Welcome to the wall: artist Banksy opens Bethlehem hotel

Welcome to the wall: artist Banksy opens Bethlehem hotel Set amidst the rubble of Area C in the occupied West Bank, the hotel is aimed at both boosting a ravaged Palestinian economy and raising awareness among Israeli and foreign visitors of the Occupation's devastating effect on Palestinian lives. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump blames Obama for anti-government protests

Donald Trump blames Obama for anti-government protests The pressure from Republican lawmakers makes this a critical moment for a new president who ran for office on a pledge to swiftly shake up Washington and follow through on the failed promises of career politicians. The White House will send Trump's proposal to federal departments on Monday as he gears up for budget negotiations with Congress that often take months to play out. [Full Article...]

Bomb hurled at RSS office in Kerala; 3 injured

Bomb hurled at RSS office in Kerala; 3 injured The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) on Wednesday asked the left government in Kerala to ensue safety and security of every individual including its members. "The RSS strongly condemns such statements". Will Prime Minister and his government stop remaining silent? "The silence of the governments is an endorsement that emboldens the RSS to issue such obnoxious threats". [Full Article...]

DHS solicits ideas for Mexico border wall

Trump did not repeat his vow to make Mexico pay for the wall , something that the Mexican government has repeatedly said it will never do. We're going to build a wall. border protection] operational requirements", Carlos Diaz, spokesman for the CBP, told The Daily Caller News Foundation Tuesday. Trump has suggested $12 billion. [Full Article...]

Series of United States airstrikes in central Yemen

Thursday's attacks were conducted in partnership with the government of Yemen, said Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman. The strikes were spread across three provinces, Abyah, Shabwah and Bayda, the last being the same place where US Navy SEALs raided a suspected al-Qaeda compound in what the US military has called an intelligence gathering mission. [Full Article...]

Judge agrees to free widow of Orlando shooter on bail

A sketch artist's rendering of Noor Salman in court in January. In a statement posted to social media, Orlando police Chief John Mina said he was disappointed by the turn of events. Her attorneys said a release from custody in terrorism-related cases only occurs 1-2 percent of the time , so Ryu's order was indicative that the prosecution's case against Salman is weak. [Full Article...]

De Mistura: Thursday will be an important day for Geneva talks

U.N. special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, second right, attends a meeting with Syrian government representatives at the United Nations in Geneva, Tuesday, Feb. Trump has said his priority is to fight Islamic State, which has left Russia in the diplomatic driving seat and put Russia, Turkey and Iran in charge of overseeing a shaky cease-fire. [Full Article...]

Obama Officials Reportedly Left a Trail to Preserve Intel of Russian Hacking

Dan Coats told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which is weighing his nomination to head the Office of Director of National Intelligence at a moment of rising tensions between President Trump and the intelligence community over the Russian Federation meddling issue. [Full Article...]

Sweden set to reintroduce conscription: broadcaster SR

The main draft will include people applying voluntarily for military training. The Nordic country mothballed compulsory military service in 2010, but military activity in the Baltic region has increased since, in the wake of Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014, prompting Sweden to step up military preparedness. [Full Article...]

Top Egyptian court acquits Mubarak over protester killings in final ruling

Top Egyptian court acquits Mubarak over protester killings in final ruling In January 2016, the Court of Cassation upheld a three-year prison sentence for Mubarak and his two sons for corruption in the case known as "the presidential palaces lawsuit", for using public funds - appropriated for the maintenance of presidential palaces - to upgrade his private property. [Full Article...]

Americans Set to Lose Visa-Free Travel to Croatia

Americans Set to Lose Visa-Free Travel to Croatia United States citizens traveling to Europe will soon have to pay for a visa to enter the continental bloc, thanks to an escalating "visa war", as the Telegraph puts it, between the us and the European Union. A European Parliament statement said the EU Commission was legally obliged to temporarily reintroduce the new visa rules because of its reciprocity policy. [Full Article...]

Zinke Sworn In As 52nd Secretary Of The Interior

Zinke was confirmed and sworn in as secretary of the Interior Department on Wednesday, putting him in charge of oversight of 400 million acres of public land, mostly in the West. Environmental groups slammed the new directive on lead ammunition, arguing that spent lead casings cause poisoning in 130 species of birds and other animals. [Full Article...]

Victor of €12.9m Lotto jackpot comes forward

The National Lottery says the victor of last night's €12.8m jackpot has yet to come forward. A National Lottery spokesman confirmed to that the group had been in touch with them this afternoon. I was manager of Sutton years ago and I sold a €6 and half million victor. "Supervalu is Portloaise sold the €180,000 victor for this draw as well so it's a good day for Supervalu!" The... [Full Article...]

Rory McIlroy questioned for playing golf with Donald Trump

Rory McIlroy questioned for playing golf with Donald Trump Woods has been blighted by back problems in recent years and his latest comeback, following more than a year on the sidelines, proved both brief and unsuccessful. Mcilroy also sets aside beliefs or politics to one side for a minute and claimed that he saw 30 secret service and 30 cops, snipers on the trees, and it was just a surreal experience for him. [Full Article...]

Science Fiction Fanboy Arrested for Allegedly Creating 3D Printed Guns

Despite the fact the firearms can not fire bullets, police say that is beside the point and "persons who posses these type of firearms posses them for one reason only and that's to commit criminal offences and commit badness", Firearms Squad detective inspector Joe Doueihi said onChannel Ten. [Full Article...]

Oprah Doesn't Seem To Rule Out The Idea Of Running For President

Although Winfrey has no experience in government she has certain qualities that President Trump lacks. After a brief pause, filled with laughter and cheers from the audience, Winfrey replied: " I never considered the question, even a possibility ". [Full Article...]

Hispanic-Owned Companies Among 225 Firms Interested In Building Border Wall

Trump repeated on Tuesday a vow that he would soon start building a barrier along the almost 2,000-mile (3,200 km) U.S. -Mexico border to prevent illegal immigrants and drugs crossing north. "[Trump] didn't say Mexico is going to pay for [the wall]", host George Stephanopoulos said, referencing Trump's speech to Congress Tuesday. Contractors intrigued by the project have until March 10 to submit... [Full Article...]

Galway church opens Ash Wednesday drive-thru

Galway church opens Ash Wednesday drive-thru This is, however, not meant to replace traditional observance for those who have the time and commitment to attend a fuller Ash Wednesday service. Michael Pinto, a priest from St. Sometimes it involves time. "One lady came by, and she was so overjoyed that we were doing this because she had to catch a flight to get out of town". [Full Article...]

Trump's false start on immigration leaves everyone guessing

Trump's false start on immigration leaves everyone guessing A Fox interviewer pointed out that his proposed cuts domestic areas, such as those at the Environmental Protection Agency, would not pay for the increased military spending. In calling to "restart" the American jobs engine, Trump said the USA must make it "easier for companies to do business in the United States , and much, much harder for companies to leave our country". [Full Article...]

Government faces defeat on Brexit bill in Lords

With the future of three million European Union nationals still uncertain, a cross-party coalition of peers voted by 358 to 256 to defeat the Government by backing a Labour amendment to the Brexit Bill going through the House of Lords. Former minister Viscount Hailsham urged the Government to move unilaterally and peers to take the "high moral ground" by backing the amendment. If she loses this vo... [Full Article...]

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