Mike Pence to Release Tax Returns Next Week

Mike Pence to Release Tax Returns Next Week Trump's refusal to release his tax returns has become a controversy in the presidential campaign. Even if he is, nothing prevents him from releasing his tax returns during an audit. "I'll release mine in the next week", Mike Pence said . Pence also touted that his tax returns would be a "pretty quick read". Todd did go on to press Pence about Trump's tax returns, but his basis for the questio... [Full Article...]

Trump says donation to AG not connected to university

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks clarified details of the conversation one day after the Republican presidential candidate said he never spoke to Bondi about the issue, without providing specifics. She got what she wanted, receiving $25,000 from a Trump family foundation. Trump's latest assertion that he had not spoken to Bondi about Trump University revived questions about why the NY real es... [Full Article...]

Chicago hits 500th homicide of 2016

Chicago hits 500th homicide of 2016 There have been close to 3,000 people shot in Chicago in 2016, according The Chicago Tribune . From the unborn child to the 80-year-old victim, the list of victims paints a startling picture of how wide-reaching Chicago's gun violence truly is. [Full Article...]

Hermine lingers off shore continuing its unsafe storm surges

Hermine lingers off shore continuing its unsafe storm surges Doug Mercer of the Canadian Hurricane Centre says Atlantic Canada will be spared the flooding and lashing winds that battered the United States as the storm made its way from Florida to Virginia over the holiday weekend, causing three deaths, power outages and severe property damage. [Full Article...]

How AP rates the presidential race and the Road to 270

A tired country wonders: Hasn't this been going on forever? They are awaiting feedback from the national team, said Paladino, who was the Republican candidate for governor in 2010. He said he expects Clinton and Kaine to build a partnership similar to the one he's built with President Barack Obama, if they are elected. Mr. Romney, the GOP nominee in 2012, didn't come close. [Full Article...]

Chicago police: August homicides highest in 20 years

The Wall Street Journal , citing Chicago Police Department data, reports that since January 1, there have been at least 425 gun homicides in the city, surpassing the total for all of past year. In about 60 percent of the shootings officers said suspects pointed weapons at them or made suspicious movements to justify the shootings, the report said. [Full Article...]

E-mails Raise Questions About State Dept., Clinton Foundation Ties

E-mails Raise Questions About State Dept., Clinton Foundation Ties A quarter of likely voters said the issue didn't bother them at all. The documents were released after a court order in a May 5, 2015, Freedom of Information (FOIA) lawsuit against the State Department. Abedin, now serving as vice chairwoman of the Clinton campaign, did not respond to a request for comment made through a campaign spokesman. "I'm not going to answer that", Comey replied, accord... [Full Article...]

Porch lights left on across the world in remembrance of Jacob Wetterling

The Ramsey County Medical Examiner and a forensic odontologist identified the remains as Wetterling's. Jacob was riding his bicycle near his home in the central Minnesota community of St. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing case, said buried remains and other evidence were recovered. Jacob's mother, Patty Wetterling , sent a text message to KARE-TV earlier... [Full Article...]

Chicago police: 90 homicides in August, 472 shooting victims

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddiie Johnson said about 1,400 people - many of them gang members - are driving about 85 percent of the city's gun violence. Those of us who don't live in these communities torn apart by violence can easily get a skewed perspective on what these neighborhoods are like, and we can often ignore or downplay the simple fact that even in the worst neighborhoods, there ar... [Full Article...]

Mexico's president is now feuding with Donald Trump on Twitter

The Republican presidential nominee also repeated his promise to build a wall along the Mexican border, hire 5,000 more border agents and implement an ideological screening test for anyone seeking American citizenship, which he says will ensure admittance only to those with certain values. [Full Article...]

2 well-known Utah climbers missing near Pakistan glacier

Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson set out early August 21 to climb the north face of Ogre 2, near the Choktoi Glacier, authorities said. The Pakistani government has offered to send military helicopters if weather permits. Snowy and cloudy conditions are hindering rescue efforts that began Sunday, he said. He last won in 2013 for a climb he did with others in the same area in Pakistan. [Full Article...]

Quarterbacks Sean White, Deshaun Watson share on-field history

Quarterbacks Sean White, Deshaun Watson share on-field history That leaves precious little depth, but luckily Clemson has been cross-training the mega-talented Wilkins at both tackle and end. "One thing that really hit me pretty hard is that I've got to be more active with the daily X's and O's and coaching that goes with that", Malzahn said. [Full Article...]

N.J. Ends Reciprocal Tax Agreement With Pennsylvania

N.J. Ends Reciprocal Tax Agreement With Pennsylvania Pennsylvania's income tax is a steady 3.07 percent. Hespe presided over New Jersey schools during a time of great change, as Christie administration imposed tougher new academic standards, more rigorous and time-consuming state tests and a new teacher evaluation system. [Full Article...]

#TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner Lampoons Trump Supporter's Bizarre Warning, Praises Tacos

How exactly that culture does either of those things, Gutierrez declined to clarify. What Gutierrez was trying to get across was his belief that Mexicans are overbearing, and leave their imprints on everything, even on people's palates. [Full Article...]

Clinton favorability slides to equal Trump

Clinton favorability slides to equal Trump Speaking at the American Legion national convention in Cincinnati, Clinton refused to use Trump's name, saying only that her "opponent" has argued in favor of a smaller USA role in the world. The speech was touted as one that would emphasize "American exceptionalism", an idea that the USA, as an "exceptional" world citizen, has a moral obligation to advance democracy in the world rather than impos... [Full Article...]

Hermine strengthens to hurricane, set to strike Florida

Hermine strengthens to hurricane, set to strike Florida And on the East Coast, a tropical storm warning was issued for an area extending from Marineland, Florida, northward to the South Santee River in SC. The entire East Coast, including the NY area, is expected to feel the effects of the hurricane as well. The storm is expected to flood streets in the Charleston area which can see high tide flooding even on sunny days. [Full Article...]

Taylor Swift Skips MTV VMAs To Do Jury Duty In Nashville

Taylor Swift Skips MTV VMAs To Do Jury Duty In Nashville Whitehouse added that Swift would've been willing to serve on other kinds of cases. Did... Taylor Swift organise jury duty so she didn't have to go to the VMAs? Instead, she was on jury duty . Wearing a black shirt and minimal makeup, she mingled with fellow potential jurors who later happily shared on their social media pages pictures and video of them with the songbird. [Full Article...]

Two brothers arrested over murder of Nykea Aldridge, cousin of Dwyane Wade

Police say she was an innocent bystander and not the intended target during the shooting. The Tribune reported that at least one of the brothers fired several shots, which struck Aldridge instead. The Chicago Bulls released a statement on the shooting, saying, "The entire Chicago Bulls organization is deeply saddened by the news of Dwyane Wade's cousin, Nykea Aldridge ". [Full Article...]

Officer killed identified by Maryville police

Officer killed identified by Maryville police The Maryville officer was shot but returned fire, Crisp said. The 44-year-old Tennessee man who killed a police officer Thursday penned a letter in which he blamed cops - and his own family - for his "misfortune". Stalans now has an active order of protection against him in Sullivan County. Loved ones will gather next week to remember Officer Kenny Moats, 32. [Full Article...]

Group asks Illinois high court for redistricting rehearing

In a close 4-3 vote, the Illinois Supreme Court last Thursday blocked a proposed fall ballot referendum that would have asked Illinois voters about whether the re-drawing of state legislative boundaries should be done by an independent group separate from the Illinois State Legislature. [Full Article...]

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