From teacher to lover to France's next first lady? Meet 'Madame Macron'

From teacher to lover to France's next first lady? Meet 'Madame Macron' The couple, however, met 24 years prior, when the now-First Lady was a married drama teacher and Emmanuel just a 15-year-old kid. According to The Mirror, the 39-year-old politician was just 16 when he chose to get married to Trogneux. Before Macron went out to deliver a speech, he would practice it in front of Brigitte. "We wrote, and little by little, I was totally awed by the intellect of t... [Full Article...]

Executive Order Will Not Affect LDS Church Political Neutrality

Some Mississippi religious leaders are expressing mixed emotions about the president's executive order to allow religious organizations to become more politically active. While the "Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty" order, signed on the National Day of Prayer , calls for the IRS to ease enforcement of the rarely enforced " Johnson Amendment ", the law can not be officially quashed... [Full Article...]

Australia, Japan participate in Balikatan exercises

Australia, Japan participate in Balikatan exercises Mr Prashanth Parameswaran, a security and foreign policy expert at Tufts University, said it is "still early days, with new leaderships on both sides, and things could change further down the line in Manila's ties with the major powers as they have often done in the past". [Full Article...]

BJP to form next govt in Tripura without alliance says Amit Shah

BJP to form next govt in Tripura without alliance says Amit Shah Amit Shah's current Tripura visit is part of his 95-day countrywide tour for expanding the BJP's footprint across India. Tripura has been ruled continuously by the communists since 1993. During his two-day stay in Tripura, the BJP chief held a series of meetings with leaders of the BJP and its frontal organisations, intellectuals, and select media persons to finalise the party's strategy for the... [Full Article...]

North Korea accuses US, South Korea of assassination attempt

The CIA and Seoul's Intelligence Services (IS) have "ideologically corrupted and bribed a DPRK citizen surnamed Kim" to carry out the attack on Jong-Un, the statement said. South Korea said the workers chose to resettle in the South on their own. During the interview, Trump also spoke of the man at the center stage of all this, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. [Full Article...]

Wisconsin-based atheist group sues Trump over church order

But the arguments that have had the most traction in federal courts have been those made by religious groups who say it's against their beliefs to provide birth control to employees. Legal experts said the order would not have a discernible effect on policy. In a statement following the issuance of the order, the BJC's executive director Amanda Tyler charged the President's action showed his i... [Full Article...]

Sunday weather: Sunny skies, highs in the mid-60s

Sunday weather: Sunny skies, highs in the mid-60s Similar weather is expected Tuesday , but there is a chance for rain later in the week. Temperatures will be coolest Monday and Tuesday with highs mainly in the 60s. Partly sunny, with a high near 79. Sunday will be mostly sunny with a high near 57 . Rain is possible Monday morning, giving way to partly cloudy skies. [Full Article...]

Trump on Israeli-Palestinian peace: 'We will get it done'

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas came to the White House for the first time in almost three years on Wednesday for a meeting with President Trump . Lerman said in a conference call hosted by The Israel Project, which publishes The Tower, that Trump's approach to the peace process would mark a return to the stance adopted by former Secretary of State James Baker, who said, "we can n... [Full Article...]

Trump tries to pressure Senate Republicans on health care

House Republicans have been engaging in this charade for seven years. "We'll take whatever good ideas we find there that meet our goals". The bill will undergo surgery when senators start to work on it, and therefore the future of the legislation remains uncertain. [Full Article...]

Conrad Hilton arrested for alleged car theft in Los Angeles

Conrad Hilton arrested for alleged car theft in Los Angeles At the time, Nigeria's government said another group of 83 girls would be released "very soon". According to Gossip Cop , their relationship ended in late 2014. He was, however, charged with trespassing on that occasion. The incident was the latest in a string of run-ins with law enforcement for Hilton, great grandson of the hotel magnate by the same name. [Full Article...]

Clinton: FBI director's letter, Russian hackers cost me presidency

The thought he might have influenced the outcome made him "mildly nauseous," he admitted, but that "wouldn't change my decision". Comey testified for the first time in public on Wednesday, about his decisions during the election campaign, which have brought harsh criticism from Democrats, including Clinton, who on Tuesday said that she was convinced that she would have won the election if the FB... [Full Article...]

Bill Officially Defining Israel As Jewish State Approved By Knesset Committee

If passed, critics say it could undermine Israel's balance of being both a Jewish and democratic state by harming the rights of the country's minorities. "(The bill) is an important step in entrenching our identity, not only in consciousness of the world but primarily in our own minds", Dichter said. Some 17.5 per cent of Israel's population are Arab. [Full Article...]

Israel says Palestinian hunger strike leader ate in secret

Some 6,500 prisoners are being held in Israeli jails, including 51 women, 300 children and 500 without trial and up to 1,800 suffer from varying medical conditions. Trump praised Israeli-Palestinian security cooperation, which the United States helps fund. But he has at times backed away from the idea, such as during the 2015 election, when he said he would never permit a Palestinian state t... [Full Article...]

State Department says aware of North Korean detention of American

State Department says aware of North Korean detention of American Two weeks ago the North arrested Tony Kim, a USA citizen and accounting professor who was lecturing at PUST, accusing him of trying to "overturn" the regime. "During that visit, Mr Kim was at PUST to do agricultural development work with PUST's experimental farm", it said in a statement. Both arrested are of Korean origin and had worked here as teachers. [Full Article...]

Facebook, Twitter, Google sued over San Bernardino attack

Facebook, Twitter, Google sued over San Bernardino attack The lawyers representing the victims' families have filed lawsuits with almost identical accusations against social media companies on behalf of the victims in the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., and the father of a Cal State Long Beach student who was killed in a terrorist attack in Paris. [Full Article...]

Shakespeare & Vardy set Premier League records for Leicester

Shakespeare & Vardy set Premier League records for Leicester As for Watford, Walter Mazzarri's side had their chances in the East Midlands but they have now lost three matches in a row and the Italian must fear for his future at Vicarage Road. It was more luck than judgement from the defender but he prevented a certain goal and Christian Kabasele was the next Hornet to avoid an own goal when Heurelho Gomes turned his header wide. [Full Article...]

Only PM Modi can save us from Kashmir unrest: Mehbooba Mufti

Only PM Modi can save us from Kashmir unrest: Mehbooba Mufti Last month, Mufti met Prime Minister Modi at his residence in New Delhi and briefed him about the security situation in the Valley. "Mufti sahib, who had seen a dream, shook hands with the Prime Minister of our country Narendra Modi, who has got the mandate of the people", she said. [Full Article...]

Relative calm in Syrian safe zones after deal implemented

Osama Abo Zayd, a spokesman for the Syrian military factions at the Kazakhstan talks, said on Friday that it was "incomprehensible" for Iran to act as a guarantor of the deal . Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry said the next round of expanded Syria talks in Geneva is set for late May while the next Russia , Turkey and Iran-brokered Astana meeting is set for mid-July. [Full Article...]

France's Marine Le Pen Gets Criticism from Dad

France's Marine Le Pen Gets Criticism from Dad Party, Macron, won 23.75 percent of the vote in a tight race with the far-right candidate, Marin Le Pen, who received 21.5 percent. The defeated far-left candidate, Jean-Luc Melenchon, pointedly refused to back Macron, and Le Pen's National Front is hoping to do the once unthinkable and peel away voters historically opposed to a party long tainted by racism and anti-Semitism. [Full Article...]

Seven new MPs sworn in after Zuma's shocking Cabinet reshuffle

Seven new MPs sworn in after Zuma's shocking Cabinet reshuffle Vally said Zuma must give "the record of all documents and electronic records...that relate to the making of the decisions". When asked whether he would return to the post once more, if the High Court in Pretoria found that Zuma's decision was irrational, Gordhan said no. [Full Article...]

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