'Don't underestimate me': A look back at Bernie 2016

'Don't underestimate me': A look back at Bernie 2016 Sanders has turned his focus from the presidential campaign towards building a more progressive Democratic Party platform at the party's convention in Philadelphia, Pa at the end of the month. Clinton's support is strongest among young blacks, half of whom consider her honest and trustworthy and two-thirds of whom say they have a favorable opinion of Clinton. [Full Article...]

South Sudan Leaders in Crisis Talks After Violence Kills 270

The U.N. mission in South Sudan, UNMISS, expressed its outrage after its bases in Juba were caught in the crossfire between the two sides and two Chinese peacekeepers were killed. Mr Kiir and Mr Machar are under intense diplomatic pressure to end the violence. It is unclear what instigated the violence or which actors were involved, but the fighting has heightened fears that the peace settle... [Full Article...]

Obama to honor 5 Dallas officers shot by man out for revenge

The president, accompanied by First Lady Michelle Obama, leaned heavily on scripture as he ministered to a country stunned by gun violence and torn asunder by race and politics. He thanked Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas Police Chief David Brown for their work and noted that Rawlings is white, Brown is black. It was organized to help combat "a common disease" of violence and honor those ... [Full Article...]

Humble hero of Pakistan Abdul Sattar Edhi passes away

Humble hero of Pakistan Abdul Sattar Edhi passes away Edhi became popular in India as the news about rehabilitating Geeta, a deaf-mute Indian girl who accidentally crossed over to Pakistan 14 years ago, spread in the sub-continent media. Mr Mir said Edhi was always there for everyone and that people respected him. In the sticky streets in the heart of Karachi , Edhi, full of idealism and hope, opened his first medical clinic in 1951. [Full Article...]

Edhi buried in the grave he dug several years earlier

Edhi buried in the grave he dug several years earlier The renowned humanitarian, who was the founder and chairman of the Edhi Foundation , was diagnosed with kidney failure three years ago but was since unable to receive a transplant due to his poor health. "Edhi worked for the downtrodden all his life". Edhi came from a family of Gujarati traders and arrived in Pakistan in 1947. The body, draped in Pakistan's flag, was taken to Edhi village. [Full Article...]

Dallas gunman laughed and sang in stand-off with the police

Dallas gunman laughed and sang in stand-off with the police Investigators said Johnson kept a journal of combat tactics and had a personal weapons arsenal at home, which included bomb-making materials, ammunition and rifles. Brown said that they have to do that for the sake of their families. Swat teams deployed around the Dallas Police Department headquarters while officers investigated reports of a suspicious person in a parking garage. [Full Article...]

China rejects South China Sea tribunal judgement, reaffirms territorial sovereignty

Manila lodged its suit against Beijing in 2013, challenging China's claims to much of the waterway and saying it was in violation of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea ( UNCLOS ), to which both countries are signatories. In stark contrast, Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay said officials in the Philippines are pleased with the ruling. Philippines Foreign Minister said experts have studie... [Full Article...]

Clashes occur at Saturday's Baton Rouge protest; some arrested, disarmed

Clashes occur at Saturday's Baton Rouge protest; some arrested, disarmed In response, Packnett says, "We're on the shoulder". "I was never really the type to be out here", she said, "because when the Trayvon Martin case happened I was really upset - like it hurts me, it makes me want to cry". But when black students graduate, they can't expect to find work in Baton Rouge, he said. " People are peacefully protesting". Protesters waved homemade signs while drivers... [Full Article...]

After Iron Lady, Theresa May to become Britain's 2nd female PM

After Iron Lady, Theresa May to become Britain's 2nd female PM Andrea Leadsom announced Monday she is backing out of the contest, citing the strong support for her opponent May and saying it was in Britain's best interests for the next leader to be put in place quickly. The 1922 Committee of Conservative MPs, which is overseeing the leadership contest, has declared Mrs May the new party leader "with immediate effect". [Full Article...]

Aylesbury-born MP in race to become leader of Conservative Party

Aylesbury-born MP in race to become leader of Conservative Party The home secretary and energy minister will be put forward before about 150,000 Conservative party members to vote to succeed David Cameron after he resigned after the European Union referendum Brexit result. "We need a bold, new, positive vision for the future of our country, a vision of a country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few", she will say during a speech in Birmingham, ... [Full Article...]

Hague tribunal rejects Beijing's territorial claims in South China Sea

But China's Foreign Ministry rejected today's ruling , saying its people had more than 2,000 years of history in the South China Sea. "In the meantime, we call on all those concerned to exercise restraint and sobriety ", the statement said. [Full Article...]

Trump campaign: Sanders is 'part of a rigged system' after Clinton endorsement

All of them have been waiting to hear Tuesday's decision as Sanders officially puts his support behind Clinton with an endorsement. Sanders' challenge influenced Clinton's shift to the left on several issues, including her opposition to the proposed Keystone XL pipeline between Canada and the US and her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. [Full Article...]

Corbyn will be on ballot automatically after triumph in NEC battle

He has vowed to fight any exclusion from the ballot paper, but it could be problematic for him to gain enough support from his Westminster colleagues if he is required to do so. The NEC, on which Corbyn himself sits, was meeting from 2pm to set the rules, including whether his name must automatically appear on the ballot paper without him having to gather the requisite 51 signatures from MPs, wh... [Full Article...]

Abdul Sattar Edhi - The Incomparable

Abdul Sattar Edhi - The Incomparable Born to a family of Muslim traders in Gujarat in British India, Edhi arrived in Pakistan after its bloody creation in 1947. The funeral prayers in Karachi were attended by top military and political leadership, including President Mamnoon Hussain, Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, amid tight security. [Full Article...]

Watch Angela Eagle's awkward moment mashed up with The Office

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will face a leadership challenge from former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle. Corbyn continues to have strong support among Labour members, who took to the streets in thousands after the attempted coup in the party following the Brexit vote. [Full Article...]

USA will send 560 troops to Iraq to help retake Mosul

USA will send 560 troops to Iraq to help retake Mosul Carter laid out the US vision for Qayara for the first time, describing its recapture as a key strategic victory . During a meeting later at the prime minister's office, Carter expressed condolences to the Iraqi people on behalf of the US for the recent terror attacks in Iraq and said it strengthened his determination to fight ISIS. [Full Article...]

Britain Set to Have Its Second Female Prime Minister

Justice Minister Michael Gove has been eliminated after gaining just 46 votes from Tory Party MPs. Her prominent role in the Brexit campaign is seen as one of her main advantages in the ongoing contest for the Conservative leadership as it may play well with grassroots party members who have strong eurosceptic leanings. [Full Article...]

South Sudan;s former rebel leader also calls for cease-fire

Aid agencies think hundreds of thousands have been killed since civil war erupted in 2013, two years after independence. On Sunday the Security Council asked neighboring countries to send more peacekeepers to South Sudan. Ban Ki-moon said that this call for weapon embargo falls under adopting new specific sanctions against those who are causing turbulence in the country. [Full Article...]

Theresa May wins Britain's PM race after pro-Brexit rival quits

Since her appointment, opposition parties have joined forces to demand an early general election, insisting that it is "crucial" that the United Kingdom has a "democratically elected Prime Minister" at a time of economic and political uncertainty following the vote to leave the European Union. [Full Article...]

Britain's David Cameron to chair his final Cabinet meeting

Mrs May will take up office as Britain's second female PM tomorrow, after Mr Cameron answers MPs' questions in the House of Commons for the last time and goes to Buckingham Palace to offer his resignation to the Queen. Mr Cameron will also step down as Prime Minister and there will not be a general election. She is likely to move current Chancellor, George Osborne, who is seen as damaged, havi... [Full Article...]

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