Turkey frees 1200 soldiers detained after coup bid

Turkey frees 1200 soldiers detained after coup bid Turkey fired or suspended 50,000 people from the country's institutions and security forces last week. On Friday, CHP organizers invited Erdogan's AKP supporters to the rally and they agreed. Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz said at least 20,000 teachers would be hired quickly to replace those dismissed, with school classes set to resume in mid-September after summer holidays. [Full Article...]

Turkey captures key Gulen aide after coup attempt

The official said Mr Hanci had apparently entered Turkey two days before the coup attempt. President Tayyip Erdogan accuses Gulen of building a "state within a state" and of plotting to overthrow Turkey's government, charges the 75-year-old cleric has denied. [Full Article...]

Kim Kardashian West chats with Calvin Harris

Swift has subsequently accused West of "character assassination" and strongly denies approving the line "I made that b**** famous". Fergie is noticeably defending her pal Kim Kardashian as the two worked together for the former's latest music video for M.I.L.F. [Full Article...]

Qandeel Baloch deleted off Facebook, Instagram

Qandeel Baloch deleted off Facebook, Instagram As per the company policy, which owns both Facebook and Instagram, any personal account that belongs to a deceased individual is automatically made into a memorialised account where friends and family can share memories on the timeline. "She was bringing disrepute to our family's honor and I could not tolerate it any further", Waseem told the local media, according to the Indian Express . [Full Article...]

Democratic National Committee chair steps down following Wikileaks email release

Democratic National Committee chair steps down following Wikileaks email release Wasserman Schultz issued a statement saying she will open and close the convention and that she'd address delegates about the importance of the election. FILE - Sen. Bernie Sanders , I-Vt., accompanied by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, endorses Clinton during a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, July 12, 2016. [Full Article...]

Miami police officers suspended after shooting unarmed African-American

Jonathan Aledda, 30, who has been a cop for four years, also won an " excellence award " after graduating from a nursing program at the University of Miami in 2008. Kinsey was struck in the leg during the shooting. A "fact sheet" released by the North Miami Police Department also makes reference to this, noting that police had received a 911 call about a man in the area who "had a gun poin... [Full Article...]

Ruckus in MP House over Dayashankar's remarks against Mayawati

Ruckus in MP House over Dayashankar's remarks against Mayawati A resurgent BJP trying a shot at power in the state, after a 12-year exile, is suddenly at the receiving end and on the down-slide, thanks to its now former state Vice-President Daya Shankar Singh's foot-in-the-mouth comment. They are anti-Dalits, anti-farmers too and now anti-women also. Pathak said as the Singhs family members have expressed threat, they should be provided proper security. [Full Article...]

After recent police shootings, Obama tells officers 'we have your backs'

On Tuesday, an officer with the Kansas City, Kansas, police department died after he was shot in his vehicle as he was approaching people matching the description of suspects in an earlier shooting. In the letter, the president wrote that the nation collectively mourns the deaths of three Baton Rouge officers on Sunday - Montrell Jackson, Matthew Gerald and Brad Garafola - and must not allow those... [Full Article...]

Democratic party chair announces her resignation

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) speaks during a rally as she continues the Democratic National Committee and Obama for America Gotta Vote Bus tour in the Little Havana neighborhood on October 25, 2012 in Miami, Florida. [Full Article...]

Calls for more police training to spot autism

Kinsey's life was in danger", he said. "All he has is a toy truck, a toy truck", Kinsey yelled. The 47-year-old behavior therapist employed by the group home was trying to calm the man down when they got there. "The (union) is now trying to say they meant to shoot my client and instead they shot my employee", he told CNN . "He put his own life at risk, which is evident in the video". [Full Article...]

Barack Obama His Own Blood's Voting for Trump

Obama, 58, a longtime Democrat, said his " deep disappointment " in his brother's administration has led him to recently switch allegiance to " the party of Lincoln ". The New York Post's Sunday cover story advertised the all-but-unbelievable headline, "Obama for Trump!". If Malik Obama does get his wish and meets Trump, he'll have to ask him what the Republican Party's views are on polygamy... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump hits wrong notes with unauthorised music

Donald Trump hits wrong notes with unauthorised music But it is hard to think of any other senior politician in any democracy in the modern world who would stoop as low as that. Americans woke up Friday to find "birds were chirping and the sun was out", Obama said, adding that "some of the fears that were expressed [at the Republican convention] just don't jibe with the facts". [Full Article...]

Pro-Trump Forces Angered By Cruz Betrayal - But Not At All Surprised

Pro-Trump Forces Angered By Cruz Betrayal - But Not At All Surprised Ivanka missed her one chance to date to vote for her father: she had not changed her party registration from Democrat to Republican in time to cast a ballot in the April 19 NY primary election. In a certain way, although he's got good intellect but he doesn't know how to use it. And he was a good debater but he didn't do well in the debates against me, according to every poll. [Full Article...]

Why Ted Cruz's Trump slap is Shakespearean

There will surely be rousing speeches by Reince Priebus , Ivanka Trump , Donald Trump and another guy . But he relied on statistics ripe for manipulation, cited misleading numbers on the economy, for example, through selective use of years, data and sources . [Full Article...]

GOP Convention: Ivanka Trump Introduces Her Father, the "People's Nominee"

GOP Convention: Ivanka Trump Introduces Her Father, the The notion of a woman president, so galling to so many, represents a fear that Trump has exploited without compunction. This is not an argument commonly voiced by the Republican Party. But step aside the arena perimeter and you'd find street vendors doing a brisk business in the crassest of misogynist campaign tchotchkes and apparel. [Full Article...]

BJP protests in UP against abuses hurled at Daya Shankar's wife, daughter

BJP protests in UP against abuses hurled at Daya Shankar's wife, daughter Earlier the UP unit of the BJP said that the BSP workers are using the same kind of offensive language against women that they are protesting against being used for their leader Mayawati . The BJP and Singh's family seems to be shifting the blame to Mayawati by referring to Siddiqui's abuses. Siddiqui said that there was large scale resentment among party workers on "derogatory language" used b... [Full Article...]

Gov. Pence endorses Holcomb in governor's race

Gov. Pence endorses Holcomb in governor's race Thursday at the Republican National Convention, KSEE 24 anchor Evan Onstot asked the governor, and running mate to Donald Trump, how the Trump administration would work to bring water to Valley farmers. And when Trump is elected, the change will be huge, Pence said, drawing out the word in Trump-like fashion. He said that republican nominee for President of the US Donald Trump "will rebuild ou... [Full Article...]

Wasserman Schultz won't gavel in convention

Wasserman Schultz, a member of the U.S. House from Florida, had faced growing pressure to step aside. On the heels of a tumultuous Republican convention, Hillary Clinton hopes her gathering in Philadelphia will show off a forward-looking Democratic Party united behind her steady leadership. [Full Article...]

Philadelphia primps, activists prepare for DNC convention

Democrats outnumber Republicans in the country, according to surveys, but Trump's fan base appears more motivated, Sabato said. "He ever had a chance", Trump said. To that end, Oxman said, "it'll be interesting to see how much they highlight him" at the convention this week, "and not worry about, does it upstage her?" Joe Wells, of Cape Coral, is another of the District 19 delegates. [Full Article...]

North Korea Fires Three Missiles Into the Sea

News notes it's not clear what date the drills that KCNA is referring to took place, though it appears to be referencing Tuesday's launch. A series of missile tests this year aimed at backing up that threat led to the recent agreement between Seoul and Washington to deploy the sophisticated US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, or THAAD, in South Korea. [Full Article...]

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