Nice attacker had accomplices

Nice attacker had accomplices The five suspects were brought before anti-terrorism judges late Thursday and charged. These images and several others helped investigators determine the attack was planned. While the Islamic State group claimed the attack, describing him as a "soldier", investigators have not found direct proof of his allegiance to the jihadists. [Full Article...]

Writer apologises for copying phrases for Melania Trump's speech

Writer apologises for copying phrases for Melania Trump's speech But in this election, there is "only one candidate who will uphold the constitution", naming Donald Trump. During the hotly contested primary battle, Cruz and other Republican contenders had vowed to support the eventual nominee, so many had expected him to endorse Trump. [Full Article...]

Journalist Car In Flames Following Deadly Blast

Sheremet, a Russian national, died when his bomb-rigged auto exploded while he was driving. Sheremet, who was Belarussian, frequently used his platform as a journalist to criticize the political elite of Belarus, which he fled to avoid political persecution. [Full Article...]

Tensions With West Rise as Turkey Continues Purge

Addressing hundreds of supporters outside his Istanbul residence in the early hours of Tuesday, Erdogan responded to calls for the reintroduction of the death penalty with the simple statement: "You can not put aside the people's demands". [Full Article...]

US says its forces will keep operating in South China Sea

According to a report in Associated Press, the nationalists' demands include boycotting KFC and they claimed that Washington encouraged Manila to fight back Beijings's claims to the vast tracts of ocean. Messages like "Take out your iPhone, f you don't smash it, you aren't Chinese", photos of smashed Apple products and even videos of young people destroying their phones with hammers or whatever th... [Full Article...]

Vigil for slain Police Captain set at KCK City Hall

He talked about the anti-police and hate speech, even though this crime didn't fit the narrative of what's been happening across the U.S. He asked for the community to continue to speak up, that's the only way they'll be able to change crime and get rid of crime in the community. [Full Article...]

Nice lorry driver plotted attack for months

France declared three days of national mourning for the Bastille Day massacre, in which the lorry careered for hundreds of metres along the Promenade des Anglais seafront, slamming into families and friends after a firework display marking the anniversary of the 1789 revolutionary storming of the Bastille. [Full Article...]

Jeremy Corbyn launches bid to remain UK Labour leader

Jeremy Corbyn launches bid to remain UK Labour leader Owen Smith will challenge current leader Jeremy Corbyn in a two-horse race following the close of nominations yesterday. Elsewhere, support for Ukip has fallen eight points since last month's poll, which Smith puts down to "an early signal that, having achieved the party's central mission during the Brexit referendum, some of their supporters are now looking elsewhere". [Full Article...]

United Nations calls for arms embargo, sanctions against South Sudan

It is not clear if the violence has subsided. Reuters news agency reported heavy gunfire in Juba after Mr Kiir's declaration. In this photo dated Friday July 8 2016, South Sudan Riek Machar , left. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. In South Sudan , civilians worry that the current situation is reminiscent of the fighting that preceded the beginning of the country's b... [Full Article...]

Ted Cruz Fundraises off His Donald Trump Convention Snub

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who spoke later in the evening, departed from his prepared text to attempt to recast Cruz's remarks as an endorsement of Trump. That Cruz would induce people to boo him off the stage isn't surprising. Security escorted his wife, Heidi, out of the arena after the speech, CNN reported. [Full Article...]

Three Problems with the Melania Trump Plagiarism Admission

Three Problems with the Melania Trump Plagiarism Admission Team Trump at first adamantly denied that there was any plagiarism - but fessed up Wednesday when McIver admitted the mistake. CLEVELAND Cleveland police arrested 18 protesters on Wednesday after scuffling with demonstrators who tried to set an American flag on fire near the crowded entrance to the arena where Republicans made Donald Trump their presidential nominee, officials said. [Full Article...]

Feds sue to stop Aetna, Cigna mergers, see possible increased cost

There is growing evidence that this so-called provider consolidation is driving up prices for medical care, perhaps even more than consolidation in the insurance industry. An anti-trust lawsuit has been filed Thursday morning in District of Columbia federal court against Anthem and Cigna , and CT is on the lawsuit, along with eight other states and the District of Columbia. [Full Article...]

United to cut Pogba deal, says player's barber

With the arrivals of Zlatan Ibrahimović, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Eric Bailly at Old Trafford this summer, numerous United faithful have been curious as to what squad numbers the trio will be granted. Ibrahimovic becomes the seventh man to wear United's number nine shirt in the Premier League era. "Apart from that, we know other clubs are also involved and for us it is not, 'are we going to win th... [Full Article...]

Prince Harry Continues Princess Diana's Fight Against HIV And AIDS

According to reports , the Thai trial gave 60% protection after one year, but that fell to 31% by the end of the trial. He said he wants to ensure that LGBT people are protected if they are denied medical treatment or arrested. We all came out from the woman's womb, we will all die equal, what happens in between is circus", he said and added, "We have been to India to look at what needs to be do... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump's NATO comments 'not helpful', defence minister says

Trump's remarks provoked a swift rebuke from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Trump told The New York Times on Wednesday that if president, he wouldn't adhere to Article Five of the NATO treaty and defend allies unless "they fulfill their obligations to us". [Full Article...]

Arroyo's freedom a 'great blow' to justice system - Solon

On Tuesday the Philippine Supreme Court ordered the dismissal of a plunder charge against her and ordered her immediate release from almost five years of hospital detention. Arroyo had ordered the dismantling of the Aquino family's Hacienda Luisita, saying that a stock distribution option that allowed the sprawling estate exemption from the agrarian reform program of his mother, the late President... [Full Article...]

Federal Bureau of Investigation will help investigate Sheremet's murder - Ukraine's National Police chief

Sheremet worked for ORT at the time and the case caused a rift between Russian Federation and Belarus, with observers expressing the view that it was politically motivated. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko ordered the law enforcement authorities to immediately investigate the crime. The auto belonged to Olena Prytula, the founding editor of Ukrainska Pravda . [Full Article...]

Won't back people who attack my family: Ted Curz tells Donald Trump

Peter King (R-Seaford) told Newsday. "As far as I'm concerned, he's finished". "Last night, Cruz showed that he's earned a leading role in the nation's political future". "I am doing what millions of Americans are doing I am watching, I am listening", Cruz said. Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort told reporters that Cruz is "in violation" of his pledge to support the nominee. [Full Article...]

Staff writer takes responsibility for Melania Trump plagiarism scandal

Staff writer takes responsibility for Melania Trump plagiarism scandal No matter what Trump's team said, Melania is still trending in some parts of the world and the memes are hilarious. Wednesday's programme also will bring two conservative stalwarts to the stage: Trump's running mate, Indiana Gov. Speaker Paul Ryan, who was late to endorse Trump, has remained a reluctant backer, stoic and soldierly. Miller was elected a delegate for Trump. "Where I come from yo... [Full Article...]

McConnell sees value of Trump

She said the controversy involving classified emails while Clinton was secretary of state was proof she can't be trusted. She even lied about why her parents named her Hillary. Hillary has changed her positions so many times it's impossible to tell where the conviction ends and the the ambition begins. "My dad is a natural born encourager - the last person to tell you to lower your sights or g... [Full Article...]

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