Emergency cabinet to meet after Munich attack

Emergency cabinet to meet after Munich attack The police is also reportedly checking information that the shooter was under psychiatric care due to depression. Germany has been on high alert after a teenage asylum seeker attacked people with an axe on a train on Monday, injuring five. [Full Article...]

Clinton selects Senator Tim Kaine as running mate

Many experts say he is well known and well liked within the Democratic party. Clinton has faced her own struggle unifying Democrats and winning over liberal backers of Democratic primary rival Bernie Sanders, a US senator from Vermont. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally in Entertainment Hall at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Friday, July 22, 2016 . [Full Article...]

Turkey detains Gulen's nephew after coup attempt: State media

State media estimate the total is nearing 60,000 people. Ankara says the measures are necessary to ensure stability. Western governments worry about instability and human rights in the country of 80 million, which plays an important part in the US-led fight against so-called Islamic State and in the EU's efforts to stem the flow of refugees from Syria. [Full Article...]

Ol' Dirty Bastard's 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya' Scores 'Luke Cage' Trailer

With such an extensive slate of upcoming Marvel television shows, it's likely that the popularity of the comic book adaptations are driving significant subscriber growth for the streaming video company. The trailer-set to " Shimmy Shimmy Ya " by late Wu-Tang Clan founding member Ol' Dirty Bastard-finds Cage fighting crime in Harlem. You can catch your next dose of Matt Murdoch however in Marvel... [Full Article...]

City of Portland's response to Black Lives Matter protest

Organizers have already approached police on how they can work together to maintain a peaceful protest. "Once we can come together as a people, as a human race as human beings, I think we will really be able to start change". "They certainly have ignited people and you see that". "Hell yeah, I'm angry", she said. Crowds at the rally argued with passersby after the Black Lives Matter marches ac... [Full Article...]

At least 12 killed in auto bomb blast in Baghdad

Wednesday's bombing was the second attack in the al-Rashidiya district to claimed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) in as many days. The attack comes after the country's Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban resigned last week in the wake of the deadliest attack in the country since the 2003 US-led invasion, saying that Baghdad checkpoints, a pillar of governm... [Full Article...]

Turkey detains nephew of cleric blamed for coup - state media

Turkey detains nephew of cleric blamed for coup - state media At least 60,000 state employees have been detained or suspended in an internationally criticised purge. Erdogan has insisted that, despite the new emergency powers and the mass purges, Turkey will not "compromise on democracy", as Ankara has said its measures are no different to those France has taken since a series of bloody jihadist attacks. [Full Article...]

Turkey: Recep Tayyip Erdogan orders closure of more schools, extends detention period

US officials said Friday that electric power was restored to the Incirlik base, which had been operating on a backup generator since July 16, when power was shut off at all military bases in Turkey following the failed coup. In his decree, Erdogan extended to a maximum of 30 days from four days the period in which some suspects can be detained. He says the state of emergency is aimed at st... [Full Article...]

Black Lives Matter demonstration to take place in Dublin today

Black Lives Matter demonstration to take place in Dublin today Mckesson offered his response Monday afternoon during an appearance on MSNBC, his first interview since being released from jail following his arrest during a Black Lives Matter protest in Baton Rouge over the weekend. Police say Lara told them he identified with the sovereign-citizen movement, an anti-government ideology. "They chant, 'Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon, '" he was quoted ... [Full Article...]

Police say Munich suspect was obsessed with mass shootings

They were asylum-seekers from Iran who came to Germany in the late 1990s, he said. There are absolutely no indications that the German-Iranian gunman who opened fire on shoppers in Munich on Friday had links to Daesh (the so-called IS) and the attack also had no link to refugees, Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae said on Saturday. [Full Article...]

Day 4 at the 2016 Republican National Convention

As the crowd chanted "Lock her up!" in reference to Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Trump waved off their cries and said , "Let's defeat her in November". He will be introduced by his daughter Ivanka, and all of his other children, except for his 10-year-old son, Barron, have also spoken at the convention. [Full Article...]

Trump takes time from victory lap to swat at Ted Cruz

He said it's legal and doesn't violate any ethical rules since Ivanka Trump herself isn't a candidate for office, but said some people might find the promotion "unseemly" in the context of politics. And nobody even brings it up. I think it's got every possible word you can think of. and it's very simple, it's very complex. Ivanka Trump has impressed a lot of people at the recently conclude... [Full Article...]

Armenian president urges gunmen to release hostages

Armenian president urges gunmen to release hostages The hostages include Armenia's deputy police chief General Major Vardan Eghiazaryan and Yerevan deputy police chief Colonel Valeri Osipyan. The Armenpress news agency says Vitaly Balasanian, a parliament member who has been a messenger between authorities and the gunmen, said the last hostages - the deputy police chiefs for the country and for the capital -- were released Saturday afternoon. [Full Article...]

Clinton tries not to get drowned out during GOP convention

Clinton tries not to get drowned out during GOP convention Christie said he expects Trump to become more aggressive after he delivers his convention speech Thursday. The last time that Trump matched Clinton's level of support was in mid-May, after his remaining rivals for the Republican nomination dropped out and many Republican leaders started to openly support his bid for the White House . [Full Article...]

Trump Lambastes Cruz in Convention Postmortem

Trump Lambastes Cruz in Convention Postmortem And, Trump continued, the National Enquirer is usually a pretty reliable source of information. "I knew his speech, I saw exactly what his speech was because when you go up to speak, you have to give your speech, you know?" "I admire that in him". [Full Article...]

Cruz might be facing a premature end to his political career

Cruz might be facing a premature end to his political career Before the night's proceedings had even begun at Quicken Loans Arena, Politico reported that a "Republican source" had leaked a draft of Trump's speech. "I never thought I'd say these words, but Ted Cruz was right!" "Get over it, this is politics!" one man yelled Thursday at Cruz. Wiegert joined others in booing Cruz off the stage. [Full Article...]

Rep. Chris Collins to speak at Republican National Convention

Rep. Chris Collins to speak at Republican National Convention The options are limited, and attempts to cause trouble at political conventions are usually quickly thwarted. "I came here to Cleveland to carry out the will of the New Jersey Republican primary voters, 80 percent of which voted for Donald J. [Full Article...]

RNC boss: Tebow won't speak at GOP convention

RNC boss: Tebow won't speak at GOP convention Trump and those aligned with him, make the case, make the case to those delegates who want to have a voice, make the case that they should use their voice to support him". The sole hope is for a vote permitting a minority report to be debated on the convention floor. In one showdown, the rules committee voted 86-23 to reject an effort by conservatives to eliminate the RNC's ability to change... [Full Article...]

Turkish leader slams West over crackdown after failed coup

Halis Hanci, described as the cleric's right-hand man, apparently entered Turkey two days before the abortive coup, the official told reporters. A group of militants and other officials tried to reclaim Istanbul and Ankara by force but failed. [Full Article...]

Turkey Seizes Over 2250 Institutions in Post-Coup Crackdown

Erdogan, meanwhile, criticized Gulen in remarks to journalists in Ankara , the Turkish capital, saying "this individual is indecent enough to insult the people from over there" in the United States. Secretary of State John Kerry that Turkey must present evidence if it wants Gulen to be extradited. Private broadcaster NTV reported that Turkey's military council will meet under Erdogan's supervis... [Full Article...]

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