Cautious optimism as USA troops help to retake Mosul from ISIS

Cautious optimism as USA troops help to retake Mosul from ISIS The Iraqi army retook Qayara air base from Daesh on Saturday and intends to use it as a platform to launch attacks against the organisation in Mosul. "The presence of foreign troops is an understandably combustible issue for Iraq; the scars of past battles are, for many Iraqis, equal to current battles against the Islamic State", the report stated. [Full Article...]

Four men arrested over Nice attack

Speaking outside the high-rise block of flats on Boulevard Henri Sappia, where the suspect had previously lived with his family, Samiq, who did not want to give his surname, said the 31-year-old was not a devout Muslim. Earlier on Saturday, the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that Bouhlels' radicalization occurred very quickly. Two days after the atrocity, some families were sti... [Full Article...]

New UK cabinet best suited to deliver Brexit-lite

He is also one of the most controversial after he drove the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union and then ducked out of the race to become post-Brexit premier, leading critics to accuse him of walking away from the fallout. "I hope that your vast political experience will be sought after both in the United Kingdom and in the worldwide community", Putin's message to Cameron said. [Full Article...]

Op Sankat Mochan: Indians rescued from South Sudan to reach Delhi today

With two IAF transport planes in mission " Sankat Mochan " and MoS for external affairs V.K. Singh present, the operation should be a logistical success. United Nations official urged the Security Council to urgently consider imposing an arms embargo on South Sudan, stressing that they can no longer afford to sit idle as the people of South Sudan bear the brunt of the intransigence of their leader... [Full Article...]

Juno Beams Back First In-Orbit Images of Jupiter, Galilean Moons

The spacecraft captured the photo of the planet and its moons with the help of its visible-light JunoCam instrument on July 10, Sunday. "We're quite pleased that we survived going through Jupiter orbit insertion ", said Candice Hansen-Koharcheck, a scientist at the Planetary Science Institute , Tucson who is responsible for the operation of the camera. [Full Article...]

IS claims responsibility for Nice attack

IS claims responsibility for Nice attack Mohamed Bouhlel drove a 19-ton lorry into a crowd which had been watching a fireworks display on the seafront during Bastille Day celebrations on Thursday evening. Bouhlel was known to police for petty crimes but was not on a watch list of suspected militants. ISIS also claimed that all "crusader states" are not safe. [Full Article...]

Egypt foreign minister heads to Israel for rare visit

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry reports that Shoukry will meet Israeli officials including Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "Egypt remains ready to contribute toward achieving this goal", he added, saying that "the vision of the two-state solution is not far-fetched", requiring "steps to build confidence". [Full Article...]

Trump and new running mate swap praise

Mike Pence have different styles, and that he doesn't necessarily expect Pence to use the name-calling tactics that Trump has used throughout the campaign. Ryan told reporters Thursday: "I hope that he picks a good movement conservative. We're exhausted of having politicians in both parties in Washington D.C. [Full Article...]

Newspapers seized in Kashmir, raids on printing press

Newspapers seized in Kashmir, raids on printing press The scenic Kashmir Valley has been on the boil for over one week in the aftermath of the killing of Burhan Muzaffar Wani, the new-age poster boy of insurgency, by the security forces. They said in a statement they also supported Pakistan's call to observe a black day on July 19 against the killings. Policemen seized the plates of Greater Kashmir and more than 50,000 printed copies of Kashmir ... [Full Article...]

A 'Startling' First in Zika Transmission

However, most people infected with Zika never have any symptoms, so do not assume you are not infected if you do not feel sick. There has been consensus that Zika infection may cause microcephaly in infected fetuses. On the third day, she visited her doctor, who took blood and urine samples, and was sent off to the NYC health department. The New York woman was not pregnant. [Full Article...]

Islamic State claims French massacre

In its statement the group said the attack was carried out by a "soldier of the Islamic State" in response to its calls to target innocent civilians. The statement, however, did not name the attacker. France's Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Friday the truck attack the previous night in Nice that killed 84 people is "probably linked to radical Islam", but he gave no further details. [Full Article...]

Turkish president demands U.S. extradite Muslim cleric living in Pa.

It was unclear who had control of Turkey for much of the coup, but some areas of the military did make claims of taking "full control of administration" during the attempt. On Saturday, the government said it was in control after the coup, which was perpetuated by members of the military. According to the Associated Press, Turkish intelligence sources say they have proof that Gulen participate... [Full Article...]

Pence to meet Trump amid talk about vice presidential choice

Pence to meet Trump amid talk about vice presidential choice They also meet another important criteria for Trump: They're willing to take the second-in-command slot if offered. Still, some Republicans anxious that even speculation about Pence becoming Trump's running mate could negatively impact Republican's chances of winning in November. [Full Article...]

Quiet diplomacy continues over South China Sea

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has said the South China Sea issue should be solved through bilateral negotiations by relevant parties. China claims much of the South China Sea, through which more than $US5 trillion ($A6.6 trillion) of trade moves annually. [Full Article...]

Kerry says US has not received request to extradite Turkey's Gulen

Turkish armed forces was not involved in the coup attempt in its entirety. Erdogan has not left the Istanbul airport as dawn broke Saturday. He also said July 15 will be remembered as "a festival for democracy ", the day when those who carried out a coup against the people were hit by a coup themselves. [Full Article...]

May becomes Britain's new prime minister

He attends his final Prime Minister's Questions at Parliament on Wednesday, before personally handing his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II. Cameron said being prime minister has been the "greatest honour of my life" in his final remarks . [Full Article...]

Corbyn backer switches allegiance to challenger Owen Smith

Membership of the Unite union, which begins at as little as 50p per week for those out of work, will also entitle those to a vote in the leadership race if they register before August 8. "That's a awful conclusion to come to but I have spent the best part of a year trying to work with the new regime and I just don't think it is taking us anywhere other than over a cliff". [Full Article...]

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on Nice, 5 Detained by French Officials

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on Nice, 5 Detained by French Officials The attack was in response to the group's call to target the anti-IS alliance, Xinhua news agency cited a source as saying. He also promised to increase military involvement in Syria and Iraq . Another neighbour, who did not want to be named, said she knew Bouhlel's wife and described her as a "really lovely woman, who doesn't deserve all this". [Full Article...]

Islamic State group claims Nice attacker as a 'soldier'

The attacker who killed at least 84 people, including 10 children and teens, by driving a truck into a crowd of spectators that had gathered to watch Bastille Day fireworks in Nice, France , told police he was delivering ice cream to the crowded embankment. [Full Article...]

Ceasefire declared after fierce fighting in Juba

The UN Secretary-General called on the Security Council to implement an immediate arms embargo on the country and called for additional sanctions against South Sudanese leaders blocking implementation of the peace agreement signed past year. [Full Article...]

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