TBS Apologies for Hillary Clinton Hyena Video

TBS Apologies for Hillary Clinton Hyena Video The crassness of the video prompted TBS' own Samantha Bee to publicly criticize the Time Warner-owned cabler via Twitter, although she deleted the message shortly after it was issued Monday night. The short video featured footage of the Democratic presidential nominee laughing juxtaposed against the sounds of hyena cries. "There's a new mascot in town...#ImWithHyena". [Full Article...]

Turkey investigating people who say coup attempt was hoax

These include 15 universities, more than 934 schools, 109 dormitories, 1,125 associations, 19 unions and 35 health associations. Turkey's government is setting up an inner cabinet to oversee the implementation of the state of emergency it declared after last week's botched coup, ramping up the effort to purge the influence of its accused mastermind from all walks of Turkish life. [Full Article...]

Solar flight marks first round-the-world journey

This is an electric airplane, which was operated using only electrical energy, obtained from over 17,000 solar cells. It took 70 hours for Mr Piccard to cross the Atlantic Ocean, which was the first by a solar-powered plane. "The same clean technologies used on Solar Impulse could be implemented on the ground in our daily life to divide by two the Carbon dioxide emissions in a profitable way". [Full Article...]

'Pokemon Go' locations causes concerns for some business owners

The museum said on Twitter that allowing users to play "Pokemon Go on the site of our Memorial and similar disrespectful to the memory of victims!" The aim is to collect them as you go along. "We feel playing Pokémon Go in a memorial dedicated to the victims of Nazism is inappropriate". University of Melbourne researchers Eduardo Velloso and Marcus Carter said the way the game tags... [Full Article...]

Turkey detains more judges and military officers

Turkey detains more judges and military officers Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said another coup attempt is possible, but maintained it would not be easy as authorities are now "more vigilant". "The terrorist organization who attempted the coup , it should be disposed of rapidly", Erdogan said in a televised address. The president also suggested military purges would continue: "As the commander in chief, I will also attend to ... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Climbs 6 Percentage Points in One Week After GOP Convention

Trump exclaimed the day after his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. Trump went on to dispute, lengthily, Cruz's claims that the businessman insulted his wife and suggested that his father had something to do with the assassination of President John F. [Full Article...]

Hackers in DNC email breach believed to be connected to Russian government

The impact of the release of the DNC hacked emails was nearly immediate, prompting the ouster of the head of one of the two major political parties. Martin Libicki, a cyberwar expert at the RAND Corporation and author of the upcoming book Cyberspace in Peace and War , said it's much more likely than not that the Russians were involved in the hack. [Full Article...]

Syrian opposition: Suspend U.S.-led airstrikes after civilian deaths

Members of the predominantly Kurdish U.S. -backed Syria Democratic Forces have been on the offensive in Manbij for weeks, backed by U.S. -led coalition airstrikes. The coalition has acknowledged conducting air strikes near Manbij recently, and said it was looking into the reports of civilian deaths. Syria's main opposition group is calling for the USA -led coalition to suspend its airstrike ca... [Full Article...]

Donald Trump Still Isn't Done Attacking Ted Cruz

Republicans used her decades in politics to draw a sharp contrast with Trump, a political novice promising to shake up Washington. Trump delivered in part, retailing familiar campaign promises such as building a wall across the 1,947-mile-long Mexican border and resisting free trade deals that he says kill American manufacturing and jobs. [Full Article...]

US urges Philippines to resume talks with Beijing over South China Sea

China has stepped up its rhetoric in defence of its claims since an worldwide court ruled this month that China did not have historic rights to the waters, raising concern that China would assert its position more forcefully. A report from the South China Morning Post revealed how China and the ASEAN released a joint statement implying their agreement that the uninhabited features in the South... [Full Article...]

Pokemon profit fears continue to hit Nintendo's shares

Pokemon Nintendo Shares fell 17.7 percent, registering the biggest reduction in stocks for a company since October 1990, with stocks down by 5000 yen. Once investors discovered that Nintendo wasn't set to gain as much from Pokemon Go as everyone assumed, Nintendo's stock took a bit of a nosedive. [Full Article...]

North Korea: Missile Launch was Mock Nuclear Attack

North Korea on Tuesday fired three ballistic missiles into its eastern sea in an apparent protest of South Korea's decision to allow the deployment of an advanced US missile defense system in the country, Seoul officials said. Last month, the U.S. Treasury Department also designated the North as a "primary money laundering concern", a powerful sanction created to cut off the provocative regime fro... [Full Article...]

Zimbabwe probes veterans' statement making break from Mugabe

Zimbabwe probes veterans' statement making break from Mugabe Calls to the war veterans association weren't answered. "When he arrived in Mozambique ... he was not the president of Zanu-PF, but we made him so". In March, police threw tear gas and fired water cannons at them for gathering for an unauthorised meeting. The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, which claims to have 50,000 members, issued a statement blaming the country's eco... [Full Article...]

DNC CONVENTION | FBI investigates email hacking

This weekend, Wikileaks then posted the emails that had been stolen from the DNC in a searchable format online, revealing that the party's top brass tried to help presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton clinch the nomination over Bernie Sanders, despite a claim that it was neutral. [Full Article...]

Who's Not Making Much Off of Pokemon Go: Nintendo

Who's Not Making Much Off of Pokemon Go: Nintendo Another thing that Poke Centers were used for, was a place where you could trade Pokemon with your friends or your other games. This is why Nintendo's logo does not appear anywhere on Pokemon GO , but yet investors somehow felt that the two were related . [Full Article...]

Juno files its first image since reaching Jupiter

Juno files its first image since reaching Jupiter The picture was taken on July 10. Like all the other instruments aboard Juno , JunoCam was switched off in the days immediately preceding a critical engine burn required to place Juno into orbit. That information will serve as a yardstick for calculating how far from the sun the biggest planet formed, setting the stage for everything else in the solar system, including Earth and its fortuitou... [Full Article...]

Trump, Pence make pitch for party unity at RNC — IN Focus

The speech was also a cavalcade of racist dreck, so blatant that former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke tweeted , "Couldn't have said it better", right after the Republican presidential nominee finished speaking. Donald J. Trump takes people's fears and weaves them around a narrative that fools them into believing they're exhibiting strength. Mr. Cruz, not only a student of political history... [Full Article...]

Turkey detains nephew of cleric blamed for coup

The rapid pace of arrests since the coup attempt has anxious many of Turkey's Western allies, who say they see the country going down an increasingly authoritarian road. The presidential guard numbers up to 2,500 soldiers but at least 283 were detained after the uprising. Under new emergency powers, they can be held without charge for 30 days. [Full Article...]

ASEAN Refuses to Criticize Beijing in South China Sea Dispute

At a meeting of just the Asean foreign ministers yesterday, the grouping again chose not to refer to the global tribunal's ruling. Insiders accused Cambodia of scuppering moves to include a response to the tribunal ruling in a joint ASEAN communique, which is usually issued at the end of the foreign ministers' meeting. [Full Article...]

Munich shooter was bullied loner, planned attack for a year

Munich shooter was bullied loner, planned attack for a year Bavarian investigator Robert Heimberger said the shooter visited the site of a previous school shooting in the German town of Winnenden and took photographs past year, then set about planning Friday's attack, according to Associated Press . [Full Article...]

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