Sanders Throws His Weight Behind Rival Clinton

The Vermont senator announced his support of Clinton during a Tuesday morning speech with her in New Hampshire. "I intend to do everything I can to make sure she will be the next president of the United States". Trump quickly tweeted " Bernie Sanders , who has lost most of his leverage, has totally sold out to Crooked Hillary Clinton ". "I can't help but reflect on how much more enjoyable this ... [Full Article...]

Protests in London as seven-year Iraq Inquiry wait comes to end

Protests in London as seven-year Iraq Inquiry wait comes to end They are helping train Iraqi troops, a mission that has been extended by almost two years . "The report ... will not change anything - all this is empty talk ", said Zainab Hassan, aged 60. Howard said there was intelligence that suggested the weapons existed before the invasion. Retired civil servant John Chilcot, who oversaw the inquiry, said "the United Kingdom chose to join the invasion... [Full Article...]

May pledges bold new future for Britain outside EU

May pledges bold new future for Britain outside EU Another, Liam Fox, was named to head a new worldwide trade department. "If you're from an ordinary working class family, life is much harder than many people in Westminster realise". "As I once said, I was the future once", Cameron noted, as his wife and children watched from the public gallery. May had served Cameron as Home Secretary throughout his six years in government. [Full Article...]

Missing Calgary girl likely spotted nine hours before mom found dead

Missing Calgary girl likely spotted nine hours before mom found dead Investigators say CCTV footage shows the mother and daughter in a nearby Dairy Queen on Sunday evening at about 5:30 p.m. Screencaptures of store surveillance video showing this encounter can be seen below. "Please allow her to come home to her family", CBC quotes a statement issued by Marsman Wednesday. "I want to make a plea to anyone out there who knows anything about where my baby is", M... [Full Article...]

Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton, says will help her win

Mrs Clinton and Mr Sanders had been negotiating since she all but guaranteed the nomination in June. Theodore Roosevelt's third-party bid in 1912 drew almost 30% of the vote, which ultimately helped Democrat nominee Woodrow Wilson win. Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president and I am proud to stand with her today". She spoke about student debt, Wall Street, raising the minimum wage,... [Full Article...]

What awaits Britain's new prime minister

A removal man let slip what it takes to move Britain's Prime Minister out of the home he has lived and worked in with wife Samantha for six years after the paperwork for the job was snapped by a photographer. The Daily Telegraph said in an editorial that Cameron "leaves behind a stronger country, a thriving economy and more chances to get on in life". The daughter of a Church of England vicar,... [Full Article...]

Revered Pakistani Philanthropist Edhi Dies; State Funeral Set For July 9

Revered Pakistani Philanthropist Edhi Dies; State Funeral Set For July 9 The 88 year old humanitarian was the greatest example of simplicity and serving humanity an for that's why he was recognized as the "Richest Poor Man". Edhi's foundation has provided relief in Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Indonesia and in the USA after Hurricane Katrina. Edhi came from a family of Gujarati traders and arrived in Pakistan in 1947. [Full Article...]

Showdown over place for Corbyn in leadership race

There may yet be a legal challenge to tonight's decision, but it is unlikely to have much success. His close ally, the shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, tweeted: "Jeremy on the ballot". Corbyn said he was delighted with the result and that he will be campaigning on inequality and poverty - "all the things that matter". They also agreed changes to the rules governing who can vote in the elec... [Full Article...]

Owen Smith joins Labour leadership race

The spate of resignations and confidence vote amounted to "a political lynching" of Corbyn , Len McCluskey, leader of Unite, the UK's largest labor union, said Tuesday in a BBC Radio interview. Mr Corbyn said he was " delighted " with the result of the meeting of the NEC, which also imposed restrictions on who could vote in the contest. I welcome the contest ahead. [Full Article...]

Running of the Bulls festival, July 2016

The bull caught him as he was trying to help another runner in the annual event, in which a man also died a year ago. A 33-year-old Japanese man was gored in the chest and a 24-year-old Spanish man in the arm, while 12 others suffered minor injuries, the local government said on its website. [Full Article...]

Tony Blair could face contempt vote over Iraq war

The war's legality was also cast into fresh doubt after the report said with the top government lawyer's advice was "not clear" and "far from satisfactory". This was the view of the then United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan as expressed in 2004. But he insisted no lies were told and that he believed the right move had been made. [Full Article...]

Owen Smith to stand in Labour leadership election

Owen Smith to stand in Labour leadership election His former shadow business secretary, Angela Eagle , announced on Monday that she is standing against Corbyn for the leadership of the party. BBC News reports that there is a dispute within the party over whether Jeremy Corbyn should be automatically allowed on the ballot in the upcoming leadership election. [Full Article...]

Cyril Ramaphosa calls for immediate restoration of peace in South Sudan

Cyril Ramaphosa calls for immediate restoration of peace in South Sudan An outbreak of violence in South Sudan overshadowed the nation's fifth anniversary of independence this weekend, as more than 200 people were reportedly killed in fighting between forces aligned with President Salva Kiir and rival Vice President Riek Machar. [Full Article...]

Spokesman: Obama will offer 'some measure of comfort' during Dallas visit

U.S. President Barack Obama is welcomed by Spain's King Felipe as he arrives aboard Air Force One at the Torrejon airbase, outside Madrid , Spain, July 9, 2016. After the shooting in Dallas, Mr. Obama emphasized the challenges facing police, saying the availability of guns in the USA contributed to the tensions. [Full Article...]

Pawn shop burglary linked to 'threat' against Baton Rouge police

Moore III said Monday that his office hasn't made any decisions on charges against the protesters and that it will be done on a case-by-case basis. That person said three other people were involved and that they were looking for guns and ammunition to target police officers, authorities said. [Full Article...]

Australia election: PM Malcolm Turnbull claims victory

Australia election: PM Malcolm Turnbull claims victory Turnbull had used the days prior to shore up support from crossbenchers. If that happens, Turnbull's coalition will forge an alliance with independent and minor party lawmakers to form a minority government. Shorten, who had previously indicated he would not concede until the coalition officially won 76 seats, said he could not be prouder of Labour. "I believe we have a mandate to do that". [Full Article...]

US Privacy Shield launched for stronger protection of data flows

US Privacy Shield launched for stronger protection of data flows We also know that the intelligence agencies often interpret certain legal terms to mean something much broader than perhaps most people would expect. This could help if US intelligence agencies start abusing European Union citizens' data that gets transferred to the American companies. [Full Article...]

GOP platform committee backs Trump on trade, foreign policy, immigration

The platform committee met on Monday and Tuesday. The group that has forced a series of hard test votes on LGBT issues at the Republican National Convention early meetings plans to take that fight all the way to the floor of the convention. [Full Article...]

South Sudan President Salva Kiir orders ceasefire after days of fighting

Machar is a former rebel leader who became vice president under a deal to end a two-year civil war. South Sudan's president on Monday ordered the army to cease hostilities and protect civilians, effective immediately. This quickly escalated into serious fighting from Friday onwards. The two factions signed a peace deal last August combining the rival military forces together in the capital ... [Full Article...]

On the Occasion of Eid al-Fitr

On the Occasion of Eid al-Fitr New York-U.S. President Barack Obama extended his greetings to Muslims on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, lauding the contributions of the Muslim Americans to make the country stronger. It is observed as a period of fasting by Muslims the world over. In Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir, however, Eid will be celebrated tomorrow. Also, gift exchanges are a usual happening during the holiday, as well as h... [Full Article...]

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