Rally in Rochester to Support of Affordable Care Act

Rally in Rochester to Support of Affordable Care Act Similarly, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has failed to describe what provisions Republicans will include in their legislation. The group called for a town hall meeting with Senator Todd Young, but louder were their calls to keep the Affordable Care Act. [Full Article...]

Bitcoin Price Sets Record on Trump Policy Uncertainties

At press time, the average price of bitcoin is $1,170.72, BPI data shows. Bitcoin is at all-time high, with its value hitting $1,197.96 per coin on Friday and with over $18 billion of the digital currency in circulation. Three ETF's for Bitcoin have been filed in the past and the US Securities and Exchange Commission is now finally taking a look at the first filing from around four years ago. [Full Article...]

Severe Line Of Storms Brings Hail To Maryland

Forecast models are growing in agreement that CAPE values, along with low-level wind shear and other proponents are high enough to produce super cell storms ahead of the main line of storms. The strongest storms will occur this evening. Carroll County was getting hit hard around 2:30 p.m. with heavy rain, strong winds and hail. We'll likely deal with 3 days of wet weather to kickoff the workwe... [Full Article...]

Woman's warning about shirt wrapped around auto windshield goes viral

She did not get out of the auto; instead, she drove to a safe place and reached from inside to get it off. She added that at first she thought someone might have thrown it on there for an odd reason but when she tried to push the shirt off with the windscreen wipers she realised it was completely wrapped around the wiper blade. [Full Article...]

Sen. Mitch McConnell greeted by angry protesters for third straight day

Sen. Mitch McConnell greeted by angry protesters for third straight day Well, the ones who are showing up to their town halls are getting chewed out. He acknowledged the protesters that were outside of the event and said "They don't share my agenda". Jeff Sessions. Warren was reading a 1986 letter by Coretta Scott King that criticised Sessions. This still accurately expresses the shell shock. After around 1,000 protesters shadowed him Tuesday in Lawrenceburg, ... [Full Article...]

Dylann Roof drove to another church after Charleston shooting, documents say

The man convicted of killing nine worshippers during Bible study at a black church in 2015 drove toward a second black parish afterward, according to federal court documents unsealed Tuesday, but no one was there because that sanctuary's class had been canceled. [Full Article...]

UT students take part in "Shine A Light On Slavery" day

UT students take part in According to the Polaris project, around 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States and 20 million people are trafficked annually around the world. "This child was so conditioned by her environment that she thought she was engaging in play". You'll notice a lot of red Xs on Facebook, Instagram, and every other social media outlet today and they have an important message behind them. [Full Article...]

Ole Miss Self-Imposes One-Year Bowl Ban Following NCAA Investigation

Tom Allen spent 3 seasons at Ole Miss under Hugh Freeze from 2012-2014 as linebackers coach. Of the eight new charges the NCAA recently levied against Ole Miss (and the 21 in total), the blockbuster is that two Ole Miss boosters paid a recruit at least $13,000 in cash before that recruit chose to play college football elsewhere. [Full Article...]

5 rescued from Coyote Creek waters near homeless encampment

San Jose resident Rosie Ruiz said her neighborhood was underwater. While it has caused flooding and misery in San Jose, the run-off from the Anderson Reservoir has also created a magnificent waterfall with all the splendor and power of any in Yosemite National Park. [Full Article...]

Ellison responds to Trump tweet: 'We'll stop your drive to divide us'

Bernie Sanders, has 153 votes, the AP reported . Wednesday's DNC chair debate will air at 10 p.m. EST (7 p.m. PST). Ellison, who is also beloved among younger activists , has picked up the endorsements of a slew of Democratic lawmakers, from Sen. [Full Article...]

Full of Fake News and Betsy DeVos

Fallon even showed how Trump determines the next big story to go after: his "Bad Things Button", a randomized aggregator of topics that seem to possibly explain the Trump team's penchant for making up attacks that didn't actually happen. McMaster to the post over the weekend. Breaking out his best Donald Trump impression, Fallon told the audience the world needed a news network that told viewers... [Full Article...]

Governor Vetoes Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

Governor McAuliffe said quote, "It would be unwise to spend additional taxpayer dollars on a tax credit that has fallen so short of its intended effectiveness". "We are proud to have a Governor in Virginia who stands with the women of our Commonwealth", Paulette McElwain, the president and CEO of the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood, said in a statement released after McAuliffe vetoed the ... [Full Article...]

Department of Homeland Security releases expansive new deportation policies

The memos further call for the immediate building of a border wall between the United States and Mexico - a key Trump campaign promise - and the hiring of 5,000 Border Patrol agents and 10,000 ICE agents. Kelly said that the January 27 order, which has been halted by a court challenge, was designed as a "temporary pause" to allow him to "see where our immigration and vetting system has gap... [Full Article...]

Bomb threats phone-in to 11 Jewish community centers

Patrick Whitaker of the Whitefish Bay Police Department. The Executive Director of the JCC of Greater Buffalo, Richard Zakalik, emailed a letter out to its members notifying the community of the bomb threat and the actions taken to make sure everyone was safe. [Full Article...]

Adolf Hitler's portable phone sold at auction

According to the auction house, the Russians found the phone in Hitler's Berlin bunker after his suicide when the Germans surrendered in 1945. The Siemens phone also has a swastika and NSDAP eagle inscribed above Hitler's name and is "unequaled in historic importance". [Full Article...]

Possible tornado reported in San Antonio; more than 100 homes damaged

Possible tornado reported in San Antonio; more than 100 homes damaged A survey team from the National Weather Service has confirmed that a tornado struck a residential area, around 5 miles north of downtown San Antonio , between Sunday night and Monday morning. A second tornado touched down on the northeast side of the city later Monday morning, damaging at least 30 homes, some of them were destroyed. More than 100 homes have been damaged (some, it appears, irrepar... [Full Article...]

Whittier Police Officer Dead, 1 Officer Injured In Shootout With Suspect

Corina said police believe the suspect is a gang member who the officers did not know. "It's extremely tragic", Corina said. The officers, who had not yet been identified, approached the suspected gunman's vehicle completely unaware that it was stolen. [Full Article...]

Thousands to protest in United Kingdom as MPs debate Donald Trump's state visit

Protests against the President as well as support for migrants are set to take place in Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Leicester, Brighton, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh. "What we have got to do is look at what is going to be most helpful for Britain, for its future policy and development". He said: "We believe it is absolutely right that we should use all the tools at our... [Full Article...]

Man with rifle and spray paint sparks weird standoff in Oakland

Man with rifle and spray paint sparks weird standoff in Oakland He later died in the hospital, reports CBS San Francisco Bay Area News. Enjaian graduated from UCLA in 2008 and from University of Michigan Law School in 2013. At one point, he was spraying obscene graffiti on homes and cars including a penis on a auto parked on the street. He remains hospitalized in serious condition, Watson said. [Full Article...]

Southland Residents Brace For More Rain

About 300 flights were delayed or cancelled at Los Angeles International Airport, and dozens more in San Francisco and other parts of the region. A large 20-foot-deep sinkhole that swallowed two vehicles in North Laurel Canyon Blvd, in Los Angeles , is cordoned-off on February 18, 2017 , after a powerful storm hit southern California. [Full Article...]

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