Trump's false start on immigration leaves everyone guessing

Trump's false start on immigration leaves everyone guessing A Fox interviewer pointed out that his proposed cuts domestic areas, such as those at the Environmental Protection Agency, would not pay for the increased military spending. In calling to "restart" the American jobs engine, Trump said the USA must make it "easier for companies to do business in the United States , and much, much harder for companies to leave our country". [Full Article...]

Iraq may be dropped from travel ban countries

Iraq may be dropped from travel ban countries And unlike the hastily signed original order, portions of which were suspended by multiple courts, the new version is not expected to affect green card holders or people already in possession of U.S. The new order would have to be free of the constitutional problems raised by the original order and the administration would also have to show that the original order will not be resurrected in the fu... [Full Article...]

Rory McIlroy would not have voted for Donald Trump

Before we erase Mr President from the golfing scene a few McIlroy anecdotes are worth sharing, not least those relating to the security detail. That's all I've really been concentrating on. "I was a little bit taken back by the blowback I received, but I get why", McIlroy said. "I want to get back to Australia; I love it down there". [Full Article...]

Electric MINI could be built in Germany, due to Brexit

Electric MINI could be built in Germany, due to Brexit BMW is pondering building the upcoming all-electric Mini in Germany rather than Britain as originally intended. Most Minis are made at the company's Oxford plant, one of the biggest such facilities in the country, but the electric version of the vehicle could be made in Germany. [Full Article...]

Ash wednesday opens lent season

John's Episcopal for the full Ash Wednesday experience", he said. The rules of Lent have changed quite a bit since it was first celebrated but the general idea is to make a sacrifice as a form of penance (repenting for your sins), to renew your faith and to prepare to celebrate. [Full Article...]

Hippo dies after brutal attack in El Salvador

Hippo dies after brutal attack in El Salvador Veterinarians tended to Gustavito around the clock but could not save the popular hippo. Most of the killings have been blamed on powerful street gangs. CCTV cameras at the zoo don't overlook the hippo's enclosure. He had stopped eating, the zookeepers said, and was spending most of his time hiding under the water in his enclosure. [Full Article...]

Betsy DeVos is a Stupid, Stupid Person

Betsy DeVos is a Stupid, Stupid Person Rather than focus exclusively on funding, we must be willing to make the tangible, structural reforms that will allow students to reach their full potential. Needless to say, it's not accurate to suggest that HBCUs were "pioneers when it comes school choice ". Certainly no child should be trapped in a failing public school, but vouchers are not the correct mechanism to address educational inequ... [Full Article...]

Kansas City Chiefs: Breaking Down Franchising Eric Berry

Kansas City Chiefs: Breaking Down Franchising Eric Berry In a move that was largely expected, the Kansas City Chiefs released their all-time leading rusher, Jamaal Charles , on Tuesday. He is now the highest paid player at his position in the NFL . Then, after breaking into the clear, Charles used his sprinter's speed to outrun a couple of defenders to the end zone. He's one of the most respected veterans in the Chiefs' locker room, and this season ... [Full Article...]

Police responding to Tunisian hotel attack were 'cowardly'

Three Irish people were among the 38 tourists murdered at the Sousse beach resort in Tunisia in June 2015. Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith said the gunman was intent on killing as many as he could. The judge thought there were too many " what ifs " to rule against TUI on the matter of neglect. According to the BBC , the coroner said that the police response could and should have been effective. [Full Article...]

Israeli jets respond to rockets fired from Gaza

The war killed 2,251 Palestinians and left 100,000 homeless, according to the UN. During the July-August 2014 war, 74 Israelis died, 68 of them soldiers. The intense fighting over 50 days also reduced swaths of Gaza to piles of rubble, making 100,000 people homeless. "The report says the. government was warned for months before the summer of 2014 by the security services of the hard humanitari... [Full Article...]

99-year-old ticks 'getting locked up' off her bucket list

Oh, and she's handcuffed. The police shared a post on their Facebook page including several pictures of Annie smiling with glee as she sat handcuffed and waving to the camera from within a cell. A almost 100-year-old Dutch woman fulfilled a wish on her bucket list by getting arrested. She can now cross this experience off of her bucket list. [Full Article...]

Russia, China veto UN resolution on Syria sanctions

The resolution, proposed by Britain and France months ago and endorsed by the United States last week, would have imposed sanctions on a handful of Syrian military officials and entities for having dropped chlorine-filled barrel bombs on opposition-held areas on at least three occasions in 2014 and 2015, according to a UN panel. [Full Article...]

Trump Slams Obama's Waters Rule in Signing EPA Executive Order

Covering 60 percent of USA waterways, it included smaller creeks, wetlands and other water bodies for protection under the Clean Water Act - but was met with resistance from property owners, farmers and others. The WOTUS rule was meant to reduce the number of punitive suits filed against anyone intending to pollute a waterway, by making it so companies must first apply for an EPA permit to do so. [Full Article...]

Etna Volcano Erupts in Fiery Show of Lava in Eastern Sicily

There is no direct danger to the towns or airport on the island but authorities will continue to monitor the growing ash cloud. The eruption is not thought to be risky. Etna is one of the world's most active volcanoes and has been known to burst into life several times a year. After a quiet 2016, Italy's Mount Etna volcano has been showing activity since January. [Full Article...]

Wilbur Ross Is Confirmed As Commerce Secretary

Wilbur Ross Is Confirmed As Commerce Secretary Vice-President Mike Pence today administered the oath of office to Wilbur Ross, a day after the Senate voted 72-27 to confirm him. Ross is expected to be a powerful figure in the Trump administration, leading the way on efforts to renegotiate NAFTA, the controversial trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. [Full Article...]

Women Freed from Islamic State Burn Face Veils, Smoke Cigarettes

Gen. Thamer al-Husseini said that the neighbourhoods of al-Tayaran and al-Juseq are located nearby the city's airport, which has been completely liberated. Tehran's Shiite militias could push to replace US forces in the fight for Mosul; or more likely, Iran's clients could demand that all American forces leave Iraq immediately after the battle. [Full Article...]

Suspect says she was paid $124 to apply deadly nerve agent

A statement Friday, Feb. 24, 2017 from the inspector general of police said that a preliminary analysis from the Chemistry Department of Malaysia identified the agent at "VX NERVE AGENT". Experts say the women must have taken precautions so the nerve agent wouldn't kill them. Lee also cited the NIS as saying that Kim Won Hong's dismissal was linked to the false reports said to have "enraged" Kim... [Full Article...]

S Korea's acting leader rejects to extend probe into scandal

Her lawyers maintained she was not aware of any wrongdoing and blamed her secret confidante Choi Soon-Sil, who is accused of using Park's presidential ties to force local firms to "donate" almost $70 million to non-profit foundations. On Monday, Hwang refused a request by the investigation team to extend its probe past Tuesday's deadline. However, soon after announcing there would be no extensio... [Full Article...]

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi to visit US

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi to visit US Yang noted that President Xi not long ago held an important phone conversation with President Trump, which offered clear guidance on the direction of the development of the China-U.S. However, Trump, who initially challenged Beijing's claim over Taiwan, telephoned his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, assuring that the USA would adhere to the 'One China policy'. [Full Article...]

Salvadoran woman with brain tumor moved from hospital to ICE custody

Sara Beltran-Hernandez, a mother of two, returned to a detention center in Laredo after she was removed from the hospital. "Until that time, ICE medical staff is keeping her under observation", Danielle Bennett, an ICE spokeswoman wrote in an email. [Full Article...]

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