Man charged with making threatening calls to Florida Jewish centers

Man charged with making threatening calls to Florida Jewish centers An Israeli-American teenager has been indicted in Israel on allegations he made thousands of hoax bomb calls, including to a Jewish centre in New Zealand, and earned thousands by offering to phone in threats against schools, hospitals and planes. [Full Article...]

President Trump Signs New Executive Order: "Buy American and Hire American"

President Trump Signs New Executive Order: And H-1B visas-which let in skilled foreign workers-have become an important focal point, given the debates over economic migration and outsourcing as well as Trump's past business practices . The move signals a further attempt at Trump to target foreign companies that typically hire foreign workers over Americans. The U.S. tech industry's need for skilled workers is only "accelerating because ... [Full Article...]

Welcome to the biggest week of Donald Trump's presidency

President Donald Trump attacked ABC and NBC polls as fake news and "totally wrong in general" Monday morning, quoting from parts of an ABC News/Washington Post poll that said 53% said Trump was a strong leader and saying new polls were "very good considering that much of the media is FAKE and nearly always negative". [Full Article...]

UC Berkeley Sued Over Ann Coulter's Postponed Visit

Berkeley's president and other school officials are listed as defendants in the lawsuit that was filed on Monday in the Northern District of California San Francisco Division. Well again, I don't think it's Ann Coulter's or YAF's or Berkeley College Republicans' problem to solve that problem. Coulter has said she will speak at Berkeley on Thursday, regardless of the university's move to reschedu... [Full Article...]

Tennessee kidnapping suspect makes first appearance in court

Tennessee kidnapping suspect makes first appearance in court The girl's father reported her missing the same day of Cummins' departure. "I think he did go there and speak with some people, but then wound up going back to Cecilville", Houtman said. In a criminal affidavit, investigators said Cummins stole his wife's auto on March 13, telling her he was going to Virginia to "clear his head", according to an NBC News report. [Full Article...]

Sanctuary cities threatened with loss of federal grant money

Sanctuary cities threatened with loss of federal grant money Chisholm said the county receives more than $1 million from this specific grant. Despite perennial debates in cities and counties statewide over "sanctuary" policies to protect undocumented immigrants - including restrictions on cooperation between local and federal law enforcement - DOJ has not yet targeted any New Mexico jurisdictions. [Full Article...]

Survivalist convicted of killing trooper in sniper ambush

Survivalist convicted of killing trooper in sniper ambush A death sentence would send Frein to death row, but the state has a moratorium on executions under Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf. The same jury that convicted him after four hours of deliberations will reconvene on Thursday to hear evidence in the penalty phase of trial at Pike County Courthouse. [Full Article...]

Missing Tenn. student Elizabeth Thomas is 'resting' after reuniting with her family

Missing Tenn. student Elizabeth Thomas is 'resting' after reuniting with her family Authorities have not said what charges the 50-year-old health sciences teacher may face. Cummins was arrested without incident and booked into a California jail. She had no idea why her husband went to northern California. "Everybody was hoping for the best and the best is what we got". The Black Bear Ranch website has been made temporarily unavailable because of overwhelming traffic due to an... [Full Article...]

Flood Warning for Illinois River issued

Flood Warning for Illinois River issued Rain will continue on and off throughout the day, with some isolated storms possible later as well. "It looks like at some point this evening the rain will taper off and conditions will start to improve". The watch alert includes the cities of Conway, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Little River, Murrells Inlet, Garden City, Georgetown and Andrews. [Full Article...]

UC Berkeley Will Now Allow Ann Coulter Speech To Take Place

Responding to a tweet , Coulter insisted the event was not canceled and that she would be there. It was not clear if Coulter will accept the new invite but the university said it has found a suitable venue to host a speech by Coulter and that the speech could be held on May 2. [Full Article...]

Sanders urges party to go beyond comfort zone

Sanders urges party to go beyond comfort zone Sanders said,"I am an independent", as Perez sat next to him. I guess, you know, there was an election in a red state just last week. Others reflect Sanders' challenge to the party establishment, such as Tom Pierrello of Virginia. He brought many in the Omaha arena to their feet in rock-concert cheers when he reprised some familiar lines from his 2016 campaign. She's increasingly become involved... [Full Article...]

Mesa rally features ex-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Sanders told a boisterous crowd Tuesday night in Louisville that Trump has reneged on his promises to working-class voters. The former Democratic presidential nominee even told The Washington Post that Ossoff "was not a progressive " and that he was more interested in candidates who were economically populist. [Full Article...]

Obama Returns to Public Life Next Week After 3 Months on Vacation

At the event, which will take place at the University of Chicago, Obama will meet with young leaders from area schools to discuss "community organizing and civic engagement", his office said in a statement Friday. Minority-serving organizations in Chicago were also given tickets to the speech. During his first three months in office, Trump spent 19 days at a golf course and played golf on at lea... [Full Article...]

Patriots respond to comparison photo showing team with Obama versus Trump

Brady also opted to not to visit the Obama White House after the Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. According to a report by The Washington Post , the event , which has been deemed as the " People's Climate March ", coincides with President's Trump's 100th day in office and has been scheduled to protest his environmental policies. [Full Article...]

Russia Vetoes UN Resolution To Condemn Syria Chemical Attack

The two top diplomats had sat down together earlier in the day to work through the fallout of last week's chemical attack in northwestern Syria, which plunged the old Cold War enemies to a new low. "I would like to say again that we never saw any facts; anything that would look even remotely like facts [to prove this]". He said: "So Russia faces a choice: it can continue acting as a lifeline for... [Full Article...]

Three killed in Fresno, California shooting spree

Three killed in Fresno, California shooting spree Muhammad told police that after the Motel 6 shooting, he climbed to the roof of a nearby 7-11 store and hid there overnight, watching as detectives investigated the shooting scene. But Dyer said the incident has "nothing to do with terrorism in spite of the statement he made". Glenestene Taylor, 81, of Fresno said Muhammad, her grandson, visited her Sunday and was crying when he left. [Full Article...]

The US Just Dropped the Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb On Afghanistan

The office of President Ashraf Ghani said there was "close coordination" between the USA military and Afghan government over the operation in Achin. "They killed our women, youths and elders, sitting them on mines", Hakim added. The strike was part of a joint operation by Afghan and global troops, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's office said in a statement. [Full Article...]

Texas bill allowing unlicensed carry of guns clear committee

April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month, and the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) is encouraging people across the state to look for ways to help children affected by abuse and neglect. Advocates have expressed concern that the House proposal doesn't honor the spirit of the amendment , and point to restrictions - like the 90-day waiting period and smoking prohibition - as exampl... [Full Article...]

Pennsylvania jury weighs murder charge against suspect in trooper ambush

Pennsylvania jury weighs murder charge against suspect in trooper ambush The jury in Pike County Court needed about four hours to find Eric Frein guilty of all 12 counts in the murder of a state police corporal and wounding of a trooper a year and a half ago. Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin is seeking the death penalty against Frein, 33, who allegedly opened fire from a wooded area across the street from the Blooming Grove barracks in northeastern Pennsylvania... [Full Article...]

Jason Chaffetz may not finish final term in Congress

Jason Chaffetz may not finish final term in Congress Chaffetz has drawn criticism from many on both sides of the aisle while he has served as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, based on his handling of investigations into both Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump . By announcing now, I hope to give prospective candidates time to lay the groundwork for a successful run. "But it's not required by law". "I've said in the past that ... [Full Article...]

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