Dream Not That Outrageous — Microsoft Surface Phone

On the other hand, Microsoft is also planning on inventing a new rechargeable pen and docking system. There hasn't been much excitement about Microsoft's Lumia 950/950XL line of phones and Microsoft has recently released its Lumia 650 for the Indian market. [Full Article...]

Camera button on lock screen coming in Windows 10 Mobile Redstone (screenshot)

The toggle is accessed by holding the Camera button on the navigation bar whilst on the lock screen for around a second, before vibrating and opening the Camera app. Although this feature provides access to camera features, it doesn't compromise the phone's security because it doesn't allow users to browse the gallery or access any other app on the device. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Gives Early Look at Windows 10 'Anniversary Update'

It doesn't work out of the box. In this build Microsoft introduced a new application Skype UWP Preview app. The Skype UWP Preview app includes a lot of the basic Skype functionality. Windows 10 users will be able to run the Linux Command line "Bash" natively through Ubuntu on Windows, something heavily touted during the keynote. [Full Article...]

Microsoft launches new security service to protect cloud-based apps

Microsoft launches new security service to protect cloud-based apps More and more cloud-based apps are being used by businesses, such as Dropbox, Box and Microsoft-created services like OneDrive and Office 365. Industry trends indicate most modern companies use cloud-based apps. To realize the full benefit of cloud applications, IT teams must find the right balance of enabling access while maintaining control to protect critical data. [Full Article...]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings a redesigned Start Menu

To use bash on Windows 10, you need to first enable Developer Mode in the Settings . Only then will you be able to harness the power of Bash . It was only a few days ago when we was discussing Microsoft's lack of commitment with their phones, as there was nothing new for Windows Phone or Mobile 10 users. [Full Article...]

These Seattle Mariners Could Be On To Something

Shortstop Zack Cozart went 3-for-3 with two doubles and an RBI to become the first Reds player with three hits on Opening Day since Barry Larkin in 2001. Texas starter Colby Lewis was down 3-0 after giving up a two-run homer to Cano in the first and a solo shot to Martin in the second. After taking a throw from Evan Longoria for the force at second, Forsythe made an errant relay to first that a... [Full Article...]

Microsoft just announced some MAJOR changes coming to Windows 10

Microsoft just announced some MAJOR changes coming to Windows 10 The official release is nearly 3 months far so we can expect the feature to pop up in some future builds for insiders. The company started with Desktop App Converter, an app that allows developers to transform their Win32 and.Net apps (also known as legacy apps) into their Universal Windows Platform counterparts. [Full Article...]

Microsoft Shows New Start Menu for Anniversary Update

Microsoft Shows New Start Menu for Anniversary Update It should be noted that developers will have to enable the dismiss feature in their apps. Windows phone fans who wish to use Continuum for phones to run desktop applications today can do so via a remote desktop app. Instead, Microsoft is trying to position itself as a company that provides tools across platforms, Moorhead said. Microsoft's announcement last week now sees Xamarin - whol... [Full Article...]

Tesla Model 3 Specs: What You Need to Know

But Tesla and Panasonic are building a massive, $5 billion factory in Nevada which will supply batteries for the Model 3. "And it is the most important vehicle the company will ever build". According to the company, more than 130,000 people have ordered the auto. Also, the company announced to increase number of Tesla stores across the globe with present numbers to 441. [Full Article...]

At Build, Microsoft wooed mobile developers in a new way

At Build, Microsoft wooed mobile developers in a new way With Microsoft managing to sell just over 5.8 million Windows phones compared to nearly 300 million Android smartphones and over 46 million iPhones in the third quarter of 2015, it seems Microsoft has temporarily given up any intention of investing heavily on Windows 10 phones until next year. [Full Article...]

Microsoft outlines intelligence vision and announces new innovations for Windows 10

Deeper integration for Cortana in the Calendar app has also been made possible, and in the case of a user scheduling a new event, Cortana would be able to move previous events to make room for the new one. This update will also improve your sticky notes. Microsoft will soon come good on its promise to allow developers to turn their retail Xbox Ones into dev kits, by activating an app called De... [Full Article...]

Microsoft Build 2016 Rumors: These Are The Things We're Waiting

Spencer added that he expects more apps than games to pop up on the console as a result of the changes, stating that the ID@Xbox program adequately takes care of independent developers. A few days ago, Microsoft revealed that the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update would support notification mirroring for Android devices. In a Sway post by Microsoft's Peter Skillman, Brian Uphoff, Eric Pa... [Full Article...]

Tesla Model 3 reservations top total 2015 plug-in vehicle sales

LG Display will supply information displays for Tesla Motors' new Model 3 sedans, a person with direct knowledge of the matter said, grabbing a key contract for center consoles from another supplier. On the day of its launch, the Model 3 attracted 134,000 reservations, with each potential buyer depositing $1,000 in order to get a stab at the affordably-priced electric sedan. [Full Article...]

Microsoft announce support for notification syncing from Android on Windows 10

The Build will serve as a significant platform for attracting developers to the latest Windows software and any updates planned. Nadella spent a lot of time discussing Cortana in his three-hour speech, while Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group, announced the Windows 10 Anniversary Update . [Full Article...]

Microsoft (finally) turns every Xbox One into a dev kit today

Amidst the plethora of announcements made on day one of Build 2016, Microsoft made a rather interesting one for Universal Windows Platform. The update is slated to be rolled out in the summer of 2016 and will provide new features to nearly all of Microsoft's products and services. [Full Article...]

Microsoft announces new innovations for Windows 10

The company explained at a Build 2016 session that it would create a new notification center in the cloud that would be responsible for receiving notifications from Android devices and then pushing them to Windows 10 PCs . A journalist from Verge has shared a picture on twitter saying respond to Android notifications from Windows 10 Action Center itself. "Yes, the real Bash is coming to Win... [Full Article...]

Microsoft Announces New Extensions for its Edge Browser

Microsoft Announces New Extensions for its Edge Browser For now, you may have to download the extension but Microsoft wants to eliminate the need for it and develop an in-built AdBlock feature . The next versions of Windows 10 this only available and this will enable people to get the updates to Microsoft Edge browser very soon. [Full Article...]

Google's 2016 April Fool's Gmail Joke Is Getting People Fired

Google's 2016 April Fool's Gmail Joke Is Getting People Fired But 1 April, 2016 didn't turn out to be the ideal "April Fool Day" for Google as one of its pranks got backfired. Unfortunately, they decided that it would be great if the e-mails of whoever you just mic dropped stop appearing in your inbox with the regular notifications. [Full Article...]

Microsoft bringing Android notifications to Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft bringing Android notifications to Windows 10 PCs Cortana was first made available in India in November past year when the technology giant had rolled out its first major update to the Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft only stated that this feature will be available in a "future version" of Windows 10, but it seems likely that it will be part of the OS's Anniversary Update. [Full Article...]

Windows 10 Mobile Cumulative Update 10586.212 Could Be the Next Release

Windows 10 Mobile Cumulative Update 10586.212 Could Be the Next Release New builds as part of the Redstone branch are also expected next week under Microsoft's new faster release cadence. Microsoft continues work on Windows 10 Mobile despite the fact that Windows Phone no longer seems to be a priority for the company this year, and now a new cumulative update is being tested internally. [Full Article...]

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