These Tweets on Vijay Mallya's Hacked Account Will Crack You Up

He also recognised the hackers as Legion, and said that his email accounts had been hacked as well. The hacker group, which goes by the name Legion, has struck again. Legion told IBTimes UK in an email, "We are a new group of global Blackhats looking to own and expose the corrupt system". Vijay Mallya's financial details, including passwords, addresses and phone number were released online. [Full Article...]

Taiwan's President: A Phone Call 'Doesn't Mean A Policy Shift'

Taiwan's President: A Phone Call 'Doesn't Mean A Policy Shift' Rebiya Kadeer, an exiled leader of the Muslim Uighur minority, told the hearing: "Any sign that the United States is ready to relinquish its commitment to raising human rights concerns in favor of achieving policy gains elsewhere will be a victory for China". [Full Article...]

UK Government to set out "strategic plans" for Brexit

UK Government to set out Lawmakers from the Democratic Unionist Party, Ulster Unionist Party, and UK Independence Party, who number 11 in total, will also back it. "We are entering uncharted waters", the former French foreign minister said. The comment was made in the Supreme Court by James Eadie, who is acting for the government in an appeal against a ruling that would oblige ministers to seek parliament's assent befor... [Full Article...]

Police arrest man over threats to UK Brexit lawsuit claimant

That's likely to be in January. Lord Wilson said: "Mr Wolffe, I think many of us are struggling to see exactly how the Sewel convention impacts on the central issue before us". Pannick went onto to remind the court that June's European Union referendum was merely advisory, and added that the Tory government had turned down opportunities to give the result of the national vote a legal trigger. [Full Article...]

Ghana president, longtime opposition leader face off in vote

Passengers wait to board a bus ahead of Ghana's elections, at a bus terminal in Accra , Ghana, Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016. Ghana's opposition candidate Nana Akufo-Addo told a cheering crowd on Thursday he was "confident" he's won the presidential election, despite the official results not yet being released. [Full Article...]

Georgia Authorities: 1 officer killed, 1 wounded; shooter at large

Georgia Authorities: 1 officer killed, 1 wounded; shooter at large After a manhunt that lasted more than 24 hours, police said they received a tip Thursday morning that the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Minquell Kennedy Lembrick, was inside a residence on Allen Street in the city of Americus . The Americus officer is deceased. Nearby, the campus of Georgia Southwestern was locked down as the hunt began for the gunman. Willie Raybon lives around the ... [Full Article...]

Trump claims credit for $50 billion investment by Japanese firm

Trump claims credit for $50 billion investment by Japanese firm Trump made the announcement about the SoftBank deal - which he said would bring 50,000 jobs - in the lobby of Trump Tower in NY, alongside SoftBank's flamboyant chief executive Masayoshi Son . Should the SoftBank fund grow as large as $100 billion, it would be one of the world's largest private equity investors and a potential kingpin in the technology sector. [Full Article...]

Syrian army tells rebels in Aleppo to leave or die

Syrian army tells rebels in Aleppo to leave or die Russian Federation has threatened Syrian opposition fighters they will be treated as "terrorists" unless they agree to a Moscow-sponsored plan to withdraw from East Aleppo . The Jabha Shamiya official said further advances may force a rebel withdrawal to the southwestern corner of their enclave. "This is our city and we'll fight until the last moment", the rebel spokesman said. [Full Article...]

Austrian right-winger Hofer plans 2022 run for presidency

Van der Bellen is liberal, left-of-center and pro-EU. The Nationalist Party, which contested that prior runoff, saw Van der Bellen's margin of victory rise this time around-challenging Hofer's own suggestion, following the USA presidential election , that Donald Trump's win might help propel him to victory. [Full Article...]

'Heartbeat bill' that restricts abortion passes Ohio Senate

John Kasich for his signature or veto. Since he took office in 2011, half the state's abortion clinics have closed, forcing many OH women to travel to MI if they want to terminate their pregnancies safely and legally. "But the Heartbeat Bill didn't move forward on its own", Ingles reports . Forty-three states now restrict abortions, with some exceptions, by time or phase of fetal development... [Full Article...]

UK man found guilty in case linked to Brussels bomb suspect

UK man found guilty in case linked to Brussels bomb suspect The atrocity on March 22 this year killed 32 people and injured more than 300. Boufassil was convicted in a London court yesterday of supplying the money to Abrini in July 2015. A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: "People who support acts of terror will be prosecuted". Abrini was apparently sent from Syria to Britain by a member of his terror cell to collect the funds. [Full Article...]

Contenders line up to replace New Zealand's outgoing leader

Key , 55, recently marked his eighth anniversary as prime minister and 10th year as leader of the centre-right National Party, which is set to meet next week to elect his successor. "I wish him and his family all the best for the future", Mr Lee said. English previously led the National Party to its worst-ever electoral defeat in the 2002 election. [Full Article...]

Court filing: In Army's eyes, Chelsea Manning still a man

Court filing: In Army's eyes, Chelsea Manning still a man Private Manning, who announced her transition to female in 2013, is now imprisoned in Fort Leavenworth military prison after leaking details of classified government documents concerning alleged war crimes and rights abuses via WikiLeaks. U.S. Justice Department lawyers say in the status report that the government is assembling a team to assess Manning's current treatment plan and make any neces... [Full Article...]

Pence to talk to conservative group at Trump's new DC hotel

Pence to talk to conservative group at Trump's new DC hotel The Washington think tank says he will also talk about the conservative movement. The Heritage Foundation is the parent organization of The Daily Signal. "This session of Congress and the focus of this administration ultimately is going to be about growth", Pence told the group. The federal health-care law would be repealed and Republicans will be "starting the process of replacing" it "with f... [Full Article...]

South Korea Opposition Rejects Park's Offer to Quit, Pushes Impeachment

The ruling party, meanwhile, is deeply divided over how to bring about a "stable transition of power", as the president mentioned in her Tuesday address. Park cried after returning to her vehicle, her office said, citing presidential security staff who travelled with her. Park's opponents initially wanted to commence impeachment proceedings in parliament on Friday. [Full Article...]

Joseph Farah: Trump Right About Illegal Votes, But I Have No Evidence

The Electoral College will cast one last vote on December 19 and these people are now free to vote their conscience, free of influence from their state's political party affiliation, and free to acknowledge the will of the people. "Today, citizens have a far better chance of knowing about out-of-state presidential candidates than knowing about presidential electors from their home states". [Full Article...]

UN Security Council Approves New North Korea Sanctions

But this resolution imposes unprecedented costs on the DPRK regime for defying this council's demands. "The DPRK (North Korea) must reverse its course and move onto the path of denuclearization through honest dialogue", said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon after the adoption of the resolution. [Full Article...]

Suspect Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Joe McKnight

Suspect Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Joe McKnight According to USA Today , a spokesman from the Jefferson Parish Louisiana Sheriff's Office refused to comment on the arrest of 54-year-old Ronald Gasser who remained at the scene of Friday's deadly shooting until police arrived. It's not about justice. "And we don't care who we disparage in the process". Are we going to continue to tear ourselves apart? As for the case itself, Normand said auth... [Full Article...]

Hurricane Otto weakens as focus shifts to risk of landslides and flooding

Hurricane Otto weakens as focus shifts to risk of landslides and flooding Evacuations are already ongoing in part of Central America as Hurricane Otto batters the region. Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela said there were three storm-related deaths in his country, including one child killed on the way to school when the auto his mother was driving was struck by a falling tree limb. [Full Article...]

Russia upset by muted response to Aleppo attack

This outcome followed the Council's unsuccessful attempts on 8 October to act on ending the bloodshed in Syria's besieged eastern Aleppo. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says he hopes to convince Syria's warring factions and their backers to return to the negotiating table before the besieged city of Aleppo is destroyed. [Full Article...]

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