Was a promising Black Muslim teen lynched in Seattle?

News stories about his death and the police investigation went viral this week - two months after he was found. Lake Stevens Police Chief John Dyer said investigators believed it was a suicide but conferred with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and had awaited laboratory results. [Full Article...]

Supporters gather for 'March 4 Trump' rallies around US

Supporters gather for 'March 4 Trump' rallies around US Police say 10 people were arrested - most for battery and assault - including one person who was said to have a knife. "He's draining the swamp, one tweet at a time", she said. Carpenter said. "We have been vilified on the left and in the press". According to David Craig, Berkeley College Republicans treasurer, BCR did not officially promote or endorse the event. [Full Article...]

Mexican Politician Climbs Border Fence To Prove Trump's Wall Is 'Totally Absurd'

Mexican Politician Climbs Border Fence To Prove Trump's Wall Is 'Totally Absurd' The Mexican government repeatedly has refused . Mexican Congressman Braulio Guerra took matters into his own hands on Wednesday with a unique approach to combat President Donald Trump's proposed border wall. Guerra's stunt comes amid rising tensions between Mexico and the United States. -Mexican relations or what he specifically called being good neighbors. [Full Article...]

Jon Stewart's message for the media: Stop whining about Trump

Jon Stewart has once again returned to his pal Stephen Colbert's late-night show in order to talk Trump and the media. "Put on a few pundits". Trump went on to say that any problem the country has can be fixed. politics. Let's just hope it works. Stewart wrapped up by telling the media exactly what it should do. Last night he emerged from beneath Colbert's desk-when he must be hidi... [Full Article...]

Jewish cemetery vandalized in New York State

Jewish cemetery vandalized in New York State Thursday's Rally Against Hate will be hosted by the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia . Following the desecration of the St. Louis cemetery, Muslim civil rights activist Linda Sarsour raised more than $100,000 to fix the damage. Volunteers of all faiths turned up at the cemetery after news of the vandalism spread last weekend. A police organisation is offering 3,000 dollars. Jewish co... [Full Article...]

2 inmates dead after disturbance at Tecumseh State Prison

The thorough incident review will come from the National Institute of Corrections review team. A department spokeswoman said an emergency response team secured the inmates and extinguished a fire in a prison yard. In a statement posted on Facebook, Gov. Pete Ricketts said the incident was " swiftly resolved and public safety was never at risk ". An unspecified number of inmates suffered injuri... [Full Article...]

USA raids in Yemen meant to hit Houthis not al-Qaeda

USA raids in Yemen meant to hit Houthis not al-Qaeda While Pentagon officials denied Yemeni reports that the USA military conducted a ground raid in conjunction with the strikes, US forces were on the ground in the same period, another possible indication of an accelerated offensive in Yemen. [Full Article...]

Democrat accuses FBI Director James Comey of withholding Russian Federation information from lawmakers

Democrat accuses FBI Director James Comey of withholding Russian Federation information from lawmakers The congressional investigation, which will likely face long odds against a Republican majority, will seek to uncover what other cyber activity took place, what links there may have been between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign, and what leaks of classified information took place related to the intelligence community's assessment. [Full Article...]

Ryan to GOP: Health bill to be drafted by weekend

Others, however, will be subject to change or go out of the window entirely. This includes increasing the amount of money an individual or family can put into their Health Savings Account and allowing them to spend that money on over-the-counter healthcare items. [Full Article...]

Ben Carson joins Trump's Cabinet

Ben Carson joins Trump's Cabinet Carson will lead a sprawling agency with some 8,300 employees and a current budget of about $47 billion - though it's facing big cuts under Trump. During the election campaign, Trump vehemently attacked Ben Carson , telling him that he was a person with "very low energy" and launching harsh criticism against dubious data of his autobiography. [Full Article...]

Iran Successfully Test Cruise Missile

Iran's naval drills, which began on Sunday, will reportedly take place over two million square kilometers (772,000 square miles-nearly three times the size of Texas). Is Tehran walking away from the 2015 nuclear deal? Throughout his election campaign, Trump accused the Obama administration of being weak on Iran, and he vowed to crack down if elected. [Full Article...]

Tornado Rips Through Illinois As Severe Storms Threaten Midwest

They expected storm ingredients to merge in the area and trigger tornadoes. They will develop ahead of a cold front that will push east across the area overnight. Although the tornado threat is lower today than yesterday, isolated tornadoes as still possible, especially in the South. The FOX23 Severe Weather team believes the storm was "cycling" or re-organizing throughout the entire path and th... [Full Article...]

Black colleges hardly school choice pioneers

DeVos' critics say her statement shows how out of touch she is with the students she's supposed to be serving. In a statement, DeVos proclaimed that historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU's) were pioneers of " school choice ". [Full Article...]

National Cherry Blossoms predicted to bloom historically early

Festival organizers have pegged March 14 to 17 as the peak bloom dates, which is defined as when 70 percent or more of the cherry blossoms are open. Vietzke says the bloom is "very early" but not unheard of. Elliot Ferguson, president and CEO of Destination D.C., tells the Washington Business Journal that previous early blooms did not change festival attendance numbers "at all". [Full Article...]

York, Harrisburg JCCs evacuated after bomb threats

York, Harrisburg JCCs evacuated after bomb threats Many people were evacuated but no bombs were found. The JCCs offer Jewish programming and often serve as gym facilities for the community at large. "It's not yet clear who the #JCC offenders are", Scaramucci said . "The calls range from individuals phoning in bomb threats to "robo calls", which are either machine-generated voice threats or recordings", CBS News reports , calling it "a nationwi... [Full Article...]

Sessions Plans to Stop Investigating Urban Police Departments

Sessions Plans to Stop Investigating Urban Police Departments First, wage a new war on drugs: "My view is that crime does follow drugs", he said , before suggesting that allowing legal marijuana to be sold "at every corner grocery" store would lead to more violent crime. As one of the largest marijuana education companies in the world, his company will launch "a massive media campaign" should the federal government attack the regulated industry, Simon... [Full Article...]

Signet Jewelers: The Silence of the Street

Signet Jewelers: The Silence of the Street The Sterling division of Signet Jewelers oversees the Kay Jewelers and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry chains. Sanya Douglas, a Kay employee in NY from 2003 to 2008, said in one sworn statement a supervisor referred to having sex with management "going to the big stage", adding "If you didn't do what he wanted with him, you wouldn't get your (preferred) store or raise". [Full Article...]

Tornado watch issued for much of Central Illinois

All modes of severe weather are possible with storms through the day and into the evening. The severe threat will continue through the early evening. These storms will quickly become severe, with the greatest threats being hail, wind, and tornado. The second round of storms will redevelop around late afternoon on Tuesday to the southwest. [Full Article...]

House Intel chair: Trump-Russia ties can't become witch hunt

House Intel chair: Trump-Russia ties can't become witch hunt The congressman said he has yet to see any sign that members of the Trump campaign or transition team broke any laws dealing with foreign governments. "Just to be clear, we haven't eliminated anything", Nunes said. "We can't have the USA government or the Congress, legislative branch of government chasing down American citizens, hauling them before the Congress as if they're some secret Russia... [Full Article...]

Activists tricked Trump supporters into waving Russian flags at CPAC

It gives me the right to criticize fake news strongly", continues Trump. "I wouldn't miss a chance to talk to my friends - these are my friends. She also said you're irredeemable, but we won't mention it", Trump said . Trump's request of a massive budget for military buildup will face harsh realities at the Capitol Hill. "[America] is going to be bigger and better and stronger than ever before... [Full Article...]

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