'Star Wars: Rogue One' trailer teases fans with Darth Vader return

The new trailer of the film, released bang in the middle of the ongoing Summer Olympics 2016 on Thursday, introduces the rest of her team, makes a big impact and drops a small bomb. According to The Hollywood Reporter , "the goal of the reshoots will be to lighten the mood" as right now Rogue One has the "feel of a war movie". [Full Article...]

How to Get a Better Ship in 'No Man's Sky'

Encountering a odd red orb that offered me the guidance of someone or something called Atlas on my journey, I chose to accept, but I promptly lost myself in exploring the planet before me. The on-foot combat feels less dynamic by comparison but it's still fine, and better than something like Fallout 4. So that's my main complaint so far - the gamey details. [Full Article...]

JC Penney posts another loss, soft sales

The year-to-date (YTD) performance reflected a 49.25 percent above last year. Wall Street may have largely cheered the first round of second-quarter retail earnings this week ( Target (TGT) and Walmart (WMT) report next week), but the underlying numbers suggest many players continue to struggle with the shift to online shopping and tepid USA consumer spending. [Full Article...]

What to watch at the Rio Games on Tuesday

So much for the butterflies in her stomach. "I had a similar expression when I encountered a moth in my house", NBC soccer announcer Arlo White said. After three left-wrist surgeries that had him contemplating retirement, he is ranked 145th. "Amazing, wonderful match for me", del Potro said. "It was a tough race, I knew she was going to go fast". [Full Article...]

Twitch Is Now Helping Pokémon GO Catch All the Cheaters

Twitch Is Now Helping Pokémon GO Catch All the Cheaters Pokemon GO developer, Niantic, has been under a storm of criticism ever since their latest update caused numerous bugs and glitches to the augmented reality game. "This also includes cheating in online multiplayer games as defined and enforced by the game developer". The post then goes on to clarify that the policy also holds true for Pokemon GO content on Twitch. [Full Article...]

Federal Court Say New Jersey Can't Legalize Sports Gambling

Federal Court Say New Jersey Can't Legalize Sports Gambling Federal law prohibits the state from regulating it. "We do have two judges dissenting", Lesniak said, "and we certainly will take a shot at the Supreme Court". But Shipp found a month later that the new version - which voided numerous state sports betting prohibitions - also ran afoul of federal law. Ten of the judges ruled in favor of the sports leagues. [Full Article...]

Disney tops earnings estimates, picks up streaming stake

BAMTech will also collaborate with ESPN to launch and distribute a new ESPN-branded multi-sport subscription streaming service in the future. The entertainment giant reported a 9% rise in revenue to $14.2bn (£10.9bn) - slightly higher than Wall Street predictions. [Full Article...]

PS4 Neo Being Unveiled in Early September

PS4 Neo Being Unveiled in Early September Sony may also be moving swiftly to get news about its Neo out before Microsoft can release more information about its similar console initiative, known only as Project Scorpio. Even though Sony is unveiling a new console, it's not the PlayStation 5. Then again, we're entering an era where consoles are getting incremental upgrades similar to smartphones, and console upgrade announcements come less ... [Full Article...]

Olympic viewing: NBC's ratings drop, chaotic bike race

But they're in Rio this year, which is only an hour ahead of the eastern time zone. Reuters reported that NBC , the network broadcasting the game in America, made a decision to air coverage of the ceremony on a delay to put it in context for viewers. [Full Article...]

Tesla Loss Grows as It Falls Short of Sales Goals

Tesla Loss Grows as It Falls Short of Sales Goals Despite of the poor second-quarter results the cash position of Tesla is improved and it is at $3.25 billion as of June 30, mainly fueled in part by a $1.7 billion offering in May. The production rate is projected to reach 2,400 vehicles per week by the fourth quarter. The company reported negative cash flow of $144.4 million, better than the $309.6 million analysts had predicted. [Full Article...]

New Nissan BladeGlider unveiled: electric rival to Ariel Atom?

New Nissan BladeGlider unveiled: electric rival to Ariel Atom? Three years after being unveiled as a concept at the Tokyo Motor show, Nissan took the wraps off two working BladeGlider prototypes in Brazil ahead of the opening ceremonies of this year's Olympics. Nissan has used true torque vectoring, pushing more power to the wheel with the best grip as well as combatting understeer in the process, and the system has three modes: off, agile, and drift. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 officially launched

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 officially launched The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be made available on August 9, but the pre-order to start on August 3. In fact, it's a treat for the eyes in a lot of ways, as the Note 7 is rocking Samsung's usual Super AMOLED display , this time with 1440 x 2560 resolution . [Full Article...]

Microsoft Releases Xbox One S with UHD Blu-ray Support

Microsoft Releases Xbox One S with UHD Blu-ray Support It will take on the PS4 Neo which has been confirmed but won't make an appearance at E3 this year. Basically, in order for the Netflix app of the One S to offer its 4K HDR content to those of you who have an ultra HD TV with HDR to go with your new console, you'll have to first download the updated Netflix app version manually. [Full Article...]

Oppo F1s Leak Reveals 16-megapixel Selfie Shooter

Oppo F1s Leak Reveals 16-megapixel Selfie Shooter Dubbed as the Oppo F1s , this phone will not just be an upgraded version but will also be packed with features that will take its game to the next level. Users can also set different applications to launch when they touch the sensor with different fingers. The F1s comes loaded with Android 4.1 out of the box with Oppo's ColorOS 3 .0, which means a lot of neatly placed bright coloured icons a... [Full Article...]

China rejects accusations in Japan defense report

China rejects accusations in Japan defense report Asean Foreign Ministers have been held in a deadlock, not coming up with a joint communiqué since 2012 due to the divided stand on South China Sea disputes, as four members - Philippines, Vietnam , Malaysia and Brunei are claimants to the disputed waters. [Full Article...]

Samsung's new jumbo phone unlocks with iris scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note7 will be offered in Blue Coral, Black Onyx and Titanium Silver. The Note 7 - no, it's not called the Note 6 - picks up where the Note 5 left off, with Samsung adding features from the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, and then topping it off with a few new twists. [Full Article...]

A look at how Texas' guns on campus law will work

A look at how Texas' guns on campus law will work The zones apply to all university housing except Calhoun Lofts. While guns are allowed in most normal classrooms, they are banned in hospitals and all sporting events - at all public universities. on July 27,2016. "Without turning the campuses into - as I've said before - kind of a garrison or a military base", McRaven said. I don't agree with people who say that 21-year-olds are naive. [Full Article...]

Apple's new iOS 10 emoji: female characters and gun replacement

For example, there's a new range of female athletes, including cyclists, basketball players, swimmers and weightlifters. Apple announced Monday that the upcoming iOS 10 update will include new female characters depicting professional women and women in sports. [Full Article...]

Niantic CEO John Hanke hacked by OurMine

Niantic CEO John Hanke hacked by OurMine Of course, this isn't OurMine's first high-profile hack. Hanke would have been better served using a password manager to manage his accounts. The hacker group, recently hacked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's account, Google CEO Sundar Pichai's Quara account and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) To Bring Huge Change Via Windows Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the biggest free update of Microsoft's latest OS, will be released on August 2. Tomorrow marks the end of free upgrades to Windows 10, but nearly two-thirds of firms have so far not bothered to upgrade according to research. [Full Article...]

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