Police arrest black reporters on live TV during Black Lives Matter protest

Police arrest black reporters on live TV during Black Lives Matter protest The event began around 9:45 p.m. and demonstrators were there protesting against police brutality in the aftermath of two police-involved shootings of African American men this week and the mass shooting at a march in Dallas that killed five officers. [Full Article...]

Dallas Police Ambush Shooter Was Accused of Sexual Harassment in Military

Dallas Police Ambush Shooter Was Accused of Sexual Harassment in Military ABC Dallas affiliate WFAA.TV reported witnessing SWAT team members swarming a parking garage near Dallas police headquarters with their weapons drawn, but said it was not clear what the team was responding to. "We are horrified over these events", he said, "and we stand united with the people and the Police Department in Dallas ". Johnson was killed in a confrontation with police. [Full Article...]

Clinton, Trump cancel events after attack

Texas' Senior Senator John Cornyn said it was a "good exchange" but some were candid about some of the reasons for concern in terms of Trump's tone and style. The Trump campaign confirmed that they were down to the last $1.3 million. Asked about them later, Kirk told The Associated Press: "I've run for election six times in IL". [Full Article...]

Ohio official: "nervous as hell" over RNC in Cleveland

I'm nervous as hell. Multiple local and national organizations have complained that Cleveland city and police officials provided unclear guidance on how organizations could apply for demonstration and parade permits. John Kasich. The American Civil Liberties Union of OH also sued the city on behalf of several organizations upset by a short and restrictive protest route that would have kept marcher... [Full Article...]

Gingrich: White Americans don't understand being black in America

Gingrich: White Americans don't understand being black in America Gingrich said that the USA had "come a fair distance" with regard to civil rights, but that he believed it had "stalled out on the cultural, economic, practical progress we needed". "The fact is that there are communities in America that are telling us they fear interacting with local law enforcement". Black and white Americans "should start talking to each other instead of getting in their re... [Full Article...]

VW Settlement Brings $2 Billion To California

Volkswagen will fix or buy back every one of its polluting vehicles on US roads under a $14.7-billion United States deal the automaker has reached to settle lawsuits stemming from its emissions-cheating scandal. The scandal emerged last September when USA regulators revealed Volkswagen had fitted many cars with software to fool emissions tests and had put dirty vehicles on the road. [Full Article...]

Kim Kardashian on Black Lives Matter

Kim Kardashian on Black Lives Matter Castile's death came after the November death of Jamar Clark, a 24-year-old black man shot by a white Minneapolis police officer. Authorities said that Johnson, who was black, told officers he was upset about recent shootings and wanted to kill whites, "especially white officers". [Full Article...]

Gardner joins in efforts to strip Hillary Clinton of security clearances

Asked if she agreed that she was "extremely careless", Clinton declined to respond directly, repeatedly saying Comey had "clarified" his remarks in interviews with MSNBC and CNN . The issue began a year ago, when it came out that Clinton had used a private email address and server to send and store official emails while she was secretary of State. [Full Article...]

Family of slain Louisiana man Alton Sterling denounces Dallas police deaths

Family of slain Louisiana man Alton Sterling denounces Dallas police deaths Cellphone video of his shooting was posted online, setting off angry protests, and the Justice Department swiftly agreed to open a civil rights investigation . The governor said the shooting should bring a new focus on law enforcement training, reports Elizabeth Crisp of The Advocate . How many more must we lose? Police were even said to have confirmed that the gun was still in Sterling's pocket... [Full Article...]

Trump Invokes 'Frozen' Movie in Defense of So-Called 'Star of David' Tweet

Gingrich, who ran in for president in 2012, spoke before Trump , hammering the Justice Department's decision to not charge Clinton over her use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state. Trump is campaigning in OH ahead of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week. "Now we need to show how we can respond to a challenge like this", he said , before directly as... [Full Article...]

Dallas sniper was loner; Army sent him home from Afghanistan

The other attacks on police included a Georgia man who authorities said called 911 to report a break-in, then ambushed the officer who came to investigate. Michael Smith, 55 , a former Army Ranger, joined the Dallas police in 1989. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said federal agencies were cooperating in the investigation. [Full Article...]

One arrest after protest over black driver's shooting by police in Minnesota

Cellphone video of his shooting was posted online and set off angry protests in Baton Rouge and beyond. On Thursday, authorities identified Jeronimo Yanez as the police officer who had pulled over Reynolds and Castile for a traffic stop, ultimately firing the fatal shots that killed Castile, too. [Full Article...]

Beyonce releases statement on police shootings of black people: 'Stop killing us'

One was surrounded before killing himself, according to police. At least six others were left injured, and three people were taken into custody. Republican state Rep. The mother of Alton Sterling's eldest son, Cameron, blasted the shooting of police officers in Dallas during protests against the officer-involved shootings of Sterling and Philando Castile, calling it "reprehensible", The Advoc... [Full Article...]

Dallas shooting: Iraq veteran, newlywed among those slain in sniper attack

Military experts have said one of the attackers appeared "tactically professional" and "focused" in videos taken of the ambush . The black man, a resident of the Dallas suburb of Mesquite, had no prior criminal record and was described to police as a "loner". [Full Article...]

Kim Kardashian takes to her website for Black Lives Matter statement

Kim Kardashian takes to her website for Black Lives Matter statement The juvenile cut his chin. Awkward Black Girl writer/actress Rae tweeted about wanting to start a scholarship fund for Sterling's surviving children, explaining, "Some of us feel helpless when these things happen, but that's a small step". [Full Article...]

Amid Dallas violence, several other police officers shot around the country

The officer was in surgery, but is expected to recover. He was hit twice in his protective vest and once beneath the vest in his abdomen. The St Louis Post-Dispatch reports the male officer had stopped a vehicle for speeding on northbound New Ballwin Road and as the officer went back to his auto, the driver got out, "advanced quickly" and fired three shots at the officer. [Full Article...]

Girlfriend of black Minneapolis man killed by cops wants independent investigation

Funds are pouring in for two campaigns set up in memory of Castile, whose death was captured on a Facebook Live video shot by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds. I want to remember him the way I last saw him leaving my home earlier that evening. Police officers mercilessly tackled Sterling to the ground, restrained and shot him at point-blank range. [Full Article...]

Observer writer urges owner - and Trump son-in-law - to condemn anti-Semitism

The same graphic was later deleted and retweeted with the star of David changed into a circle but the white nationalist hashtag #AmericaFirst added, as if that made it any better. Kushner's relatives aren't happy that he publicized his family's survival struggles. Right now, this hate is directed to one of your employees, but the message applies equally to your wife and daughter. [Full Article...]

Newt Gingrich says whites 'don't understand being black in America'

Newt Gingrich says whites 'don't understand being black in America' Speaking frankly on Facebook Live, Gingrich, who is a contender for the Republican vice presidential nomination, reacted to the multiple racially-charged shootings that took place this week in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Falcon Heights, Minnesota; and Dallas. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Banter 'Frozen' Style

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Banter 'Frozen' Style Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, converted to Judaism to marry Kushner in 2009. And he gave a speech at [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee] that was pretty definitive. "He appreciates my unique, religiously demanding lifestyle, and he makes sure I feel it and am proud of it. I base this not on Twitter shapes or tongue-in-cheek comments, but on real-life experiences that have i... [Full Article...]

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