Trump calls for police to take guns during stop-and-frisks

Trump calls for police to take guns during stop-and-frisks He clarified on " Fox and Friends " Thursday morning that he was specifically proposing expanding the program only to Chicago, highlighting the city's gun violence epidemic and comparing the situation to NY in the 1990s. The comment came during a pre-recorded town hall event on Fox News with anchor Sean Hannity, a Trump supporter. Police tactics and deadly encounters with African-Americans, ... [Full Article...]

Days After Husband's Death, Wife of "Fault In Our Stars" Couple Dies

Days After Husband's Death, Wife of Dalton seemed to do well at first after his transplant, but then developed lymphoma. Katie and Dalton Prager met on Facebook in 2009 when they were 18 years old, after she noticed Dalton's mother had posted a picture of him in the hospital. [Full Article...]

Blast in trash can rattles New Jersey beach town

Blast in trash can rattles New Jersey beach town Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who toured the site of the blast in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, said there didn't appear to be any link to global terrorism. "They felt pretty good that there was at least sufficient evidence that they were going to be able to identify the guy", Christie said, adding his praise of the various law enforcement agencies involved. [Full Article...]

Suspect Caught After School Bomb Threat

Suspect Caught After School Bomb Threat Police also believe he sent emails to several news organizations shortly before the threat decrying what he called racism against white police officers, among other things. No bombs or weapons were found in Craig's truck or in his house. No injuries were reported in the incident. In the post, Craig refers to himself as "The Radical Islamic Jihadist Muhammad Allah Al-Khidr", and says his reason f... [Full Article...]

Trump calls first debate moderator a Democrat; records show otherwise

When talk turned to debate moderator Lester Holt, Trump said he has respect for the NBC anchor, whom he called a professional, but added: "We'll see what happens". Trump also knocked Cooper and Raddatz in the Monday night interview, even while saying he will attend the debate they are co-moderating on October 9 at Washington University in St. [Full Article...]

Obama suggests sexism could be hurting Clinton's White House bid

Obama suggests sexism could be hurting Clinton's White House bid Clinton - who so far has stopped short of calling Trump a "racist" - has stepped up her criticism of the birther issue as well, saying Friday that "he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president" and "there is no erasing it in history". [Full Article...]

More than 800 immigrants mistakenly granted citizenship

The Department of Homeland Security on Monday publicized the report, which was issued on September 8. The fingerprints for up to 315,000 immigrants who are fugitive criminals or were given final deportation orders are missing from federal databases. [Full Article...]

Scavengers have close encounters with bombs in NYC, NJ

Investigators said they found similarities between this device and the bomb that exploded in New York's Chelsea neighborhood Saturday evening, but have not linked the two events at this time . Cuomo says: "Today's information suggests it may be foreign related, but we'll see where it goes". The explosion came only hours after the explosion of pipe bombs in New Jersey along the course of a Marin... [Full Article...]

Earth-Observing Satellite Launch Delayed by Wildfire, Ground Leak

Earth-Observing Satellite Launch Delayed by Wildfire, Ground Leak The wildfire broke out Saturday in a remote canyon at the southern end of the military base and quickly spread to almost two square miles, according to Wayne Seda, the assistant chief of the Vandenberg Fire Department. Over the weekend, the Canyon fire forced officials to postpone the launch of an Atlas V rocket. Air Force Lt. William Collette said no new date has been set for launching the W... [Full Article...]

MoD admits role in strike that hit Syrian forces

The attacks were carried out by either Syrian or Russian aircraft, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, adding that there had been 35 strikes in and around Aleppo since the truce ended. The current tensions come on the heels of the weekend airstrikes by the US -led coalition on Syrian army positions near Deir el-Zour. Russia's foreign ministry accused the US-led coalition of being on th... [Full Article...]

Green Day postpones 3 shows, cancels fourth

Green Day postpones 3 shows, cancels fourth They wrote in a statement about how sad they were to postpone and cancel, but the infection that they've been battling got the best of them. They won't be playing the first three dates of their American tour or a show in Toronto. The tour is supposed to feature the band at more intimate venues than they've played in recent years. They will not, however, make up their September 23 show in To... [Full Article...]

8 people hurt in St. Cloud mall stabbings; stabber dead

Cloud stabbings emerged. St. Cloud University confirms he attended school there, but has not been enrolled since spring 2016. A major police presence is responding to the Crossroads Center mall tonight after an incident that was reported about 8:30 p.m. [Full Article...]

'Personal insult' for Obama if black Americans don't back Clinton

'Personal insult' for Obama if black Americans don't back Clinton Clinton's campaign is relying on the Obamas to help persuade the coalition of minorities, young people and women who propelled them to the White House to cast ballots for this year's Democratic candidate. The founding of the Black Lives Matter movement, numerous examples of police brutality against black people, and a lack of employment opportunities have been cited indications that Obama has not ... [Full Article...]

Rosberg holds on to win Singapore GP, reclaim F1 lead

Rosberg holds on to win Singapore GP, reclaim F1 lead After trying to salvage a lap, he was forced to pit: "It's just stupid, losing time", he grumbled after managing a lap 4.8s off the pace. When Rosberg won the opening four races of the season, the points gap was 43, but seven races later, the Briton had pulled ahead. [Full Article...]

Authorities call NYC explosion a bombing, say motive unknown

Authorities call NYC explosion a bombing, say motive unknown Firefighters arrive at the scene of an apparent explosion in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, in New York, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016. The official says in the NY incident, the device that exploded had residue from an explosive called Tannerite. [Full Article...]

Gary Johnson: I'm in The 1% When it Comes to Health

Presidential debates are supposed to help us make voting decisions. As more Americans refuse to declare themselves as Republicans or Democrats, a third choice on the debate stage is only appropriate. By now you've probably seen the video of Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson saying those words on MSNBC's " Morning Joe ". Yet the "bipartisan" presidential debate commission refus... [Full Article...]

What is 'Bridgegate'? Things to know as the trial begins

The panel will hear opening statements Monday in federal court in Newark. Christie's former aides are facing charges in deliberately creating traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge as a form of political retribution. They say the government has twisted federal law to turn their actions into crimes. New Jersey has spent almost $100 billion on those 31 districts since 1985, Christie's stat... [Full Article...]

Third-party candidates Jill Stein, Gary Johnson didn't make first presidential debate

The Republican and Democratic candidates registered between 39 and 42 percent in each poll concluding September 11 or afterward, and Johnson , the Libertarian party's nominee, pulled at least eight percent in five of the seven countrywide surveys. [Full Article...]

Sanders Urges Those Considering Third-Party Candidates To Vote For Clinton

Senate. "Fine", Sanders said , as if speaking to those supporters veering off to a third party. Bernie Sanders is returning to the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton making several appearances at college towns through OH where she appears to be in a dead heat with Donald Trump. [Full Article...]

Anti-cop note left before deadly shooting spree

Officers hearing the shots pursued the gunman, who then fired into a nearby bar, hitting a security guard in the leg, then grabbed a woman and used her as a shield before shooting her in the leg, Ross said. Two police are in stable condition after a wild shootout in Philadelphia Friday night. "It was a bunch of rambling which indicates his hatred for police officers and probation officers", he s... [Full Article...]

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