More advertisers say they have ditched Fox's O'Reilly show

The outlet reports that since 2002, O'Reilly or Fox News' parent company has paid five women a total of $13 million to avoid litigation and media attention. Fox News has an anonymous hotline employees can use, however, there has been reported fear to call it due to the belief the company is monitoring their phones. [Full Article...]

Palestinians angry at Israel's new settlement plan in occupied West Bank

The Israeli security cabinet gave its unanimous backing to the new settlement late on Thursday as what is widely seen as the most right-wing government in Israeli history presses ahead with settlement expansion in defiance of worldwide concerns. [Full Article...]

White House offer on health care bill gets mixed reviews

Vice President Mike Pence and administration officials met on Capitol Hill for two hours with lawmakers from the moderate "Tuesday Group", the conservative Republican Study Committee, and the House Freedom Caucus, the rebel group of conservative lawmakers that derailed the first administration-backed healthcare bill last month. [Full Article...]

N. Korea defector warns Kim would use nukes against US

N. Korea defector warns Kim would use nukes against US North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is reportedly growing "desperate" and is ready to strike the United States with a nuclear weapon, a defector from the regime said on Sunday. Khalid said being professional investigators, Malaysian police continued referring to the dead man by the name listed in his passport before he was positively identified as Kim Jong-nam through a DNA test. [Full Article...]

Haley says 'no love' in Russian dealings

The FBI has started its investigations into claims of Russia's direct involvement during the United States election. "The original call that I received to go to Trump Tower was to discuss secretary of state", she said. "Find the leakers." Last month, Trump tweeted his accusation that former President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign. [Full Article...]

Royal Family Attends Service For Victims Of London Terror Attack

Royal Family Attends Service For Victims Of London Terror Attack Khalid Masood , a 52-year-old convert to Islam known to the security services, drove into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before stabbing policeman Keith Palmer to death. "Our hearts go out to them in sympathy and prayer and love", he added. Dr Hall continued: "What happened a fortnight ago leaves us bewildered". "It seems likely that we shall never know". [Full Article...]

On Equal Pay Day, Kathy Castor reaffirms support for Paycheck Fairness Act

As most of us now know, that figure fails to take into account the racial aspects of the wage gap, which shows that white women earn 79 cents to each white male dollar, but that Black women earn 63 percent of what white men earn, and Latinas earn 54 percent. [Full Article...]

YouTube TV Arrives Today-Promising, But A Work In Progress

After officially unveiling YouTube TV back at the end of February, Google hasn't wasted much time in pushing it out the door. However, it's not yet clear whether YouTube plans to bring the platform to its smart TV apps. Recently, Google has been coming up with several new initiatives to enhance the video watching or streaming experience of YouTube users. Although YouTube TV is a bundle wit... [Full Article...]

YouTube's streaming TV service is finally live

The company has confirmed that they will eventually be rolling out the app in other developing countries where internet speeds are very low and yet to support the full Youtube app. "Personally, I think the most attractive thing about YouTube TV is its unlimited cloud DVR feature". Would you be up for ditching your cable or satellite provider for YouTube? YouTube also announced today ... [Full Article...]

North Korea may have tested new technology in latest missile

QUOTABLE: "To some extent, the market's imagination appear to be running wild with the possibilities of the outcome from this meeting, especially given the impulsiveness we have seen from President Donald Trump thus far on issues regarding China". [Full Article...]

UK woman who urinated on Trump golf course loses case

UK woman who urinated on Trump golf course loses case The defence was offered after retired social worker Rohan Beyts, a longstanding opponent of Trump International Golf Links, took legal action over staff photographing her after she got caught short on a walk close to the beach near the Aberdeenshire course in April 2016. [Full Article...]

Rex Tillerson to chair UN meeting on North Korea's nukes

The threat from North Korea and trade will top the agenda as the president hosts Chinese President Xi Jinping this week at Trump's Mar-a-lago complex in Florida. There are now more than 400 USA military bases surrounding China . Since coming into office, Trump has taken a more muted tone on China , agreeing to the one-China policy and so far declining to label China a currency manipulat... [Full Article...]

Senate begins debate on Gorsuch, headed for showdown

Some Republicans fear the fallout could be irreparable and urge McConnell to preserve the 60-vote rule. Below is a look at how ABC News expects the week to play out based on conversations with Democratic and Republican lawmakers and their staff. [Full Article...]

Starbucks' Shultz stands by pledge to hire refugees

Starbucks' Shultz stands by pledge to hire refugees Schultz added that the brand is continuously being recognized for being connected to and trusted by its customers, including being named the country's third-most admired brand by Fortune magazine. Schultz said Starbucks has seen no "brand dilution" nor hits to its business because of that refugee commitment, contrary to some reports . The company plans to double its food business by 202... [Full Article...]

State Department tells embassies to ramp up visa screening

State Department tells embassies to ramp up visa screening It's unclear how the new screening process will affect Hawaii's $15 billion tourism industry, which had 8.7 million visitors - including 6,800 from Middle East and 2,000 from Africa - in 2015. After a court blocked the effort, a second executive order removed Iraq from the travel ban. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will attend a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit on March 31, accord... [Full Article...]

Dozens have died from a suspected chemical attack in Syria

Fisher reported that hospitals in the area were overwhelmed with the scale of the apparent attack and that footage showed them struggling to cope with the number of victims. Bashar Assad and his friends, the Russians, take note of what Americans say. There were no immediate statements from the Syrian government or any other global agency post the attack. [Full Article...]

UN agency suspends Gaza missions after Hamas restrictions

UN agency suspends Gaza missions after Hamas restrictions HRW said the restrictions suggested that Israel was not entirely committed to investigating potential rights violations. The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor's office should take note of the restrictions in the context of its ongoing preliminary examination of the Palestine situation. [Full Article...]

Mysterious 'rocket' icon appears in lots of people's Facebook apps

Mysterious 'rocket' icon appears in lots of people's Facebook apps Let's dive in to see some more details on the Facebook rocket icon and what its main goal is. Facebook has confirmed it is testing the second News Feed as way to help users discover even more content. It is also said to bring up content relevant to location, stories based on the user's " liked " pages and interests. While the final decision will rest until the company has not rolled out the new ... [Full Article...]

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn didn't initially disclose Russian Federation speeches

Nunes saw on his controversial night-time trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue earlier this month. A source close to Flynn cast the discrepancy as a result of Flynn not going through the normal consultation process with White House staff before the form was completed. [Full Article...]

Syria government, rebels trade insults after Geneva peace talks

Syria government, rebels trade insults after Geneva peace talks The Syrian regime delegation is headed by Bashar al-Ja'aafari, while the main opposition is led by the HNC's Nasr Hariri. "In fact they are tools, they are mercenaries in the hands of their lords, their operators, and it seems they have not received instructions from them, except instructions to continue supporting terrorism and to create havoc in these rounds". [Full Article...]

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