All day breakfast helps feed McDonald's profits

All day breakfast helps feed McDonald's profits Saunders agreed that the overall USA restaurant sector was "remarkably soft" in the third quarter, but he said McDonald's also faces challenges as it tries to boost sales by attracting more young consumers who prefer Chipotle and other brands. [Full Article...]

Google Reaches Agreement With CBS for Upcoming Web TV Service

A low-cost skinny bundle called YouTube Unplugged may launch early in 2017, with 2 or 3 major broadcasters providing channels. Unplugged will be separate from YouTube Red, YouTube's subscription service that lets you watch videos without ads. [Full Article...]

Reliable stocks in today's share market: Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ:MAT)

Earnings per share for the most recently closed financial statements is expected to come in at $0.77/share with $1.96B in revenue. During the same period in the previous year, the company earned $0.71 EPS. L P now owns 11,596 shares of the company's stock worth $363,000 after buying an additional 240 shares in the last quarter. The company's price sits -4.22% below from its 50-day moving average... [Full Article...]

Samsung India to launch 4G phones, expects bigger market share

Samsung India to launch 4G phones, expects bigger market share The first such claim comes from John Barwick , a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owner from IL whose phone exploded and caused what he described as "a meter-long flame" in his house. Even for asking who are not affected by a Samsung device, we will definitely be more sceptical of buying a Samsung phone rather than Russian to purchasing a device without previous thought. [Full Article...]

Facebook users can now directly order food from restaurant pages in US

Facebook users can now directly order food from restaurant pages in US Friends then chip in their two cents, while the Recommendations post keeps track of them on the map, allowing you can plan a full-on tour or a trip of convenience. But it also introduced new ways to avoid talking to other humans: You can now book movie tickets, make appointments, and order food from the Facebook pages of U.S. [Full Article...]

Verizon will handle (and screw up) Google Pixel software updates

Verizon will handle (and screw up) Google Pixel software updates In other words, the lack of skinning, crapware and carrier interference when it came to software updates, made Nexus phones a popular choice among techies. Google claims the Pixel phones have the best camera in the market with a 12.3Megapixel camera on the rear and an8 Megapixel front-facing camera. Here is an in-depth review if the Google Pixel can bring on the competition to the Samsu... [Full Article...]

Google Pixel, killer features could get Apple fans to ditch the iPhone

But it's also easy to use and has the bonus of built-in search features that the iPhone can't top. You've struggled to find some cryptic setting on a tablet that everyone says is so obvious? This phone will show you what's going on in record time without even touching its screen. [Full Article...]

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Price Details and Release Date

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Price Details and Release Date We have been hearing plenty of rumors about the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 ever since the summer and now the handset is in mass production. The smartphone is expected to release into the markets as a prime example of Xiaomi's innovation. The company is now going to follow up with another iteration in form of the Mi Note 2. According to a Phoneradar report , the phone will come in two variants based o... [Full Article...]

Germany wants Tesla to stop using term 'autopilot'

Germany's transport ministry has asked Tesla to stop calling its semi-autonomous driving technology "Autopilot", according to recent reports . The Federal Motor Transport Authority in Germany have written to Tesla and asked them to stop using the "Autopilot" feature in their advertising. [Full Article...]

Netflix adds more subscribers than expected

The company added 3.20 million subscribers in its global markets, compared with the average analyst estimate of 2.01 million. Before Netflix shared its own estimates for the third quarter, analysts originally expected Netflix to add about 2.85 million worldwide subscribers and 774,000 more domestically. [Full Article...]

Samsung Offering Note 7 Exchanges, Refunds at Some US Airports

Samsung Offering Note 7 Exchanges, Refunds at Some US Airports As we mentioned earlier, numerous worldwide airlines have already posted official bans on the Note 7 on their flights. The decision came after reports of fires in replacement devices prompted a new round of warnings from regulators, phone carriers and airlines. [Full Article...]

Alitalia bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from flights

Earlier this week, Samsung announced it was stopping production of the Note 7 after some updated devices continued to overheat. Even if there is a single incident of a fire caused by the Note 7 , it can pose a high level of risk for the flight and the passengers, putting them all at risk. [Full Article...]

Gov't bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from airliners

The airline said in a statement Saturday that it imposed the ban based on the U.S. Department of Transportation's emergency order "to guarantee maximum security standards". - Passengers now traveling with Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones should contact Samsung or their wireless carrier immediately to obtain information about how to return their phones and arrange for a refund or a replacement phone. [Full Article...]

Key City pair eye Toffees' clash

Key City pair eye Toffees' clash He added: "I'd look up to him". "Sometimes it's a risky way to win titles". "Most of the other managers win titles but not with that way of football". "That's hard for defending against". But you have to know, we are all criticised - an Argentine in Argentina, a Brazilian in Brazil, a Spaniard in Spain, the players across the world and the managers across the world. [Full Article...]

Dynamic Stock on Most Traded List: Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC)

Other Hedge Funds, Including, Nisa Investment Advisors reduced its stake in SYMC by selling 99,623 shares or 40.05% in the most recent quarter. (NYSE:PM) latest quarter ended on 30 Jun 2016, company revealed earnings of $1.15 a share. This is the consensus number derived from the 15 analyst reports taken into consideration. It trades at an average volume of 9.31M shares versus 8.91M shares recor... [Full Article...]

The New Family Car: Honda Revamps Small SUV

The New Family Car: Honda Revamps Small SUV Honda is one of many automakers that are using turbochargers to maintain power while reducing the size of engines , which can help with fuel economy. The available 7-inch screen-based infotainment system comes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-equipped, and those frustrated by touchscreen-only control systems will rejoice at the return of a physical radio volume knob. [Full Article...]

Google Announces Android 7.1 Developer Preview

Android 7.1 delivers the productivity, security, and performance of Android 7.0, along with a variety of optimizations and bug fixes, features , and new APIs (API level 25). As expected, it includes support for Google's Daydream VR platform and faster A/B system updates , but Google is also highlighting a few new features in today's announcement. [Full Article...]

Toyota recalls 340000 Prius hybrid cars for faulty brakes

Toyota recalls 340000 Prius hybrid cars for faulty brakes If it does, and if a driver happens to exit the vehicle without first putting the Prius in park, the vehicle could roll away. Toyota has "received reports of crashes, injuries and deaths" and is "still looking into the reports", the Associated Press reported. [Full Article...]

Buhari nominates 2 judges for the supreme court

Trump's sex-talk video nearly immediately entered the debate, with co-moderator Anderson Cooper of CNN labeling as "sexual assault" the behavior described by the GOP nominee. There was some talk about Republican nominee Donald Trump's call for restricting Muslim immigration into the United States, a scheme Democrat Hillary Clinton rightly labeled offensive to American values. [Full Article...]

Here is why journalist Cyril Almeida has been banned from leaving Pakistan

New Delhi says the group which mounted the raid was based in Pakistan. The story also spoke about a verbal confrontation between Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharrif and ISI chief, Lt. The HRCP called upon the authorities to remove Almeida's name from the ECL and "refrain from harassing him and intimidating his employers". It said a recent high-level meeting of civilian and military leadership,... [Full Article...]

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