Ruling Could Trip Military Alert in the South China Sea

Ruling Could Trip Military Alert in the South China Sea A ruling could not really be enforced, but it would give the Philippines legitimacy and leverage in dealing with China. It bases its South China Sea claim on a so-called "nine-dash line" stretching deep into the maritime heart of Southeast Asia. [Full Article...]

May elected British Conservative Party leader

May elected British Conservative Party leader No second referendum. The country voted to leave the European Union , and as prime minister, I will make sure we leave the European Union", she said. Leadsom withdrew after a weekend in which her candidacy was all but consumed by remarks she made in an interview suggesting that she was better qualified because she is a mother, which Ms. [Full Article...]

Military has response measures for South China Sea ruling: minister

He was responding to questions from lawmakers during a hearing at the Legislature's Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee, on the Defense Ministry's preparations for the possible escalation of tension in the region following the ruling, which is expected to be released next week. [Full Article...]

United Kingdom home secretary ahead in race to become next PM

United Kingdom home secretary ahead in race to become next PM Mr McCartney said many Brexitiers were backing Mrs May and said there was no need for a General Election as the country finds it feet after the political shock of the European Union referendum. The Leadsom supporter said: "Andrea's first thoughts will be with Theresa in this matter, it's a disgusting thing to have happened to both candidates. [Full Article...]

Theresa May to become Prime Minister on Wednesday, David Cameron announces

She has portrayed herself as the leader who can unite the country following a bitterly divisive campaign, and a tough negotiator who can stand up to Brussels in what promise to be tortuous talks over Britain's exit from the European Union. Theresa May is the only candidate left to become Britain's next prime minister, after the other contender, Andrea Leadsom, quit the race on Monday. [Full Article...]

UK's Cameron says he will resign by Wednesday

UK's Cameron says he will resign by Wednesday As she announced her leadership campaign, Eagle said: "These are dark times for Labour and they are unsafe times for our country". By voting to leave the EU in a June 23 referendum, United Kingdom voters turned the country's politics upside down and prompted the immediate resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron , a strong backer of remaining in the European body. [Full Article...]

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to maintain 12000 troops in Afghanistan

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO will start a training and capacity-building mission for armed forces in Iraq, a country he called central in the fight against the Islamic State. USA troops will continue to pursue two narrow missions: First, the United States will maintain a counterterrorism capability in Afghanistan to target the remnants of al Qaida, ISIL-K, and other terroris... [Full Article...]

Rajnath Singh Speaks To Sonia Gandhi, Omar Abdullah On Kashmir Situation

When asked about convening an all party meeting to discuss security situation in the state, Mr Singhvi said, his party favours such a meeting for constructive suggestions. Union Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi said the situation in the Valley is under control. They were due to return home tomorrow. According to sources, Singh is also speaking to other opposition leaders on the Kashmir situation. [Full Article...]

United Kingdom opposition Labour Party now have a leadership battle of their own

United Kingdom opposition Labour Party now have a leadership battle of their own Her bid looks set to trigger civil war within the party and comes after 172 Labour MPs indicated that they had no confidence in Corbyn in a vote which saw him win the support of just 40 Westminster colleagues. Eagle, who has been considering a leadership bid since resigning as shadow business secretary in late June, said the party needed to move beyond the factionalism and divisions of the Co... [Full Article...]

Eagle has landed: Labour coup heats up as Corbyn leadership formally challenged

I can bring our party together again. The 55-year-old, who has been the MP for Wallasey since 1992, went on: "I would not do this if I did not think I could be a good prime minister for Britain". Corbyn's support among the party's ordinary members, who will elect the party's next leader, remains strong, leading some lawmakers and commentators to speculate the leadership contest may split the pa... [Full Article...]

Corbyn: I'll sue if I can't contest leadership

He said if the NEC decided he needed nominations, "I will challenge that if that is the view they take", adding: "I've taken much soundings from lawyers". "But they will if I win". Asked if Mr Corbyn should be allowed to stand in a new leadership contest, she said it was a decision for Labour's ruling National Executive Committee, but pointed out it was party precedent for candidates to secure... [Full Article...]

Dallas police shooter wrote cryptic message in blood, chief says

Authorities who searched his home in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite found a personal journal of combat tactics, as well as bomb-making materials, ballistic vests, rifles and ammunition. Authorities are now looking through Johnson's writings and possessions to try to figure out what those apparent initials mean. The U.S. Department of Defense and a lawyer who represented Johnson did not return r... [Full Article...]

Funeral in absentia held for Edhi

Prime Minister Sharif also announced Saturday as a day of mourning in Pakistan and said Edhi would be given a state funeral on Saturday in recognition for his services. Edhi was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2013 but was unable to get a transplant due to frail health. Leading US-based newspaper The New York Times termed Edhi "Pakistan's Father Teresa" in the obituary published on July 8. [Full Article...]

My 2 Cents: Discover the great outdoors with Pokemon GO app

However, for fans in other countries, there was just one way to download Pokemon GO- get the Pokemon GO APK. Amazon CTO, Werner Vogels, tweeted jokingly that Amazon Web Services will be happy to cloud-host "Pokémon GO" So that he can also get his hands on drowzee. [Full Article...]

Edhi's funeral in Karachi today, security beefed up

Mr Sharif, who is recuperating in London after undergoing surgery last month, was not able to attend the funeral. He dedicated his entire life for the welfare of the downtrodden. He was accorded a guard of honour and a gun salute by the Pakistan Army. Edhi was born in 1928 in a village in Gujarat district of British India and migrated as a refugee to the newly formed state of Pakistan in 1947. [Full Article...]

The Chilcot Report explained

The Sun said readers could use their mock-up dartboard to "aim your own missiles at the cowards and traitors who opted to support Saddam Hussein rather than the fearless troops who laid down their lives for freedom". But Blair, whose legacy as a three-times election victor for the centre-left Labour Party has been overshadowed by years of accusations that he had lied to exaggerate the intelligen... [Full Article...]

Murray beats Raonic in Wimbledon final

The 25-year-old insisted he will "leave no stone unturned" in his bid to return to a major final and become the first Canadian Grand Slam title victor. Raonic hopes to have McEnroe still involved in some capacity, while Piatti believes the seven-time grand slam champion is a much-needed addition to what is essentially a team that is as stacked as the Golden State Warriors. [Full Article...]

Cemeteries Are Great Places to Play Pokemon GO

As a person is walking down the street the creatures will appear and can be "caught". Like really , really popular-so much so that players are spoofing their phone's location using VPNs in their quest to catch 'em all . Pokemon Go also includes a brief history of the memorial or description, so players can learn about local history while catching Pokemon. The official Pokemon Go Twitter acco... [Full Article...]

Gatlin, Lagat earn return Olympic trips

Gatlin, Lagat earn return Olympic trips Merritt, the 400-meter trials champion, hasn't decided whether he will attempt a double in Rio. Lagat, running what could go down as one of the best performances ever in by a runner older than 40, eventually passed Chelimo and Mead to take the win, but in a race in which a third-place finish is as good as a first, Mead was a victor. [Full Article...]

Black activists hope killings prompt more action from whites

Alton Sterling, 37, was shot early Tuesday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as he wrestled with two white police officers outside a convenience store. In this particular case it does seem odd that the police killed the attacker through a robot armed with a bomb. [Full Article...]

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