Mark your calendars, AMD is showing off Zen later this month

Mark your calendars, AMD is showing off Zen later this month One test showed Zen performing in-line with Intel's 8- and 10-core Xeon processors, while another benchmark indicated performance from an 8-core Zen CPU was roughly in line with Intel's 6-core Skylake processors. AMD's Zen microarchitecture is designed from the ground up for optimal balance of power and performance. AMD isn't launching its Summit Ridge desktop processors until sometime in the f... [Full Article...]

Hillary Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Over Donald Trump Now Exceeds 2.3 Million

From August (though it could be argued a lot earlier) until even this day, the mainstream media has become an enterprise created to make you believe things that are not true. One man - one vote so to speak goes out the window. Hypocrisy, thy name is Democrat. However, many Republican electors would support another Republican. [Full Article...]

Nancy Pelosi Wins Re-Election as House Democratic Leader

First of all, the fact that Donald Trump won the Presidential election and that Republicans managed to maintain control of the Senate in what seemed like it was going to be a hard year meant that the odds of Democrats making anything other than incremental gains in their membership in the House were essentially zero. [Full Article...]

Hackers gained access to 2000 computers connected to San Francisco's transportation system

A hacker who had hacked into the systems of Sa Franciso's Muni metro was himself hacked and forced to restore the locked system. While service was restored to MUNI on Sunday morning it's unclear whether the hackers will strike again. [Full Article...]

Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales up 9 percent

For the first 25 days of the November-December 2016 holiday season, $24.52 billion has been spent online, a 12 percent increase from last year's $21.96 billion. Shoppers looking for discounts spurred online sales on Black Friday to a new high. NFR suggested that the trend has continued for second consecutive year, with online shoppers totaling about 109 million against 99 million in-store shoppe... [Full Article...]

Google reveals what your neighbourhood looked like in 1984

Google reveals what your neighbourhood looked like in 1984 It offers users to view changes like the sprouting of Dubai's artificial Palm Island, the retreat of Alaska's Columbia Glacier and the urban growth in Las Vegas from 1984 to 2012. Google has now introduced an update for this timelapse, the largest one yet, by collaborating with TIME to provide us with time lapses of the world's the most scenic locations. [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 may feature selfie camera with auto

There are theories and speculations why the popular mobile device is now considered a fire hazard, the Korean electronics company is keeping their investigation under wraps. As a result, the S8 could land with two different-sized large-format displays - with 5.7-inch and 6.2-inch models, both with UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) - while keeping the same form factor as the Galaxy S7. [Full Article...]

Trump to fill more vacancies; recount distraction looms

Trump to fill more vacancies; recount distraction looms Most election experts see nearly no chance the election outcome could be reversed - Clinton trails in each state by several thousand votes. That's easier said than done; when I was looking at this earlier this month I couldn't find a way to contact Phillips. [Full Article...]

UK bill requiring firms to store internet histories becomes law

UK bill requiring firms to store internet histories becomes law In June 2013, using documents provided by Edward Snowden, The Guardian revealed that the GCHQ taps fibre-optic undersea cables in order to intercept emails, internet histories, calls, and a wealth of other data. The Home Office said some provisions in the new law "will require extensive testing and will not be in place for some time". "Under the new Investigatory Powers Bill, this has now been... [Full Article...]

Top German carmakers, Ford set up Europe recharging network

Top German carmakers, Ford set up Europe recharging network The European network will be based on so-called combined charging system technology, enhancing existing AC and DC charging standards and allowing for ultra-fast power levels of up to 350 kilowatt-hours. Diesel-powered vehicles accounted for 52 percent of new passenger cars sold in Europe previous year, although they are a small fragment of the US market. [Full Article...]

TalkTalk share price jumps on news BT and Openreach will be split

Ofcom is to force through the "legal separation" of BT and its Openreach division after BT failed to voluntarily address the regulator's concerns. Ofcom warned it could "return" to its threat of separating BT and Openreach entirely if legal separation didn't provide "sufficient benefits" for the wider telecoms industry. [Full Article...]

#GIVINGTUESDAY POLL: After spending and getting, a time to give

#GIVINGTUESDAY POLL: After spending and getting, a time to give Respond to unexpected or unwanted requests by explaining that you already have a giving plan. Donate to a charity There are so many wonderful charities out there doing great work and all of them need some help. Social media and email are great tools that you can use to start a conversation in your community about organizations that are doing great work and could benefit from additional suppo... [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy S7 And Galaxy S7 Edge Piano Black Version Image Leaks

Let's start with Samsung first. Customers can get an Apple Gift Cards worth $25 and $50 across a range of iPhones, including $25 card on SIM-free iPhones, $50 card on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. This year is a bit different than the last time the company offered savings in 2014, in that the company has excluded the latest iPhone and all the recently launched gadgets in the products it is off... [Full Article...]

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Hits Geekbench, Partial Specs Revealed

From everything that has been leaked or rumored about the Galaxy S8, the digital assistant has been the high point. Apple has Siri, Google has the Google Assistant and Microsoft has Cortana. Starting November 1, the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge will be available in selected markets around the globe. The Galaxy Note 7 debacle has put too much stressed not only for Samsung but also to its in-hous... [Full Article...]

Apple iPhone 8 might sport 3D camera, collaborating with LG claim reports

Apple iPhone 8 might sport 3D camera, collaborating with LG claim reports Widely expected to drop in September 2017, the iPhone 8 has been reported to pack everything from an innovative curved, all-glass design, to improved camera, sharper screen and more powerful processor tech. The report states that sources close to the situation said: 'Apple is now studying how to apply its 3D camera technology into LG Innotek's smartphone camera. [Full Article...]

Rogue One Tickets Go On Sale Monday

Rogue One Tickets Go On Sale Monday The trailer is the flawless "elevator pitch" for why Lucasfilm should be expanding into these standalone " Star Wars Story" films, and should do a lot toward educating the audience about what's coming. Jyn then tells the council that the Empire is building a weapon Death Star which is capable of destroying an entire planet. The directors for Rogue One didn't do fans many favors when they an... [Full Article...]

Clinton leads Trump by over two million in popular vote

Protests have been largely peaceful, though police have made arrests at some protests. In Seattle, protest and vigils have been held daily during the week following election night. Donald Trump is going to be our president. The Wall Street Journal's editorial page said last week that Trump's "best option is to liquidate his stake in the company". [Full Article...]

Chromecast discounted to $25 on the Google Play Store

Chromecast discounted to $25 on the Google Play Store Save USD 200 on the Pixel and Pixel XL when you switch to Verizon or add a line to an existing account, only November 24th to November 27th. Some of these products are Google Home, Chromecast, Pixel and even Pixel XL. The Pixels can be purchased directly from Google, or from Verizon, which is still the exclusive carrier for the Pixel phones in America. You also get to have Google Pixel or Pixe... [Full Article...]

Top Cyber Monday Deals On Apple Products

Electronics are the most bought products during Black Friday sales, as they come with huge discounts and wonderful offers. If you wish to purchase a high-end model of the device with a Core i7 processor, B&H Photo is providing discounts which can range from $100 to $200 depending on the particular configuration of the device. [Full Article...]

Lufthansa pilots strike for 4th day, 137 flights canceled

Lufthansa pilots strike for 4th day, 137 flights canceled The pilots' union has been on strike against Lufthansa since Wednesday, leading to almost 2,800 cancelled flights that have affected more than 350,000 passengers. Lufthansa had earlier said it would be forced to cancel a further 137 flights on Saturday, including 88 intercontinental flights, affecting some 30,000 travellers. [Full Article...]

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