Bipartisan backlash for Trump after questioning Khan family

Bipartisan backlash for Trump after questioning Khan family Boos rang out through the convention hall in Philadelphia, and establishment Democrats tore their hair out at the prospect that their carefully laid plans might be blown to shreds. You have never seen a potential first lady like this. "I don't like wearing a tie that much", he said of the bus tour through states that have become less friendly to Democrats. [Full Article...]

Captured Alabama burglar dies after being tied to a tree

Captured Alabama burglar dies after being tied to a tree Johnson parked his vehicle at a neighbour's place on Friday night, went back to his home and waited. That night, Cleveland allegedly broke the lock on Nathanial's home, and then Nathanial tackled the man to the ground, tying Cleveland's hands behind his back. [Full Article...]

Boy dies after being named honorary Marine in California

Boy dies after being named honorary Marine in California Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, on behalf of the Commandant of the Marine Corps, presented the title of Honorary Marine to Wyatt Seth Gillette in a ceremony at the School of Infantry-West Parade Deck, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., Saturday July 30, 2016 , at 9 a.m. [Full Article...]

Surveys: Clinton Regains Edge over Trump after Democratic Convention

Surveys: Clinton Regains Edge over Trump after Democratic Convention After reports of Trump's criticism of the mourning parents' stage appearance at the Democratic convention, they offered news outlets blistering rebukes of Trump's "fear-mongering" and lack of respect for their son's sacrifice. Trump maintains his advantage among whites without a college degree, while Clinton has an edge among whites with a degree. The latest CNN/ORC poll published after the big ... [Full Article...]

Hillary Clinton Makes History, Accepts Democratic Nomination For President

Sure enough, Trump took the bait, shooting off half-dozen tweets during her speech. She invoked Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to say he 'came up with the flawless rebuke to Trump more than 80 years ago, during a much more perilous time: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself". [Full Article...]

Bill Clinton: Hillary Clinton Is the Real Deal 'Change-Maker'

At the Democratic National Convention, Muslim leaders urged the community to vote, insisting that it's a powerful mechanism to challenge and even combat the rise of hate speech and Islamophobia right now in America. "Both the attorney general and my husband have said they wouldn't do it again, even though it was from all accounts that I have heard and seen, an exchange of pleasantries". [Full Article...]

Chelsea Clinton will testify to her mother's credentials Thursday night

Chelsea painted a picture of her mother that may have been the softest, and most appealing, of the entire convention. "As she's been exposed to the foundation and to what her father's doing with his post-presidential life", top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin told Vogue in 2012, "I think a light switched on: This is the legacy I'm going to inherit". [Full Article...]

Trump wants to 'hit' Democrats for disparaging him

Trump wants to 'hit' Democrats for disparaging him I don't like what they're saying because a lot of it is lies. I was all set. But he tells a crowd in Iowa that one certain speaker - Trump describes him as "a little guy" who he used to work with - particularly bothered him. Some speculated that Trump had been referencing former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg as the "little guy", who blasted the billionaire as a failed businessman on Wednesday. [Full Article...]

State Says Two More Zika Cases Might Not Be Travel-Related

According to NBC News, a CDC spokesman said "evidence is mounting to suggest local transmission via mosquitoes" in southern Florida , saying that the latest cases are patterns similar seen to mosquito-borne outbreaks like Chikungunya. That changed this month, when health officials in Florida began investigating a possible non-travel-related case in Miami-Dade County. One Blood, which supp... [Full Article...]

Brazil police in Rio state arrest man for suspected IS support

For eight-time champions India, the loss against Spain couldn't have come at the right time as they give final touches to their preparation before flying directly to Rio from here in search of an Olympic medal that eluded the country for 36 years. [Full Article...]

"America is already great" Obama backs Clinton, barbs Trump

Mrs Clinton's top advisers told the New York Times she would highlight the moment of reckoning that they said the country faces - the path of division laid out by Republicans or a way forward, "stronger together". John Kasich, who skipped the convention in Cleveland, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf - "the governor of a must-win state" - will speak at the convention. [Full Article...]

Obama endorses Hillary as leader with real plans

Obama endorses Hillary as leader with real plans The poor view of the second-time candidate came just weeks after Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey found that, while her use of a personal email as secretary of state was not so egregious as to merit a criminal prosecution, her handling of classified information was "extremely careless" and "negligent". [Full Article...]

National Basketball Association head: Nixing Charlotte All-Star Game a business decision

National Basketball Association head: Nixing Charlotte All-Star Game a business decision This after trying for months to work with McCrory and his bathroom goon squad to come up with a reasonable solution that would keep the All-Star Game in Charlotte. (CNN) As a husband, father and artist living and working in the state of North Carolina, I am caught in a storm between my city and my state. The task force would include members from the business, faith and LGBT communities, he said. [Full Article...]

Black Liberation Marchers Chant 'Don't Vote for Hillary, She's Killing Black People'

White activists outnumbered black ones in the Black Lives Matter demonstration. The " Mothers of the Movement " contingent campaigned across the country during the primaries for Clinton, serving as a high-profile group of black surrogates. [Full Article...]

Thompson sees Trump as victor, Cruz as loser at convention

The GOP nominee's family, including son-in-law Jared Kushner, had a heavy hand in drafting the speech, and Trump held his first run-through on Sunday. Cruz's speech was another stumble at a convention marked by several missteps, including a speech by Trump's wife, Melania, that included lines similar to those in a 2008 Democratic convention speech by President Barack Obama's wife, Michelle. [Full Article...]

Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile Called Bernie "Stupid" in WikiLeak Email

Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile Called Bernie Her abrupt departure comes after the leak of emails that suggest Democratic officials favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the party's nominating process. Many expressed dismay that Clinton has given Wasserman Schultz the position of honorary chair of her campaign's "50-state program". Her decision came after leaked e-mails from the DNC appeared to show workers there favoring Clint... [Full Article...]

Clinton Takes Back Lead In Florida

Clinton Takes Back Lead In Florida A swing state is a U.S. state where the two major political parties have similar levels of support among voters, important in deciding the final result of a presidential election. Trump supporters had negative views of the impact of globalization and global trade on the USA, and are more likely to be against illegal immigrants being given a bath to citizenship. [Full Article...]

Sen. Kaine asks if you "believe in Donald Trump?"

Given the danger that a cyberattack poses to the government and civilian sectors such as the financial system and the power grid, Kean said the nation also has not taken the threat seriously. Most people, when they run for President, they don't just say " believe me ". "Every race has been as close as can be, but I never lost one and we're not going to lose this one". [Full Article...]

Thousands Gather to Mourn Three Slain Dallas Police Officers at Funeral Services

Thousands Gather to Mourn Three Slain Dallas Police Officers at Funeral Services Services for the other two officers killed will be held on Friday 15 July and Saturday 16 July. Thousands from across the country, including Officers from the Coastal Bend, turned out in Dallas where funerals were held for three of five Dallas Police officers killed in the line of duty. [Full Article...]

Local Community Honors Fallen Dallas Officers Thursday

The officers slain in Dallas last week were patrolling a demonstration decrying the killings by police of Alton Sterling, 37, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Philando Castile, 32, outside St. The memorials come a day after President Barack Obama traveled to Dallas - at the invitation of Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings - to comfort mourners at a joint, interfaith memorial service and to challenge... [Full Article...]

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