Bernie Protests at the DNC: The Pictures You Need to See

The demonstrators rejected the argument that a vote for a third-party candidate or a write-in is a vote for Donald Trump. Selina Vickers, 50, a Sanders delegate from West Virginia was having none of it. "I still don't know". The Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Convention organizers hoped for a show of unity on Monday. Yet the Sanders army had a terrific 48 hours. [Full Article...]

Jeremy Corbyn accused of 'complete lie' over Owen Smith resignation

All Labour Party members are welcome to attend the meeting, as are Labour Party supporters who do not belong to another party. In an echo of the five "giant evils" identified by William Beveridge in the 1940s, Mr Corbyn will say: "Today what is holding people back above all are inequality, neglect, insecurity, prejudice and discrimination". [Full Article...]

Turkey issues warrants for 42 journalists

Ilicak has opposed the government clampdown on a movement led by Fethullah Gulen , the cleric accused by Turkey of directing the July 15 coup attempt. Though the prime minister promised a fair trial for those detained, the rights group Amnesty International said there is credible evidence that detainees have been subjected to beatings and torture, such as rape. [Full Article...]

Spurned Sanders' Supporters Disrupt Day 1 Of DNC With Boos And Jeers

She has been a controversial figure throughout the primary campaign, as Sanders supporters complained the national party was partial toward Clinton. And that point was obvious - they are in no way supporting Clinton. There's "only one person I believe is truly qualified to be president of the United States and that's our friend, Hillary Clinton", Obama said. " Hillary Clinton won't be living in... [Full Article...]

Germany: Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up, wounding 15

The bomber, who has been named as Mohammad Daleel, blew himself up outside the festival in Ansbach, Germany . The attacker, who came to Germany two years ago but had his asylum claim rejected after a year, had tried to kill himself twice in the past and spent time in a psychiatric clinic. [Full Article...]

Kabali star Rajinikanth returns to India after month-long USA vacation

Kabali star Rajinikanth returns to India after month-long USA vacation While critics rated the film anywhere between 2 to 4 stars , fans were largely impervious to the ratings . The Calcutta South India Club booked an entire screen at the Cinepolis Acropolis Mall for a 5 p.m. " Kabali [Tamil+Telugu] opening in worldwide markets: Malaysia: No 1 [Thu+Fri] USA-Canada: No 3 [Thu pre] UK: No 10 [Thu+Fri] @Rentrak ", tweeted Taran Adarsh. [Full Article...]

Brexit vote deals heavy hit to UK economy, survey shows

Brexit vote deals heavy hit to UK economy, survey shows There was broad consensus that the global economy needed more growth, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew told reporters. The UK has broached the topic of an ambitious free trade agreement with China in a bid to take advantage of post-Brexit "opportunities", Chancellor Philip Hammond has revealed. [Full Article...]

Nice attacker recruited by Algerian IS member, uncle says

As the makeshift memorial on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice continued to grow Monday, piled high with flowers and other tributes to the victims of the last week's truck attack, a different kind pile was growing at the site where the attacker was shot by police. [Full Article...]

We've got to stop these Corbyn opponents out to destroy Labour: McDonnell

Baroness Smith said: "He has been leader of the party during that time but there is a role for a leader to praise the team who have done the hard work and heavy lifting on these issues rather than just to claim the credit". "The implications of this are extremely serious". She said the watering down of controversial Conservative policies, including over housing, the trade union bill and welfar... [Full Article...]

Backed fighters renew offer for IS to leave Syrian town

Backed fighters renew offer for IS to leave Syrian town The video was released by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces YouTube channel, which regularly posts footage of its fight against ISIS. The council urged IS to send a delegation from Manbij to discuss the matter. He said that Tuesday's air raid was called after the SDF "observed a large group of Daesh (IS) fighters in a convoy who appeared to be readying for a counterattack". [Full Article...]

Jewish things to expect from Donald Trump (and Ivanka) on Thursday night

Jewish things to expect from Donald Trump (and Ivanka) on Thursday night But while Ivanka said her father had pushed for equal pay in his businesses, his campaign has not quite lived up to that promise. "I have personally seen him embrace people of all racial and religious backgrounds, at his companies and in his personal life", he wrote earlier this month after Donald Trump was accused of being anti-semitic . [Full Article...]

Manchester derby in China off after heavy rain leaves pitch unplayable

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola downplayed today's renewal of hostilities with Jose Mourinho, scoffing at the suggestion he would not shake his Manchester United counterpart's hand. "For that sort of money, you want someone who is going to score 50 goals a season like Ronaldo or Messi". But in a match it's more hard, so again, I hope our players and the City players go home without any ... [Full Article...]

British economy to see a huge decline — Business survey

Both the manufacturing and services sectors shrank, according to the figures, which were worse than expected, though exports were bolstered by the fall in the pound, which makes United Kingdom goods cheaper for foreign buyers. While in the Chinese capital, the Chancellor will hold a series of meetings with senior political leaders and businesses where he will make clear that the United Kingdom gov... [Full Article...]

Jose Mourinho reveals his biggest concern as Man United manager

The problem for me are the bad conditions to play and train. There were further delays as Mourinho's pre-match press conference was moved at the last minute when United officials decided the manager could not hold it in the allotted room as it was "too hot and too full". [Full Article...]

Protests erupt in Indian PM's state over attack on low-caste men

The anger with the state government has been growing for a while, with the silence on continuing atrocities against the Dalits "not acceptable to the youth" according to the activists. After meeting the victims at the hospital and their families at the Mota Samadhiyala village, where the flogging incident occurred, Mr. Kejriwal drove to Amreli to meet the family members of Pankaj Amrelia, the head... [Full Article...]

Wasserman Schultz to Step Down as DNC Chair

Wasserman Schultz to Step Down as DNC Chair She said Wasserman Schultz has been a "miserable failure" who needed to be gone. In a written statement , Wasserman Schultz said she was "privileged to serve as the DNC Chair for five and a half years". "I would ask her to step aside". He had an anti-Hillary Clinton sign portraying her as beholden to Wall Street. "It proves our point that they've tried to marginalize him and make it as hard as ... [Full Article...]

No problem with Mourinho, insists Guardiola ahead of derby in China

This made the conditions close to unbearable and United decided Mourinho should not hold the conference in the room. "I'm pretty sure they will be stronger than in previous years", said Guardiola. United's China trip got off to an embarrassing start, however, when Borussia Dortmund outclassed them 4-1 in a friendly in Shanghai last week. It is really insane, but it is good for us. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump says US could pull out of World Trade Organisation

Donald Trump says US could pull out of World Trade Organisation The 70-year-old Trump said the WTO was trying to stop his plan to tax American companies that move operations overseas to cut costs, citing the Carrier Corporation as an example. "We have to be reimbursed", said Trump . "They got together, all of these countries got together so they could beat the United States". In an interview with CBS on Sunday, President Barack Obama said that Mr Trump's ... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Wants The Attorney General To Investigate Black Lives Matter

They met Sunday night already to get the dialogued started. Those chants came during a protest organized by Millions March NYC demonstrating against police brutality and the group formally disavowed them. Rockford Police say we can help protect their safety as well as our safety by reporting threatening social media posts directed at a specific group. [Full Article...]

Turkey arrests key aide to Gulen for coup attempt

Taksim Square, like much of Istanbul and other cities, is awash with Turkish flags and CHP supporters were also carrying pictures of their hero Kemal Ataturk, the soldier who founded the secular republic on the ashes of the Ottoman Empire in 1923. [Full Article...]

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