Legendary Pakistani social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi dies at 88

Geeta had strayed into the neighbouring country when she was around 12 years old and was brought back to India last year. Prayers and Quran Khawani were also offered in this connection. The philanthropist had dedicated his life to humanity and serving the poor. The new government's failure to assist his ailing mother was the event that put Edhi on to the path of social work and philanthropy. [Full Article...]

Biden calls on Americans to unite over killings of police and minorities

Corey Stewart, a Virginia politician and the chair of Trump's campaign in the state, posted a Facebook message blaming presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for the attack. Mr Trump, who had planned to address Hispanics in Miami, issued a statement calling the shootings 'a coordinated, premeditated assault on the men and women who keep us safe'. [Full Article...]

Fake Pokemon Go App Fools People; Comes With Virus, Malware

MANILA, Philippines -There's a malicious version of the recently released Pokemon Go application out in the wilds of cyberspace, and you would do well to avoid it. While Pokemon Go was first released in NewZealand, and Australia in July 4, and in US July 6, the rest of the world may have to wait for the release news, and this might be where the malicious files brought up. [Full Article...]

Minnesota cop's lawyer blames driver's gun, not his race

Minnesota cop's lawyer blames driver's gun, not his race Sterling was killed on Tuesday during an altercation with two white police officers outside a convenience store. "Either [Castile] was a robbery suspect and [Yanez] didn't follow the procedures for a felony stop, or [Castile] was not a robbery suspect and [Yanez] shot a man because he stood at his window getting his information", Goins said. [Full Article...]

Chinese navy holds live-fire drills in South China Sea

Chinese navy holds live-fire drills in South China Sea Shanghai: The Chinese navy conducted combat drills near its southern island province of Hainan and the Paracel islands in the South China Sea, the ministry of defence said on July 9. "The arbitral tribunal has no jurisdiction over the arbitration unilaterally initiated by the Philippines". And already the main military contenders are moving more forces into the region. [Full Article...]

Beijing will not 'step back' in South China Sea

Beijing will not 'step back' in South China Sea In its own statement, China, through its Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Wu Haitao, remarked that the annual meeting of States Parties to UNCLOS is not a forum to raise the concerns of the Philippines and Viet Nam, another claimant country. [Full Article...]

Pence calls shootings of police in Dallas a cowardly attack

So what does it mean if Donald Trump selects Pence as his running mate? They point out that Pence previously had presidential ambitions of his own, even though he ruled out a run past year after his approval rating slumped as a result of handling of the state's religious objections law. [Full Article...]

Edhi's Soyam held at Karachi's Memon Masjid

Edhi's Soyam held at Karachi's Memon Masjid Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also announced a contribution of 1 crore rupees to the Edhi foundation last October but Abdul Sattar Edhi denied the charity. In the sticky streets in the heart of Karachi , Mr Edhi, full of idealism and hope, opened his first clinic in 1951. The foundation was home to the speech-impaired Indian girl, Geeta, who was found in Lahore city after she strayed acr... [Full Article...]

Andy Murray wins his 2nd Wimbledon title

KATE Middleton and Prince William headed to the Centre Court today for the men's finals to support Andy Murray in his bid to claim a second Wimbledon title. "I'm not trying to put him in a box ... and have him be an objective observer of the match and wear two hats", said Jamie Reynolds, an ESPN vice-president overseeing coverage of the tennis tournament. [Full Article...]

Pakistan's legendary Abdul Sattar Edhi dies at 88

Edhi Foundation has rescued over 20,000 abandoned infants since its inception and had rehabilitated over 50,000 orphans. Among the attendees were President Mamnoon Hussein, army chief General Raheel Sharif, chiefs of the navy and air force, governors, chief ministers plus political and religious leaders. [Full Article...]

Japanese media exit polls: Ruling coalition heads to victory

Exit polls and early returns showed the ruling coalition claiming more than the 61 seats needed to fulfill Abe's objective. Such a move could also have far-reaching consequences for regional stability, specifically Japan's relationships with China and Korea. [Full Article...]

Police Say Officers Have Been Targeted in Missouri, Georgia and Tennessee

They do not believe he was inspired by any global terror organizations. Meanwhile, tensions continued to run high across the United States after two other "ambushes" against police officers in the wake of the Dallas shootings. But by Friday afternoon, all attention focused on Johnson, and state and federal officials said the entire attack appeared to be the work of a single gunman. [Full Article...]

Activists See Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops of Philando Castile

Activists See Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops of Philando Castile On Thursday night, a gunman ambushed police officers who had been protecting a downtown Dallas protest responding to the deaths of Castile and Alton Sterling, the black man recently killed by police in Louisiana. There were no immediate reports of injuries or significant numbers of arrests, though in Phoenix police in riot gear used pepper spray on protesters, some of whom threw rocks at off... [Full Article...]

After Days of Limbo, Australian Premier Claims Election Win

If the LNP is unable to win at least two of the five seats then the party will be forced to negotiate with members of parliament from minor parties and independents in order to form a minority government. Turnbull said he would visit Australia's Governor General next week to be officially sworn in again as prime minister. When Labor and the Coalition agree, legislation can sail through parliam... [Full Article...]

Lin-Manuel Miranda Takes The 'Hamilton' Stage One Last Time

Tonight is also the final performance for two other principle cast members - Leslie Odom Junior, who won a Tony for his role as Aaron Burr, and Phillipa Soo, who portrays Eliza Schuyler. "Thanks to all for the love and support the past 2 yrs", Soo wrote. He will star in a live-action movie, Mary Poppins Returns, with actress Emily Blunt and is also set to contribute music for Disney's Moana . [Full Article...]

Late-night protests not slowing in Baton Rouge

Late-night protests not slowing in Baton Rouge Authorities in Baton Rouge say more than 100 people were jailed in connection with the Black Lives Matter protests held in the Lousiana city over the weekend. And was he the man who had brandished one in the alleged incident to which the officers were responding in the first place? Did you hesitate or immediately watch the video? At one point police in riot gear came out to clear the roa... [Full Article...]

Online pleas for help getting abortions have increased in Zika-affected countries

Online pleas for help getting abortions have increased in Zika-affected countries The researchers report that "in Latin American countries that issued warnings to pregnant women about complications associated with Zika virus infection, requests for abortion through WoW increased significantly". Anxiety over the mosquito-borne virus, which leads to severe birth defects, has cast a cloud over the summer games with six weeks to go. Microsoft says the traps use new advances in a ... [Full Article...]

Louisiana police shooting protests move through Baton Rouge

That might reassure protesters distrustful of local authorities' ability or inclination to investigate their own city's police force - all the more given that one of the officers in the video is the son of a captain in charge of special operations in the same department. [Full Article...]

Union backs Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader but demands 'effective opposition'

The 61-year-old father-of-three, who has represented his seat since 1997, abstained in last week's vote of no confidence in Mr Corbyn and told members of his constituency party that he thought the vote's result was unconstitutional. His ally and shadow chancellor John McDonnell addressed a National Union of Teachers rally outside Parliament to insist that Mr Corbyn would not resign. [Full Article...]

Trump gets testy with Flake at GOP meeting

Trump gets testy with Flake at GOP meeting The spat, first reported by the Washington Post , began when Trump remarked that Flake had been critical of him in the past. After Flake urged Trump to end his disparaging comments against Mexicans, the Post said , Trump predicted that Arizona's junior senator would lose his re-election campaign. [Full Article...]

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