It is time to impeach Donald Trump, says Congressman Al Green

It is time to impeach Donald Trump, says Congressman Al Green Professor Tribe concedes that "Comey's summary firing will not stop the inquiry" into alleged ties between President Trump's campaign and Russian officials that may have amounted to collusion for the goal of influencing the outcome of last year's presidential election. [Full Article...]

17 mummies discovered in central Egypt

17 mummies discovered in central Egypt The mummies , which are not of royal personages, have not yet been dated but the ministry said they belonged to the Late Period, which spanned nearly 300 years up to Alexander the Great's conquest of Egypt in 332BC. "2017 - historic in terms of archaeological discoveries". The first discoveries in the region date back to 1931. In April, eight mummies were uncovered inside a 3,500-year-old to... [Full Article...]

Rein in Assad, Trump tells Moscow

Rein in Assad, Trump tells Moscow FM Lavrov will become the highest-ranking Kremlin official to visit Washington during Trump's tenure. Later at a news conference, Lavrov told reporters that Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are expected to meet on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit in July. [Full Article...]

James Clapper Warns US Institutions In Danger

On Sunday Clapper continued calling on the country to tune in, as he weighed in on the state of the USA government. "And I think as well our institutions are under assault internally", Clapper said. Mike Rogers of MI and Sen. "I don't know if there was collusion, political collusion, and I don't know of any evidence to it, so I can't refute it and I can't confirm it", Clapper said on CNN. [Full Article...]

North Korea says it will seek extradition of plot culprits

North Korea says it will seek extradition of plot culprits Another issue Moon will be forced to address is the dispute with China over America's deployment of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile shield in South Korea. The phrasing is Beijing's diplomatic code for acceptance of its stance. Beijing sees it as a threat to the regional security balance. Abe said he looked forward to working with Moon to improve relations, describing ... [Full Article...]

Trump invites new South Korean leader to US

Trump invites new South Korean leader to US In a speech at the National Assembly hours after being declared the victor of Tuesday's election, Moon pledged to work for peace on the Korean Peninsula amid growing worry over the North's expanding nuclear weapons and missiles program. The 64-year-old is bespectacled, reserved and mild-mannered, although some critics describe him as bland, indecisive and uninspiring. "I take this office empty-h... [Full Article...]

Iraq PM: No US combat troops to stay in Iraq after IS

Brig. Gen. John B. Richardson IV, a top US commander in northern Iraq, has said officials fear the longer the battle drags on, the deadlier it will become, especially for civilians. Iraqi forces are struggling to retake the last remaining Mosul neighborhoods IS holds in the city's western half, but even after a territorial victory, Iraqi and US -led coalition officials have warned of the potenti... [Full Article...]

US Navy ship collides with S. Korean fishing boat

US Navy ship collides with S. Korean fishing boat A San Diego-based guided-missile cruiser collided with a fishing vessel in global waters Tuesday. "Both ships were able to navigate under their own power". There were no injures aboard USS Lake Champlain , a guided-missile cruiser, the official said. American warships in the Vinson Strike Group have been training with South Korean and Japanese counterparts since late last month. [Full Article...]

Supreme Court grants death sentence to 2012 Delhi gang rape case convicts

Supreme Court grants death sentence to 2012 Delhi gang rape case convicts The victim's father said he was happy with the court judgment and urged the swift hanging of the convicts. The parents have started a "Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust" to help rape survivors and also stressed that their daughter should be identified by her name. [Full Article...]

Caitlyn's popularity plunges dramatically in latest list of top baby names

Caitlyn's popularity plunges dramatically in latest list of top baby names The popularity of the names, as determined by Social Security Administration data, is based on approximately 4 million births in the US for 2016. Rounding out the top 10 list of baby boys' names in 2016 were Liam, William, Mason, James, Benjamin, Jacob, Michael, Elijah and Ethan. [Full Article...]

Russia: US media overreact to photos

The Russians used the photos to troll the White House in its social media posts Wednesday. The administration said Trump made clear the need for Russian Federation to "rein in" the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, an ally of Russian Federation and Iran. [Full Article...]

Trump's meeting with Abbas begins

President Donald Trump confidently predicted that a lasting Middle East peace agreement was within grasp Wednesday, as he hosted Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas at the White House . The US president said he believes, "We will get it done". Asked what distinguishes Trump's plans from previous attempts, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said merely: "The man is different". [Full Article...]

Jerusalem's alleged attacker reported 57-year-old Jordanian citizen

The attack took place in the Old city - the historic walled centre of Jerusalem, where every day attracts thousands of tourists and pilgrims. Police spokeswoman Luba Simri said the officer was walking down a street when he was attacked by a 57-year-old Jordanian who had arrived in Israel for a visit a few days earlier. [Full Article...]

Liberty University counting down for President Trump's visit

President Trump also discusses his commitment to technical and vocational education, trade and the rising optimism from businesses throughout the country. "Following your convictions.means you must face criticism from those who lack courage to do what is right", he said. President Donald Trump is telling college graduates that they should "relish the opportunity to be an outsider". [Full Article...]

Senate Intelligence Panel Subpoenas Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn

Senate Intelligence Panel Subpoenas Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn But so far the committees say they want to interview more witnesses and collect more documents. Flynn is one of four former aides to President Donald Trump that the intelligence committee has requested documents from. Flynn is also under investigation for business dealings he had with clients tied to foreign governments. Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, emerged in 2015 as a strident c... [Full Article...]

China says all welcome at Silk Road forum

Foreign Secretary Shankar Das Bairagi and Chinese Ambassador Yu Hong signed the framework agreement on behalf of their respective governments, a statement issued by Foreign Ministry read . On Sunday, China plans to show how it is filling that vacuum. Asked about the invitation to North Korea to attend, Anna Richey-Allen, a spokeswoman for the U.S. [Full Article...]

France's President-elect Scrambles to Find Candidates for Upcoming Parliamentary Poll

France's President-elect Scrambles to Find Candidates for Upcoming Parliamentary Poll His party's parliamentary candidates' atypical profiles show "a need to renew faces" in a country that has traditionally recycled its politicians for decades, said Macron's spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux. republican, progressive, of the left, that I act", said the former premier, urging people "who want the new president of the republic to succeed" to vote for him. [Full Article...]

Zidane amazed by Benzema's vital solo run

Zidane amazed by Benzema's vital solo run The goal all but ended Atletico's hopes of advancing, and the second half was played at a much calmer pace, with few significant scoring opportunities for both teams. Real Madrid joined Juventus in the Champions League final last night after beating Athletico Madrid 4-1 on aggregate, losing 2-1 on the night. We spoke at the end of the game and I asked him how he managed to get out of that corn... [Full Article...]

Vladimir Putin Responds to James Comey Firing in Full Hockey Gear

Russian Federation supports the resumption of dialogue between Israel and Palestine, president Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, as his USA counterpart, Donald Trump, prepares to visit Israel. No American reporters were allowed in the room, but Russian press published photos of the two men together. At the White House, Trump met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and Russian media was... [Full Article...]

North Korea claims plot reveals US state-sponsored terrorism

North Korea's state media praised Kim's accomplishments, saying that the country has withstood what it calls USA nuclear blackmail and sanctions. Both arrested are of Korean origin and had worked here as teachers. For many years, North Korea has argued its pursuit of nuclear weapons is essential to deter USA military action. The defector, who now lives in South Korea, said he's anxious that Ki... [Full Article...]

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