Pippa Middleton Finally Shows Off Her Engagement Ring From James Matthews!

Pippa Middleton Finally Shows Off Her Engagement Ring From James Matthews! According to the Daily Mail , who first broke the news on Monday, Matthews proposed while they were on vacation in the Lake District of northwest England and asked her father for her hand in marriage. "It's a tricky situation for Pippa", Wade says. "Kate is so happy for Pippa", the insider told Us. After all, Pippa Middleton's future in-laws including reality television star Spencer Matthew... [Full Article...]

Corbyn seeks permission to fight legal action over Labour leadership ballot

The Labour leader has lost the support of 80 per cent of Labour MPs and Ms Eagle said a change of leadership was essential for the party to function effectively. Twitter users have been discussing Smith's nondescript appearance ( with hilarious consequences ), and polls suggest Corbyn is easily going to win. [Full Article...]

Erdogan Says Europe Shouldn't Interfere With Turkish Crackdown

Yesterday, the government suspended 15,200 state education employees allegedly linked to US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen who Ankara blames for the coup. Dion also said Canada is equally troubled by reports of the firings and detentions of tens of thousands of people, including members of the judiciary, public servants, teachers, academics, members of civil society and the media. [Full Article...]

Turkey coup attempt: Academics banned from going overseas

The Turkish government is closing down schools, firing academics and university deans , and banning worldwide travel for professors, in the latest measures in response to last week's coup attempt against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey's National Security Council is holding an extraordinary meeting followed by a previously unscheduled cabinet meeting, after which Mr Erdogan said an "impo... [Full Article...]

Turkey coup: Erdogan announces state of emergency after failed rebellion

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan even said on Sunday that the Turkish parliament should reconsider its abolition of the death penalty in light of the coup attempt. The military is reeling from the failed putsch and the air raids appeared to be an attempt to show that Turkey's forces are on top of security matters. [Full Article...]

Protestors at Republican National Convention focus on police

Protestors at Republican National Convention focus on police The sudden and tumultuous approval of the rules was the latest example of the recent alliance between the Trump campaign and top officials of the Republican National Committee. After the voice vote adopting the rules was successful, members of the Colorado delegation walked out in protest as they called for a roll call vote. [Full Article...]

Turkey coup attempt crackdown 'flouts rule of law': Germany

Turkey's Council of Higher Education also demanded all universities suspend academic assignments overseas and that an investigation be launched into all staff linked to what it calls the " Fethullah Gulen Terrorist Organization", Anadolu reported . [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Jr. Has Some Harsh Words For Corey Lewandowski

Donald Trump Jr. Has Some Harsh Words For Corey Lewandowski Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski spoke at a breakfast for IL delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Tuesday morning, stressing how important it is for the billionaire to win IL in the upcoming November election. [Full Article...]

'Melania Trump' addresses that controversial Republican convention speech on 'Colbert'

Eight years ago, Michelle Obama told her own story: "Barack and I were raised with so numerous same values: that you work hard for what you want in life; that your word is your bond ", she said in Denver. Embracing his background as a prosecutor, the Trump ally outlined stories about Clinton's record in national and foreign security and about her private email server by asking the audience ... [Full Article...]

Is Lewandowski now trying to sabotage Trump?

Is Lewandowski now trying to sabotage Trump? Asked if Manafort should be held accountable, Mr Lewandowski said: "Hey, I was sacked so anything can happen in this life". Monday night's headline speech at the Republican National Convention by Donald Trump's wife was supposed to exhibit the presumptive Republican nominee's compassionate, fatherly side. [Full Article...]

UK PM May to discuss Brexit with Angela Merkel in Berlin

The countries trading with the European Union have to abide by its freedom of movement principle. She added: "It will take some time to get there but of course now we have the added aspect of those controls that we can bring in relation to people moving from the European Union ". [Full Article...]

Anti-Trump delegates plot convention havoc

Locals: At least 21 are from congressional districts representing the Inland Empire. "We don't want to see her come back for essentially a third Obama term, with all the problems she's got". "He's a serious player", Barbour said. After meeting with Trump last week, he said he understands the appeal for voters. "'But he will leave political damage in his wake". [Full Article...]

Hillary Clinton, the candidate we know so well _ and don't

Hillary Clinton, the candidate we know so well _ and don't The margin among Latinos will be released later Sunday. Add third-party candidates to the mix, and Trump's lead is even larger. "With 66 electoral votes at stake in these four states, Donald Trump is playing catch-up against Hillary Clinton", said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion , which conducted the new surveys . [Full Article...]

Erdogan targets more than 50000 in purge

Mr. Ulgen said the coup plotters may have been driven to act by a sense that a purge was coming anyway. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim warned that further "criminal activity will be forcefully dealt with", and announced that the United States has been given evidence of the involvement of exiled opposition leader Fetullah Gulen in the failed coup. [Full Article...]

UK Labour Party rebels back single candidate to oust leader Corbyn

UK Labour Party rebels back single candidate to oust leader Corbyn Corbyn has said he will win the leadership election, despite losing the support of the majority of his MPs in a confidence vote following the Brexit referendum. Mr Smith has obtained nominations from 88 Labour MPs and two MEPs, easily passing the threshold of 51 required to get on to the ballot paper. Smith said that he would get the Labour Party back into power by winning back the "trust of the... [Full Article...]

Emergency Meetings Held as Turkey Reels from Coup Attempt

Erdogan has previously said an "important decision" would be announced after the meeting. The government has detained over 9,000 people and fired tens of thousands of teachers, police and university professors, accusing them of having links to the US -based cleric it blames for Turkey's failed military coup. [Full Article...]

Theresa May becomes new United Kingdom prime minister

Theresa May becomes new United Kingdom prime minister Liz Truss, the previous environment secretary, replaced Gove as justice secretary and Justine Greening, who had been the secretary for worldwide development, was named the new education secretary. The council brings together the leaders of the 28-nation bloc. One of May's first decisions will be on when she plans to trigger Article 50, the formal procedure for withdrawal from the European Union,... [Full Article...]

Targeted in Turkey Purge, No Islamic Funeral Rites for Coup Soldiers

Ninety-nine generals have been charged in connection with the coup, which the government claims was masterminded by USA based cleric Fethullah Gulen. Erdogan has previously said an "important decision" would be announced after the meeting. Turkey has asked the U.S. to extradite Gulen. Turkey had in 2002 lifted its last state of emergency, which had been imposed in provinces in the southeast for ... [Full Article...]

Aleppo cut off by Syrian government forces

Then by Saturday, the Syrian regime forces imposed full control over the Castello Road, putting rebels under heavy siege. Rebels say the east of Aleppo is now sealed off and the soldiers loyal to President Bashar al-Assad are within firing range of the thoroughfare. [Full Article...]

Corey Lewandowski: Melania Trump Speechwriter 'an Honorable Person'

She said Melania Trump had read passages from Michelle Obama's speech to the 2008 Democratic National Convention over the phone to her as examples. The profile says she trained at George Balanchine's School of American Ballet and graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in English. "I asked to put out this statement because I did not like seeing the way this was distracting from... [Full Article...]

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