Staffer Says She Plagiarized Melania Trump Speech

McIver, co-author of some of Donald Trump's books, said she offered to resign but the Republican nominee for president refused to accept her resignation. Mr Trump was formally adopted as the Republican candidate for November's presidential election on Tuesday. " Today , more than ever, I am honoured to work for such a great family". [Full Article...]

(Kashmir newspapers not to print over government 'propaganda')

A statement of the newspaper editors, printers and publishers of Kashmir issued here said they strongly "condemned" the alleged government action. "It will be another huge emergency", said Kaisar Ahmed, head of Sri Maharaja Hari Singh and six other government hospitals in Srinagar . [Full Article...]

Pakistani man stabbed and dismembered in 'honour killing' in Dera Ghazi Khan

Pakistani man stabbed and dismembered in 'honour killing' in Dera Ghazi Khan A bill to remove the provision in Pakistani law that allows a victim's family to pardon his or her killer will be introduced on Thursday, Maryam Nawaz Sharif - a member of her father's ruling party - was quoted as saying by Reuters . Baloch, who called herself a modern day feminist, was described as Pakistan's Kim Kardashian and built a modelling career on the back of her social media fame. [Full Article...]

Man with ax attacks passengers on German train

Man with ax attacks passengers on German train German media have reported that the 17-year-old asylum seeker who was shot dead by police after attacking passengers with an ax and knife on a train in southern Germany was not Afghan but in fact Pakistani. He lived in a home for young refugees until two weeks ago when he was placed with a foster family in the Wuerzburg area. "This is a big mosaic puzzle right now and we will do everythi... [Full Article...]

Melania Trump's Speechwriter Reveals Truth Behind Plagiarism Scandal

But McIver said she did not check Michelle Obama's 2008 speech at the Democratic National Convention ahead of the first of her husband's two successful presidential campaigns . "ORCRP00010280-topic.html" class="local_link" >Twitter. The tweet that gained the most attention - grabbing more than 20,000 retweets - is now pinned to the top of his Twitter account and highlights quotes from ... [Full Article...]

Australian government hopes to win after last votes counted

Australian government hopes to win after last votes counted Remember the campaign? He was either walking around like he had it in the bag, or hardly walking around at all, acting like he didn't need to campaign in the election he was convinced he had already won. But few believe that Mr Abbott, who has been an MP for 22 years, remained in Parliament after his humiliating ouster last year to merely remain a backbencher. [Full Article...]

Nintendo's Pokemon GO aiming for rollout to 200 markets soon

Nintendo's Pokemon GO aiming for rollout to 200 markets soon The mobile reality-augmented game has surprisingly won the hearts of the people shortly after it debuted several days ago. Pokemon Go's not out in China , and some local conspiracy theorists hope it stays that way as they're concerned that the game's location-based play might reveal secret military sites to Western spies. [Full Article...]

Big 12 suddenly wants to talk expansion

Big 12 suddenly wants to talk expansion BYU is a school Big 12 coaches prefer if the league expands. Bulls administrators are believed to be diligently working their Big 12 contacts behind the scenes. The Big 12 has been a 10-team conference since 2012, after Nebraska, Colorado, Texas A&M and Missouri left during the last major wave of realignment and TCU and West Virginia joined. [Full Article...]

Hand-Drawn "ISIS Flag" Found In Room Of Germany Train Axe Attacker

Police found a hand-painted Daesh flag and a text written partly in Pashto in the room of the young Afghan refugee. The attacker injured at least four people on the train near Wuerzburg-Heidingsfeld on Monday night, and also a woman outside the train as he fled. [Full Article...]

N.Korea Fires Missiles into East Sea

Tuesday, Pyongyang conducted three test-firing of ballistic missiles in apparent response to the planned deployment in South Korea of a USA missile shield. On June 22, the North fired two Musudan missiles, with one flying some 400 kilometers and reaching an altitude exceeding 1,000 km. Yoo Dongryul, head of the Seoul-based Korea Institute of Liberal Democracy, said the North may be trying to d... [Full Article...]

Beijing to hold South China Sea war games after tribunal ruling

Beijing to hold South China Sea war games after tribunal ruling Asean has not issued a statement about the ruling and its members have not said why. In their meeting yesterday, Chinese navy chief Wu Shengli told visiting US Admiral John Richardson that China would never sacrifice its sovereignty and rights in the South China Sea, saying they are China's core interests and pivotal to the Communist Party's governance, national security and fundamental intere... [Full Article...]

Verify: Hillary Clinton and the devil

Verify: Hillary Clinton and the devil The GOP rebounded from this rocky day by going on the attack. Pence is heartily on board the Trump bandwagon; Cruz isn't yet, nor are many of his supporters in Cleveland. Donald Trump Jr ., his eldest son and an executive vice president at The Trump Organization, cited his father's business acumen and said his father approaches business projects the same way he has approached his campaign and li... [Full Article...]

North Korea Simulates Nuclear Strike on US Bases in South Korea

The launch is also seen as an angry protest of sorts in response to the South's plans to protect itself against incoming warheads via the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system it's setting up with help from the US. The missiles were fired from North Hwanghae province in the western part of North Korea and flew between between 310 and 370 miles, according to a statement from the South ... [Full Article...]

Investigators yet to establish link to IS group in Nice attack

Investigators yet to establish link to IS group in Nice attack But, in a statement to reporters, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve hinted that Bouhlel may have had a last-minute adoption of a more extremist worldview. Neighbors described the attacker, who worked as a delivery man, as a loner who never responded to their greetings. As France began a three-day period of national mourning, authorities continued work to piece together the events that led ... [Full Article...]

French Security Forces avert 16 terrorist attacks in country since 2013

French Security Forces avert 16 terrorist attacks in country since 2013 French investigators have yet to find links between attacker Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, and the Islamic State group which claimed responsibility for Thursday's carnage, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told France's RTL radio. Unlike the perpetrators of the Paris attacks, Bouhlel, a petty criminal with a history of violence and depression, did not travel to the Middle East for training or jihad. [Full Article...]

Turkey to enforce 3-month state of emergency

Erdogan also dismissed suggestions that Turkish democracy was under any threat and that he was becoming authoritarian. Ankara has requested Gulen's extradition from the US. Last Friday, a military faction failed in a coup attempt. Earnest said the Turkish government had filed materials in electronic form with the USA government, which the Justice Department and State Department were reviewin... [Full Article...]

South Sudan's president orders ceasefire

Worldwide aid agency CARE says it has "no choice" but to pull its staff out of South Sudan as deadly fighting between the army and former rebels continues in the capital, Juba. "It rings through the whole city every time they fire", said an aid worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to press. [Full Article...]

GOP delegates: Bashing Clinton can't be only Trump strategy

But when he asked the delegates Tuesday whether Clinton was "guilty or not guilty", the delegates yelled back " guilty ", and as he spoke, they erupted with calls to "lock her up". Fast forward to president day , and there is only four months left until the general election, and one top Donald Trump advisor has taken his hate to a new level, as reported by Mediaite on July 20. [Full Article...]

The GOP convention's unofficial slogan: 'Lock her up'

Delegates at the convention ate up his every word, and repeatedly interrupted with loud cheers and chants of " Guilty! " and "Lock her up!". She lectured, "You incited this crowd to get on their feet, to talk about her [Hillary Clinton] say guilty over and over again". [Full Article...]

Legendary writer, director Garry Marshall dies at 81

Legendary writer, director Garry Marshall dies at 81 Along with his writing partner Jerry Belson , the pair collaborated on the screenwriting for " How Sweet It Is! " in 1967 and "The Grasshoppers" in 1970. As he told EWearlier this year , "I believe in fairy tales, and I believe other people do too". The legendary director died on Tuesday in Los Angeles following a stroke , he was 81-years-old. [Full Article...]

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