover, three days after the game was released it attracted more users than Twitter, and climbed to the very top of the App Store revenue charts. Developer Niantic said earlier this week the game's release in the United Kingdom would be delayed until they were "comfortable" their servers could handle demand. [Full Article...]

Self-driving cars: unsafe at any speed?

Earlier this week, the Securities and Exchange Commission began an investigation into Tesla and whether the company failed to disclose the May Autopilot crash that resulted in the death of the driver. According to the first part of the blog post, "neither Autopilot nor the driver noticed the white side of the tractor trailer". Joshua Brown was killed when his Tesla Model S drove under a truck ... [Full Article...]

Europeans Are Freaking Out That They Can't Play Pokémon Go

Europeans Are Freaking Out That They Can't Play Pokémon Go Although the game does not support augmented reality, much of its mechanics appear to have been inspired by Pokémon Go. In just a week of existence, it's managed to become one of the biggest games of the year, dominating the internet with insane high user numbers. [Full Article...]

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