Brad Keselowski good to the last drop at Kentucky Speedway

Add in some rain that set the field by owner points and potential tire issues that arose during the XFINITY Series race, and Saturday night's Quaker State 400 could be full of surprises. That's on this is night and I'm gonna forget. "I feel like I did the same thing guys do every week", Truex said. "But there's nothing you can about it, and freaking out ain't going to help anything". [Full Article...]

Petition to Classify #Black Lives Matter as Terrorists Gets Over 100000

The protest began at Library Mall, where protesters then made their way up State Street to the Capitol and ended their march at the Dane County Public Safety Building. Coleman said the crowd wanted justice for all of the people who have been wrongfully killed, including Robinson. It was the first protest for the 23-year-old Tampa resident. [Full Article...]

IL lawmakers pressing toward budget deal

IL lawmakers pressing toward budget deal Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner signed legislation Thursday evening to keep state government operating for six months and schools open for another year. In the final hours, Democrats and Republicans passed a compromise to keep schools open for the year and the state running through December. [Full Article...]

Dallas shooter planned other attacks, police say

The attack came at the end of a rally to protest police shootings - prompted by the deaths of Philando Castile, 32, near St. Paul, Minnesota , on Wednesday, and Alton Sterling , 37, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana , on Tuesday. "The Dallas Police Department received an anonymous threat against law enforcement across the city and has taken precautionary measures" to heighten security, Dallas p... [Full Article...]

Bailiffs Shot To Death At A Southwestern Michigan Courthouse

Bailiffs Shot To Death At A Southwestern Michigan Courthouse The department of corrections operates a probation office in the courthouse. Chris Gautz, public information officer for the Michigan Department of Corrections, tweeted that all Department of Corrections staff were safe and accounted for. [Full Article...]

Yale Worker Destroys Stained-Glass Window Depicting Slaves

Yale Worker Destroys Stained-Glass Window Depicting Slaves The New Haven Independent reports the African American worker said he was exhausted of looking at the racist image. If convicted of the charge, Menafee could face one to five years in prison and fines up to $5,000. Calhoun, a onetime US vice president and defender of states' rights, which included slavery, would be removed from the college common room. She went on to say that the university "wi... [Full Article...]

Scrutiny falls on police handling of Baton Rouge protesters

Scrutiny falls on police handling of Baton Rouge protesters Lael Montgomery of Baton Rouge was at the convenience store where Sterling was shot. But with tensions rising since last week's killings of Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Minnesota by white officers, and an attack on police by a black sniper in Dallas that killed five officers, many have questioned whether the police response has been appropriate. [Full Article...]

Facebook Shows Support For Black Lives Matter Hours After Dallas Shootings

She said none of that is Black Lives Matter . "Today is a wrenching reminder of the sacrifices that they make for us", Obama said. Hundreds of protesters lined up in the shape of a peace sign in the Los Angeles suburb of Inglewood on Sunday night, protesting the recent deaths of African-American men in Louisiana, Minnesota and NY at the hands of police officers. [Full Article...]

Trump's focuses on changes in programs for military veterans

The $10-billion emergency program was passed by a bipartisan group in Congress following the VA's 2014 wait-time scandal, which started with reports that 40 veterans in Phoenix died waiting for care and quickly ballooned into a scandal over long, hidden waits at hospitals and clinics across the country. [Full Article...]

Officials Say Dallas Shooter Had Bigger Plans

Officials Say Dallas Shooter Had Bigger Plans Releasing chilling new details of the attack by Micah Johnson, police chief David Brown said Johnson taunted police as he negotiated with them during an hours long standoff - "playing games, laughing at us, singing" - asking how many cops he had killed and saying he wanted to take out more. [Full Article...]

Inmate shoots 2 bailiffs dead at MI courthouse after fight, officials say

Joseph grabbed a deputy's gun and opened fire, MI officials say. The bailiffs killed have been identified as Joe Zangaro and Ron Kienzle. The gunman was an inmate, Michigan Live reported Monday , who was himself was shot and killed by return fire from security officers at the courthouse. [Full Article...]

Authorities Idenfity Inmate Who Killed 2 Bailiffs in Courthouse

No names have been released. The courthouse will be closed on Tuesday while the crime scene is processed. During that fight, the inmate, identified by the sheriff as Larry Darnell Gordon, 44, was able to take the deputy's gun which he used to shoot and injure the officer before shooting and killing two bailiffs a short distance away. [Full Article...]

Vinemont men facing arson charges in Colorado wildfire

Jimmy Andrew Suggs, 28, and Zackary Ryan Kuykendall, 26, both of Vinemont, Alabama, have been charged with 4th Degree Arson, a class four felony. The two men, along with a female friend, were camping on private property and had established a campfire overnight Thursday into Friday morning, according to the statement. [Full Article...]

Mississauga, Ont. House Explosion Leaves 1 Dead, Multiple Injured

Mississauga, Ont. House Explosion Leaves 1 Dead, Multiple Injured Police are evacuating homes in an area on Mississauga, Ont., as they investigate reports of a house explosion. The couple found "tonnes" of paperwork, CDs, bills and other household items all over the neighbourhood, she said. The National Post has no knowledge of the letters' authorship, and obtained images of them from a man who lives near the exploded home and requested to remain anonymous. [Full Article...]

'The BFG' Stumbles at Box Office as 'Finding Dory' Continues to Rule

For a movie sequel that took only $10 million to produce, the movie is doing well, and it is even expected to finish the weekend with $33 million and a total of $37 million by Fourth of July holiday. And where did she learn to speak Whale? " Dory ", voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, follows a forgetful fish on a quest to find her parents, much as she did as a supporting character in the 2003 animated h... [Full Article...]

Firefighters battle Boulder County fire despite losing home

Firefighters battle Boulder County fire despite losing home Forest Service said on its website. The two men are both from Vinemont and have been charged with fourth degree arson. "The men did not ensure that the fire was properly extinguished by dousing it with water, or making sure the ashes were cool to the touch before leaving the site", an official with the Boulder County Sheriff's Office told ABC affiliate KMGH . [Full Article...]

Black Lives Matter protesters march through Manhattan

More than 100 people started at Downtown Crossing and marched to Dudley Station in the name of Black Lives Matter. Some were Marines who said they could not be interviewed . "You can stand with police as well as stand with people of a certain color, in this case black lives, and you need to make sure that's known", protester Savannah Roberts said. [Full Article...]

Man's home mistakenly set as Pokémon GO gym

As of the 8th, it was on track to have more daily active users than Twitter. As Google's official support document says , when an app has " full access", it can "see and modify almost all information in your Google Account". "Yeah, I might go get a water pokemon ". The game is available for both iOS and Android based devices . Pokemon Go lets you battle for Gyms, collect Poke Bal... [Full Article...]

How Pokemon Go can get you robbed, injured and more

The app is now free, with revenues generated by microtransactions (30 per cent of which will go to Niantic, the Google spin-off that helped make the game). The mobile game is a geo-cached mobile application where players can find and catch Pokemon in their area or the surrounding areas. Having said that here is our guide on How to install the Game on Android and iOS if you are a resident of ... [Full Article...]

Anonymous threat sends nervy Dallas police headquarters into lockdown

Before being killed, Johnson had killed five officers and wounded nine. The nightmare scenes in Texas, where a peaceful protest turned to horror, left many fearing a new, dark chapter in America's troubled race relations. "She said she wanted him to seek mental help for behavioral health", the lawyer said. "Sometimes it's hard for whites to appreciate how real that is". [Full Article...]

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