Turkish leader slams West over crackdown after failed coup

Halis Hanci, described as the cleric's right-hand man, apparently entered Turkey two days before the abortive coup, the official told reporters. A group of militants and other officials tried to reclaim Istanbul and Ankara by force but failed. [Full Article...]

Republicans Reject Last-Ditch Attempt To Stop Trump Securing Nomination

As was Unruh's rule to unbind delegates , which was rushed to a vote out-of-order before the close of business. Yesterday in the Rules Committee there were two important votes. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he was a friend of Trump's, but ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Brady won't be speaking , either. Night 2: A focus on the economy: Mr. [Full Article...]

Republicans, Democrats React To Donald Trump's Convention Speech

He set aside much of his usual bravado. "I'm am proud to be gay, I am proud to be a Republican, but mostly I am proud to be an American", Thiel said. "I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people who can no longer defend themselves". [Full Article...]

Ex-KKK Leader David Duke Is Running for US Senate in Louisiana

Duke is a former state representative. "The fact is that European Americans need at least one man in the U.S. Senate who will defend their rights and heritage". In his announcement speech, Duke credited Trump with popularizing his own pet issues. With Duke in office, it will only intensify racial tensions between police officers and African-American men. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Takes America on a Journey to the Dark Side

Donald Trump Takes America on a Journey to the Dark Side Bush and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney who refused to attend due to their disagreement with Trump. In it, he attacked Ms Clinton and her foreign policy background and also focused on violence in the US. Cruz, Kasich, Jeb Bush and many of those who are no-shows at this year's convention are banking that the Trump-styled Republican Party is a passing fancy. [Full Article...]

Tim Kaine Picked As Clinton's Running Mate

Mrs Clinton's decision caps a highly secretive, months-long process to find a political partner. Kaine is also a former governor of the vital battleground state, and that may be crucial in what several polls have shown to be a dead heat race for the White House. [Full Article...]

INSTANT POLL: Trump's speech was a hit with voters

At a convention farewell event in Cleveland with running mate Mike Pence, Trump said he doesn't want Cruz's endorsement, blamed the Texas senator for making their wives fair political game, and said he had nothing to do with a conspiracy theory he promoted in the primary, that Cruz's father had been seen with President John F. [Full Article...]

Milos Raonic: I'm not going to leave any stone unturned

With luck on his side as the Serbian went out early, Murray made to most of his opportunity but did play some of the finest tennis he has ever played - much courtesy of the hard work he has put in. 1. After Sunday's victory, Murray's mother, former British Fed Cup captain Judy, referred to that old phenomenon as, "The constant, 'When are you going to win Wimbledon? ". [Full Article...]

With RNC over, Hillary Clinton gears up to take the DNC spotlight

With RNC over, Hillary Clinton gears up to take the DNC spotlight This, a Trump top aide remarked, is now the "party of Trump". Trump used the opportunity to trash Democratic presumptive nominee Hilary Clinton, whose "bad instincts" he said were responsible for problems around the world. If they fear terrorism, he tells them he wants to ban any person who comes from a country "compromised by terrorism". Democrats, Republicans and worldwide partners warned ... [Full Article...]

Some in MN GOP hope Trump's speech upbeat, apologetic

She also offered stories of seeing Trump read stories in the newspaper about people who were struggling with difficulties in their lives. Trump's speech will officially mark his unexpected ascendance to the top of the GOP despite months of party leaders decrying his rhetoric bashing Muslims, veterans, women, Hispanics, immigrants and other Republicans. [Full Article...]

Boris Johnson ruthlessly mocked over Foreign Secretary appointment

Boris Johnson ruthlessly mocked over Foreign Secretary appointment But you know very well what his style and method are. "He lied a lot during the campaign". "He [Boris Johnson] was the face of the leave campaign, so it was sensible to have him as a high-profile colleague", Time Bale, politics professor at Queen Mary University London told ABC News, adding: "I think it was also a juicy enough portfolio he couldn't refuse but one in which he could implode with... [Full Article...]

In first day as nominee, Trump focuses fire on Cruz, not Clinton

Wiegert rushed forward from the Missouri seating area at the rear of the convention floor. Cruz said Trump never asked him for an endorsement. Trump even reopened a can of worms from the primary - that Cruz's father, Rafael was somehow associated with Lee Harvey Oswald, who killed President John F. [Full Article...]

Making GOP history, Trump vows to protect LGBTQ community

Thiel believes he will be the first speaker at a Republican convention to say "gay" and "proud" in the same sentence. He cited the recent attack that killed 49 people at an Orlando gay nightclub by a gunman who pledged allegiance to ISIS. [Full Article...]

Clinton picks Tim Kaine as running mate

Clinton picks Tim Kaine as running mate He won statewide elections three times: for lieutenant governor in 2001, governor in 2005 and the U.S. Senate in 2012. She followed that by tweeting a campaign video touting him as an optimistic problem solver and provided supporters with some background about Kaine. [Full Article...]

Trump says he wouldn't accept a Cruz endorsement

Christopher Harvey, an African-American delegate from Houston, Texas, said the turmoil at this week's convention was all part of the circus that is American politics. We want to hear from you. "And Trump doesn't have those". According to Fusion, the woman was an intern for Jeb Bush , one of Trump's primary opponents. [Full Article...]

Senator Edwards reacts to Kaine being chosen as Clinton's running mate

Mrs Clinton's VP announcement comes two days after Mr Trump's number two - Indiana Governor Mike Pence - accepted the nomination at a tumultuous party convention in Cleveland. "I think Tom Vilsack would've been a great choice, but I understand Hillary Clinton has to choose the one that makes the most sense for the national ticket", Gronstal said. [Full Article...]

Trump, now GOP nominee, returns to fighting former foe Cruz

And all of a sudden, about 15 minutes into Cruz's 20 minute speech , the chant turned to boos - all because of something Cruz said. "Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution". [Full Article...]

Trump must be defeated, says Clinton in Ohio

Trump must be defeated, says Clinton in Ohio The edge for Clinton, who seeking to become the first female USA president, ranged from four to seven percentage points over Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul set to claim the Republican nomination this week. "My opponent may have a different view but there's nowhere I'd rather be than right here with all of you", she said. Just under half say Ginsburg was wrong to criticize Trump, while ro... [Full Article...]

Syrian children demand our attention through Pokemon Go

Syrian children demand our attention through Pokemon Go The striking montages are the work of Syrian Khaled Akil, who is one of several activists and artists using the global frenzy over Pokemon Go to draw new attention to the plight of their battle-scarred country. Several children have been photographed holding up printouts with popular Pokemon characters, a location of Syria and a message to "come save me". [Full Article...]

Ted Cruz Won't Endorse Trump Because He Wants All the Hate

Mike Pence's acceptance speech as Trump's running mate was overshadowed as a result, one more missed opportunity at a convention with a daily drip of them . In a blunt takedown posted Thursday, the head of Conservative HQ news site writes Cruz's decision "was not good for Ted Cruz , conservatives, Republicans, and America". [Full Article...]

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