What Buhari will do while on vacation - Presidency

While away, the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, will perform the functions of the Office of the President . SIGNAL could not reach presidential spokespersons Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina for comments at the time of this report. Buhari announced his plans to take a 10-day leave on Thursday, January 19, via a letter to the Senate. SaharaReporters had reported past year that President Buhari ... [Full Article...]

Iran: High-Rise Building Collapse in Tehran Kills at Least 30 Firefighters

The blaze was first reported at about 8 a.m., and firefighters worked for hours as residents were evacuated, trying to tame the blaze before the building eventually collapsed. In the images broadcast on state television one side of the building started tumbling first almost knocking one firefighter off a ladder as he contended with the flames. [Full Article...]

Russia-backed RT unblocked on Facebook, claims Dataminr also revoked access

Russia-backed RT unblocked on Facebook, claims Dataminr also revoked access During the press conference, the live stream hosted by RT was reportedly interrupted by an automated Facebook notification indicating a local Russian channel, Current Time TV , had claimed rights to the footage. "I'm not surprised", Simonyan told Ria Novosti , another Russian state news agency. The Russia-backed news agency RT made the startling announcement Thursday that Facebook had blocke... [Full Article...]

Kashmiri Pandit organisations observe 'holocaust day' commemorating exodus from Valley

It was discussed in the house when the lawmakers met in the morning where former chief Minister Omar Abdullah said "assembly should pass a resolution for the return of Kashmiri pandits and other migrants, rising above party politics". "Those who migrated due to the Partition should also be settled", Mr. Rashid said. He added that there was instantaneous need for the return of Kashmiri Pandits "oth... [Full Article...]

Baird Resigns as Premier of Australia's Most-Populous State

While the lock-outs still prevail and Sydney's confidence [is] at an all-time low, we will fight for vibrancy, colour and the small businesses in our community against any lawmakers who unfairly target them". Mr Cameron also said pressures driven by NSW Liberal Party factional leaders, who he described as having an "iron grip" on the party, would have also contributed to Baird's decision. [Full Article...]

Meet Alok Verma, the new Central Bureau of Investigation director

Meet Alok Verma, the new Central Bureau of Investigation director The post of CBI director has lying vacant for over one month following Anil Sinha's retirement on December 2. The selection committee has Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge and Chief Justice of India or his nominee as its members besides Prime Minister. [Full Article...]

Latest Labour attempt to BLOCK Brexit revealed

Corbyn has been accused of doing too little to curb rampant anti-Semitism among Labour party members and lawmakers, some of whom have been suspended for making racist and anti-Semitic statements on social media and in other public forums. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will ask his MPs to not to oppose the triggering of Article 50 if MPs get a vote on the topic. "It wouldn't necessarily damage th... [Full Article...]

Truck Bomb Attack Leaves at Least 67 Dead on Mali military…

The camp is very close to Gao airport, a key transport hub which was closed briefly in late November following an attack blamed on jihadists. Authorities said that five suicide bomber took part in the attack. France intervened in Mali in 2013 to drive back Islamist groups that got control of large swathes of the country a year earlier, and it maintains a large, regional operation aimed at stampi... [Full Article...]

'They kept coming back': Dogs attack schoolchildren, killing one and mauling another

However, those charges could be upgraded . Neighbor Shamonte Clayton says he awoke to the sound of screams. One of three pit bulls involved in early morning Atlanta attack. "We had some courageous kids", Atlanta police Sgt. Warren Pickard told the AJC . The girl was described as being "alert and conscious" despite suffering some horrific injuries. [Full Article...]

Perry Refutes Past Comments About Energy Dept.

Given that over two-thirds of the most recent Department of Energy budget was dedicated to maintaining the country's nuclear warheads and advancing the science behind them, it's unsurprising that Perry was questioned about them during the hearing. [Full Article...]

Joint Russian-Turkish Anti-Daesh Airstrikes Prove Rapprochement on Syria

On Wednesday, the Russian General Staff said that Russian and Turkish combat planes carried out their first joint aerial operation against the Daesh targets in Syria. Kurds affected by the civil war in Syria should have a seat at the table for forthcoming peace talks in Astana, the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) foreign minister said, referring to a new round of talks between the Syrian reg... [Full Article...]

Malaysian PM Urges Muslim World to Help Oppressed Rohingya

Malaysian PM Urges Muslim World to Help Oppressed Rohingya Malaysia had become one of the loudest champions for Rohingya Muslims, with the issue even discussed in Najib's Cabinet meeting last November, culminating in the Myanmar ambassador being summoned. "Not only [would] we welcome the commitment by the government of Myanmar, but we would also like to assist them by giving a positive impression to the global community towards what is happening in Rakhin... [Full Article...]

John Lewis documentary heading to PBS

All chief executives except President Richard Nixon have met with the CBC at the start of a new Congress since its founding in 1971, and President Ronald Reagan in 1983 signed into law the bill that created a federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr . [Full Article...]

Adoption claim: Radhika Vemula ready for DNA test

Adoption claim: Radhika Vemula ready for DNA test Tension crackled outside the University of Hyderabad gates today as students demanded that Rohith Vemula's mother and others be allowed on campus to take part in programmes marking the PhD student's first death anniversary. Remembering Vemula, his colleague from Hyderabad Central University who was also among the five suspended Dalit students, Sunkanna Velpula, said, "Ambedkarite organisations... [Full Article...]

Confirmed Newcastle v Birmingham line-ups: Benitez hands debuts to three youngsters

Among the quiet of transfer news, Benitez wants to make sure that he avoids the same mistakes as his predecessors as he said: " The ideal situation would be to get the right players, not just to get players ". "It also means we have balance in terms of experience and young players, that is always important because it gives you a boost in hard circumstances". [Full Article...]

Donald Trump mistakes a woman from the United Kingdom for his daughter Ivanka

Donald Trump mistakes a woman from the United Kingdom for his daughter Ivanka The feature piece is titled "First Daughter: Ivanka Trump" and highlights Ivanka Trump's childcare reform proposal . The message has since been shared by 4,800 people and "liked" by 25,000 more. Although Trump changed the "G" in "great" lowercase, he kept @ Ivanka as is - and got a response from the unsuspecting woman with that account name. [Full Article...]

German opposition leader calls for security union with Russian Federation, dissolution of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

German opposition leader calls for security union with Russian Federation, dissolution of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation He said: "We are waiting for Mr Trump's inauguration, and we will then work closely with the new government". The president-elect said Merkel was "by far the most important European leader", but called her decision to open the door to a million migrants in 2015 a "catastrophic mistake". [Full Article...]

Antonio Tajani is the new European Parliament president

The elections of new President of the European Parliament will be held on January 17 in Strasbourg, "Armenpress" reports citing the EP official website. The two groups have rotated the leadership of parliament between them for nearly every year since the 1970s. Guy Verhofstadt , ALDE's leader and another Presidential candidate, chose to abandon plans for partnership with Progressive Alliance ... [Full Article...]

Nigerians Dead, 120 Wounded After Military Jet "Accidentally" Bombed IDP Camp

Nigerians Dead, 120 Wounded After Military Jet He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not supposed to give information to reporters. Speaking on the incident, Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole , Maj. MSF and the ICRC said its teams were trying to provide emergency first aid at its facility in the camp and were stabilising patients to evacuate the wounded from the scene. [Full Article...]

Obama cuts short Chelsea Manning's prison sentence

President Obama has commuted the prison sentence of Chelsea Manning , the army intelligence analyst convicted in 2010 of a massive leak of United States diplomatic cables through WikiLeaks, the White House has confirmed. Manning's case gained attention around the same time as Edward Snowden leaked information regarding the NSA's intelligence activities, prompting Snowden to flea to Russian Fed... [Full Article...]

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