Karachi: Thousands attend Abdul Sattar Edhi's last rites amid tight security

Belonging to a family of memon traders who came to Karachi in 1947, Edhi who was born in Gujarat started his welfare mission in 1951 opening his first home for homeless and sick in the Kharadar area in Karachi . Abdul Sattar Edhi was an extremely honest man who devoted his entire life to serving humanity. RIP Maulana sahib. I am sure his wife and children will carry on the legacy of the Edhi Fo... [Full Article...]

Osborne sacked as May unveils Cabinet

The foreign policy spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party in Parliament said Thursday that many British suggestions on the country's future relationship with the European Union are "unworkable". He said: "Her Cabinet reflects her speech on the steps of Downing Street which is to be a Britain that works for everyone and real people that reflect Britain". [Full Article...]

Labour heading for a split - Corbyn challenger Owen Smith to say

Labour heading for a split - Corbyn challenger Owen Smith to say Britain should vote again on whether to remain in the European Union once a Brexit deal is agreed, Owen Smith, one of three candidates vying to lead Britain's Opposition Labour Party , told the Guardian newspaper on Thursday. Jeremy Corbyn has refused to quit as Labour leader despite more than 60 frontbench resignations and an overwhelming vote of no confidence from his MPs. [Full Article...]

Employees give CEO a new car after he shared the wealth

Employees give CEO a new car after he shared the wealth As Gravity Payments' lawsuit saga wound to a close, CEO and Nampa native Dan Price had one more work surprise waiting for him - a brand new auto. A brand new Tesla model S, his dream vehicle. "This was a special way for us all to thank him for all of the sacrifices he's made and challenges he's faced for each of us since he announced our $70k minimum wage". [Full Article...]

Britain: New Cabinet Peppered with Pro-Brexit Politicians

His comments came as Theresa May used her first full day as Prime Minister to continue a brutal reshuffle which saw Michael Gove, Nicky Morgan and John Whittingdale kicked out the Cabinet. Earlier Thursday, European Parliament chief Martin Schulz blasted the Cabinet picks of new British Prime Minister Theresa May as part of a "dangerously vicious cycle" that will hurt Britons in the long run. [Full Article...]

Turkey's beleaguered president addresses country on FaceTime

Turkey's beleaguered president addresses country on FaceTime Recep Tayyip Erdogan , speaking to CNN-Turk through FaceTime, called the actions by the military "an attempt at an uprising by a minority within our armed forces". The military has cast itself as the traditional protector of secular, democratic rule. There are lots of reports of the military taking hold in Istanbul and Ankara amid this coup. [Full Article...]

Moscow pins hopes on Boris Johnson for better UK-Russia relations

The appointment of leading Brexit campaigners to her new government emphasises Prime Minister Theresa May's commitment to pulling Britain out of the European Union, despite her own reservations, analysts said Thursday. She removed long-serving finance minister George Osborne and Brexit-campaigning justice secretary Michael Gove - and stunned commentators by giving Johnson the diplomatic brief. [Full Article...]

Theresa May appointed Prime Minister

Speaking outside Downing Street, she said she would lead a "One Nation" government. May's appointment at the palace, to "kiss hands" with the Queen, as the ceremony is known, came shortly after David Cameron went to Buckingham Palace to tender his resignation. [Full Article...]

CDC reports female-to-male Zika transmission

CDC reports female-to-male Zika transmission A New York City resident has become the first woman suspected of transmitting Zika virus to a sexual partner. He said the Zika virus is a mosquito-transmitted infection related to dengue, yellow fever and west Nile virus, adding that it was discovered in the Zika forest in Uganda in 1947 and is common in Africa and Asia. [Full Article...]

Labour executive to decide on leadership contest rules

Labour executive to decide on leadership contest rules Meanwhile, Labour's leadership battle and inevitable split splashed on the front pages of British newspapers on July 13. Think about what attracted you to the Labour party in the first place? On Tuesday evening the National Executive Committee voted by 18-14 that Corbyn would automatically be on the ballot - which is lucky for him as there is a good chance he would not have secured the nece... [Full Article...]

Death Toll Rises To 84 In France Truck Attack

Death Toll Rises To 84 In France Truck Attack Video shot by bystanders shows the truck coming under police gunfire as it drives through an intersection into the pedestrian promenade. Police found one pistol and various fake weapons in the truck's cabin. Sean Copeland and his 11-year-old son Brodie, who were in Nice on a family vacation, were killed in the attack, Alyssa Weaver, the elder Copeland's niece, wrote on Twitter . [Full Article...]

Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party suspended by NEC

Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party suspended by NEC A Labour leadership contest has been triggered by challenges to Mr Corbyn from Angela Eagle, the former shadow business secretary, and Owen Smith, who has promised to hold a second referendum on any Brexit deal if elected Party leader. The victor is likely to be announced shortly before the Labour Party conference on September 24. She said: "I'm more optimistic about it than that, I'm lookin... [Full Article...]

Netanyahu under investigation by Israeli Attorney General

Sisi promised warmer bilateral ties if progress was made on restarting peace talks that would establish a Palestinian state alongside Israel. The last visit of an Egyptian foreign minister was in 2007. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will follow up on his tour of east Africa with financing and regulatory help for business deals his team discussed while on the continent. [Full Article...]

Congress expected to leave town with no action on guns, Zika

Congress expected to leave town with no action on guns, Zika Republicans have also pushed for new federal probes of Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, on her use of private emails while secretary of state. Protests from GOP conservatives have forced Ryan, R-Wisconsin., to shelve a less stringent version. Cook said the first issue concerns the House bill's funding approach, which "redirects $18 billion in wartime funding for ... [Full Article...]

Netanyahu Meets with Egyptian FM to Revitalize Peace Talks

When Shoukry visited Ramallah, Wafa, the PA's official news agency, reported that Shoukry said Egypt opposes any changes to the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative. There were indeed attempts two months ago by Sisi to mediate between Netanyahu and Herzog in order to create a coalition that could advance a regional approach to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [Full Article...]

Nice attacked: Victims, suspect and more about the France terror attack

Nice attacked: Victims, suspect and more about the France terror attack No group has claimed responsibility for the carnage, but French officials called it an undeniable act of terror. "People were shouting "It's a terrorist attack, it's a terrorist attack", it was clear that the driver was doing it deliberately", she said. [Full Article...]

Chennai HC stops ISPs from allowing illegal downloads of Rajinikanth's Kabali

The production of the film, including post-production activities, were completed. According to the counsel, " Kabali " has been made on a budget of Rs 100 crore and over 3000 technicians were involved in its making. Tamil film Iraivi , which was out on June 3, was available for illegal download the next day. "When a person puts hard work and produces intellectual property with huge money, anoth... [Full Article...]

Jeremy Corbyn can automatically run in leadership race - Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn can automatically run in leadership race - Labour Party The group has decided the Labour chief does not need to get the support of at least 51 of his MPs and MEPs to take part in the contest. Two thirds (66%) believe Labour needs to change its leader before the 2020 general election, up from 42% in October, in a sign of growing discontent with Mr Corbyn's leadership. [Full Article...]

Campaign chief says Trump has made his veep choice

Fox News says it is suspending i... Pence, 57, also has influential allies in Trump's inner circle. He told CNN he was expecting to hear about Trump's decision around 1 or 2 p.m. "I'm curious about why he thinks he needs it". On trade agreements - which Trump frequently rails against - Ryan was also optimistic. "I think Mike Pence is a well thought of leader outside of Indiana. [Full Article...]

At town hall, Obama confronts race issues bigger than police

ABC pulled the event together in three days following the shooting deaths of five Dallas police officers last week and the police shootings of men and Minnesota and Louisiana that sparked Black Lives Matter protests. "At our best, we honor the image of God we see in one another", Bush said. President Barack Obama congratulated Britain's new Prime Minister as she assumed her first full day in off... [Full Article...]

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