Funerals today for 3 of 5 slain Dallas police officers

Funerals today for 3 of 5 slain Dallas police officers Cpl. Lorne Ahrens, 48, and DART Officer Brent Thompson, 43, and will be honored with memorial services Wednesday morning. Michael Smith, and Lorne Ahrens were laid to rest nearly a week after their deaths in downtown Dallas . "I feel that people in general, no matter what the race is, should come together as one united family", Cameron Sterling told reporters in the parking lot of the Triple S ... [Full Article...]

Two Campers from Alabama Arrested for Starting Cold Springs Fire

Two Campers from Alabama Arrested for Starting Cold Springs Fire The Boulder County Sheriff's Office says there are 30 more homes in the path of the fire. Evacuation centers are now set up at Nederland High School (located about four miles east of Eldora) and the East Boulder Recreation Center. Fire authorities are warning that shifting high winds and high temperatures could put homes in danger. Still evacuated residents who live within the burn 528-acr... [Full Article...]

US State Department Issues 'Ordered Departure' for Embassy in South Sudan

The BBC's South Sudan analyst, James Copnall, says the latest clashes have traumatised Juba and shredded a peace deal between Mr Kiir and Mr Machar, agreed last August. In this photo taken Sunday, July 10, 2016, black smoke is seen rising above the capital Juba , in South Sudan. Kiir's announcement came after his forces overran an opposition base in Juba and killed 35 of Machar's bodyguar... [Full Article...]

CA Democratic Party Chairman Issues Statement On Sanders' Endorsement Of Clintion

To mark the occasion, the Clinton campaign sponsored a Snapchat geofilter - a location-based overlay for photos and videos - for those attending the rally in New Hampshire. A day earlier in an interview to Vox, Clinton said she expressed concern over IT workers being displaced and being asked to train people. But Sandoval said it really should not be a mystery - Sanders is the anti-establish... [Full Article...]

Obama at Dallas Memorial: Slain Officers Were 'Upholding Constitutional Rights' of Protesters

The image of President George W. Bush, who also attended the memorial service, gathering with first responders in the rubble of the World Trade Center also sent a powerful message. In a show of unity on Tuesday, Obama traveled to Texas with Republican Sens. He described the attack as deeply personal. The White House said president worked late into the night writing his speech and consultin... [Full Article...]

Hosmer wins All-Star MVP, but Salvy deserves more hardware

The 2-for-3, two-RBI performance at the plate garnered Hosmer the MVP award. "I don't like to make excuses but as you know you get up feeling well some days and some days you don't", he said through an interpreter. The last National League victory was posted in 2012 in Kansas City by a manager who wasn't even managing any more, the Cardinals' Tony La Russa. That's one way of keeping your team he... [Full Article...]

Solar impulse 2 lands in Egypt before final journey

Solar Impulse 2 made it to Hawaii in July and stayed to fix some battery damage sustained during the trip from Japan. The Solar Impulse 2 stopped in Tulsa in May as it crossed the United States. Nighttime flight relies on stored energy. The 58-year-old had flown the plane across the Atlantic in a 6,765 kilometre (4,200 mile) journey. "It's to show what we can do with clean technologies". [Full Article...]

Bush: 'These slain officers were the best among us'

Bush: 'These slain officers were the best among us' I'm here to insist that we are not as divided as we seem, and I know that because I know America. Several area police departments have come to Dallas to help DPD manage the security detail for the president. But Obama also implored people to understand where peaceful protesters, saying that "we can not simply turn away and dismiss those in peaceful protests as troublemakers or paranoid". [Full Article...]

US House reignites gun-control debate with planned vote

The House will move next week on an anti-terrorism package that will have a provision to stop terrorists from buying guns, a source who participated in a House GOP Conference call on Thursday morning tells NBC News. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, had a measure that would have required a hearing before a judge before stopping a gun sale. John Cornyn, R-Texas, which Senate Democrats rejected as ina... [Full Article...]

Alabama campers arrested in connection with fire

A Monday morning statement from the Boulder Office of Emergency Management noted that firefighters battling the wildfire are expecting "erratic, gusty winds up to 35 miles per hour" combined with low relative humidity. The 3.6-square-mile fire has been burning on a ridge above the town of Pine Valley. Over 200 firefighters, aided by a dozen aircraft have been battling to establish a perimeter ar... [Full Article...]

North Korea makes more threats, these over US missile system

North Korea makes more threats, these over US missile system North Korea said the USA was notified Sunday of the closure of what is known as the NY channel, a route for diplomats from the two countries to communicate at the United Nations. The comments are the first from North Korea regarding the new missile defense system, reports CNN . But the USA and South Korea argue it is necessary in the wake of intensifying threats from the North which, althoug... [Full Article...]

Giants? Cueto gets nod for NL

Giants? Cueto gets nod for NL Yost said Corey Kluber , Cole Hamels , Aaron Sanchez and Jose Quintana will follow Sale to the mound in a game that determines home-field advantage for the World Series . "All lives matter to the great", and one held up a sign reading "All Lives Matter". The decision was made because four consecutive All-Star Games are scheduled to be played in NL parks - Cincinnati last year, Miami next year a... [Full Article...]

Speculation Grows on Trump VP Pick

Speculation Grows on Trump VP Pick The same source says that the Governor is expected to join Donald Trump in a rally and a fundraiser near Indianapolis this Tuesday, this being a clear hint that the Republican VP spot will be filled soon. Pence would provide reassurance to social conservatives, even though some conservative leaders have not forgiven him for his reversal on that religious freedom law. [Full Article...]

Pawn shop burglary linked to 'threat' against Baton Rouge police: chief

Sterling was shot and killed la. Joel Porter, one of the attorneys representing Muflahi, said officers never provided his client with a copy of the search warrant for the surveillance video. Police have arrested 200 demonstrators over a three-day period and taken to the streets in riot gear, carrying rifles and driving armored vehicles. Gautreaux said law enforcement was there during the pro... [Full Article...]

The Problem With Mike Pence For Veep

The Problem With Mike Pence For Veep Mike Pence, left, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. A number of political observers and national Republican strategists say they see Pence as the most likely choice. "The plan will ensure our veterans get the care they need whenever and wherever they need it", he said then. "Since he got in the House of Representatives, the one thing Pence ran for that he was not assu... [Full Article...]

At last, Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton

All of them have been waiting to hear Tuesday's decision as Sanders officially puts his support behind Clinton with an endorsement. Its location is reminiscent of 2008, when then-Senator Clinton (D-New York) conceded the Democratic nomination to Senator Barack Obama (D-Illinois) at a rally in Unity, New Hampshire. [Full Article...]

No, Pokemon GO isn't hacking your Google account

No, Pokemon GO isn't hacking your Google account Pokemon Go is largely built on Niantic's previous title Ingress , which made significant use of real-world location data , but nothing either game does would justify or require total access to one's Google account. The game is also a subject to security concerns for many Google users. But they emphasized that they only basic information of the user is accessed by the app and an update fi... [Full Article...]

GTA Online is getting insane new stunt races starting today

GTA Online is getting insane new stunt races starting today Good ol' human ingenuity has led to all kinds of outlandish stunts being played out across GTA Online, and now developer Rockstar is helping things along by introducing a new set of features designed with stunts in mind. Speed boosts and bonuses for players can also be added on the track. With tons of stunts on the GTA Online: Cunning Stunts pack, the update will not be complete without cars rea... [Full Article...]

Sanders finally set to endorse Clinton

The unity will also attempt to stymie Trump's attempts to appeal to Sanders supporters by claiming he better represents those angry at the political establishment than Clinton does. "And we will require everybody Democrats, Republicans, Independents whoever to disclose all of their donors, and while we're at it, we're going to creating a small donor matching system to make it easy for more America... [Full Article...]

Search warrant: Officers saw 'butt of a gun' before man shot

Search warrant: Officers saw 'butt of a gun' before man shot Clark Activity Center. "They are literally just provoking people", McKesson says in the video in which he repeatedly complains about how police had been provoking protesters. The cops come prepared to arrest people who are protesting . Officials said both officers had on body cameras but they fell off during the struggle and do not show the shooting. [Full Article...]

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