Apple iPhone 7 concept

Apple iPhone 7 concept In January, a patent application was published by Apple, giving us a glimpse into what a dual-lens camera interface could look and feel like on iOS devices. According to the patent, both cameras are able to be used separately, with each one capturing video (even slo-mo video) or one capturing video and another taking photographs. [Full Article...]

Microsoft's Redstone 2 update for Windows 10 reportedly delayed until spring 2017

This was originally expected in late 2016, meaning that Microsoft was basically on a schedule in which Windows 10 would be refreshed about every 6 months. The concerted effort follows the consolidation of the Windows and Devices groups at Microsoft underneath executive vice president Terry Myerson. What's perhaps more chucklesome is that Microsoft has released an advisory workaround for the prob... [Full Article...]

Hands on with the new Instagram Universal Windows app

The beta version of the Instagram app appears to be full featured, according to Windows Central . That means taking pictures in-app and video sharing. It's even possible to take a peek at photos by holding down on the images, being identical to Apple's 3D Touch feature. Issues include crashing when taking a photo, crashing when editing a photo, logging into the app via Facebook and instabilit... [Full Article...]

The Division: Xbox One Grass Is Greener

The Division: Xbox One Grass Is Greener Finally, the third expansion, Last Stand , is planned for winter. There is a slight catch though: the first two paid expansions will come to Xbox One a whole 30 days before the PC and PS4, a new post on the Ubisoft blog confirms. The first , Incursions , introduces new features, along with "a challenging end-game activity that rewards squads with high-level loot, if they're successful". [Full Article...]

Verizon Galaxy Note 5 gets Marshmallow update, One M8's coming March 7th

Verizon Galaxy Note 5 gets Marshmallow update, One M8's coming March 7th HTC One M8 owners, be sure to let us all know when Android 6.0 hits your device! Galaxy S5 successfully went through the beta program and it is just a matter of time before the update is finally here. At this stage, even HTC One M9 users on T-Mobile have not received the Android M update. It must be noted that the Android M update will be released for the aforementioned smartphones in differen... [Full Article...]

Windows 10 will finally arrive on older Lumia phones this month

Hadlee SimonsThe Instagram beta for Windows 10 Mobile . A report last week claimed that the company was planning to release the update in the week of March 7. According to Phone Dog, Microsoft's Windows Phone software has always been criticized for lacking big name apps. You can download the app now via the Windows Store . [Full Article...]

Google doodle honors International Women's Day

Google doodle honors International Women's Day The video features women from Paris, New Delhi , Tokyo, London, Bangkok, Jakarta, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Lagos, San Francisco, Moscow, Berlin, Paris and Cairo. The creators have also made Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai, British primatologist Jane Goodall and activist Muzoon Almellehan part of this video. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Might Launch New Windows 10 Devices Early Next Year

Microsoft Might Launch New Windows 10 Devices Early Next Year According to Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet's All About Microsoft blog , the delay is tied to a new cycle of Windows 10 related hardware that is expected in 2017. While the Surface Book and other recent devices were generally well reviewed, some of that praise was quickly hampered by a variety of hardware glitches. [Full Article...]

Sony Xperia Z3 Plus and Z4 Tablet receive Marshmallow

Sony Xperia Z3 Plus and Z4 Tablet receive Marshmallow The Sony Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact and Xperia Z5 Premium are the ones that are receiving the update. The news has been already confirmed by the Sony Mobile Japan , and the Marshmallow update is available on NTT DoCoMo network.   Sony might consider abandoning its signature "Z" series in favor of a more dialed-back new "X" family, but it hasn't turned its back on Xperia Z5 fans quite yet. [Full Article...]

Free Forza Motorsport 6 PC version coming to Windows 10; Subtitled 'Apex'

Free Forza Motorsport 6 PC version coming to Windows 10; Subtitled 'Apex' In any case, it's all official now and you can check the gameplay trailer below. " Apex " is positioned as an effort to show off the gaming potential of Windows 10. The base game will be released with a lot of content. There will be a wide selection of 63 modern and classic cars to choose from. Notably, all the titles Microsoft featured will have variants available on the PC. [Full Article...]

Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress DLC Dated

Just Cause 3 Sky Fortress DLC Dated To tackle this new threat you will get an upgradeable, rocket-powered, weaponized "Bavarium Wingsuit" fitted with shoulder mounted machine guns and auto targeting missiles - imagine Iron Man if he was played by Antonio Banderas. Those with a season pass will unlock  Sky Fortress  for free but for those without one, the DLC will cost $11.99/€11.99/£9.49 when it's released on March 15th. [Full Article...]

To-Play Forza Motorsport 6 Apex Officially Announced for Windows 10 PCs

At Microsoft Xbox's spring press conference , the company demoed Forza Motorsport 6: Apex running on a PC in all its 4K glory, 60fps glory. Turn 10 Studios head Dan Greenawalt takes pride in their bold decision to give away the game to Windows players. [Full Article...]

Free Forza Motorsport Game For Windows 10 Confirmed

People literally buy an Xbox just so they can play some of these games.  Forza   Apex  will be featured within the Windows Store within Windows 10, an app store that's been notoriously light on big-budget titles. But it's a start. Apex  is a stripped down, free version of Turn 10 Studios'  Forza   Motorsport  6 for Windows 10 users. Forza  isn't the only Xbox-exclusive series coming to PC, e... [Full Article...]

Windows 10 Build 14279 Released, Has A Few New Features

Windows 10 Build 14279 Released, Has A Few New Features The change isn't monumental, but allows the user to have the same custom background in both instances. The merging of the two backgrounds may be related to recent reports that Microsoft has started to show advertisements on the Windows 10 lock screen, a move that made good on talk from the company almost a year ago. [Full Article...]

Next Forza game to be announced at E3 2016

The leak came from a press event which was all about positioning the PC as a major hub for gaming, through the power of Windows 10. Because all future titles will be released for both the Xbox One and for PCs. And time will tell can they support what is already criticized for Windows 10 Store - no multi-GPU support, forced Vsync and so on and so forth. At Microsoft's Spring Showcase event in... [Full Article...]

PS4 And Xbox One Sales Reach An Important Milestone, EA Says

PS4 And Xbox One Sales Reach An Important Milestone, EA Says This is up 5 million units from the previous reports that had the combined sales of both consoles at 55 million in January of this year. Jorgensen also discussed the EA's approach to virtual reality, with the CFO suggesting that the publisher wouldn't even consider developing VR titles until the platform had proven itself. [Full Article...]

Microsoft responds to Sweeney's rallying cry

Microsoft responds to Sweeney's rallying cry By default, it is impossible to download apps from websites of publishers and developers, as they are bound to UWP. How do you feel about Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform initiative? "In my view, if Microsoft does not commit to opening PC UWP up in the manner described here, then PC UWP can, should, must and will, die as a result of industry backlash ". [Full Article...]

Forza Motorsport 6 Apex Announced for Windows 10 PCs

After years of being mostly absent from Forza games due to licensing issues with Need for Speed , we finally got a 10-car Porsche expansion pack for Forza Horizon 2 back in June. Yet another Xbox exclusive is an exclusive no more as Microsoft has announced that the popular Forza Motorsport 6 franchise will be making it's way to Windows 10 this spring. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Stands With Rival Apple Against FBI

The attackers, a married couple named Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, were killed in a shootout with police after the attack. The case is now awaiting an appeals court decision. He held up an antique adding machine dating from around 1911 when the All Writs Act was last amended. "We need to keep in mind when it comes to security that there is no technology more important than encryption",... [Full Article...]

Xbox One could require PC-style hardware upgrades to run advanced games

Xbox One could require PC-style hardware upgrades to run advanced games In other [consumer technology] ecosystems, you get more innovation that is continuous in hardware that you rarely see in consoles because consoles lock the hardware and software platforms together at the beginning and they ride the generation out for seven years or so. [Full Article...]

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