Hostage: Attackers forced my husband to film slain priest

French President Francois Hollande (L) speaks with police forces after two assailants had taken five people hostage in the church at Saint-Etienne-du -Rouvray near Rouen in Normandy, France. But just as in West Africa, where French finance and military might continue to shore up friendly governments, France has never fully withdrawn its influence, maintaining a far more hands-on role than the Brit... [Full Article...]

Narsingh Yadav: The 'outsider' in Indian wrestling

Narsingh Yadav: The 'outsider' in Indian wrestling If his "B" sample also tests positive, he will miss the bus to Rio, reducing the Indian contingent further to 118. The 28-year-old shot putter was informed of the test result by the Indian National Anti-Doping Agency, with a banned steroid having reportedly been detected in an out-of-competition control on June 22. [Full Article...]

Some French Media Ban IDs of Attackers to Stop "Hero" Effect

Some French Media Ban IDs of Attackers to Stop Two attackers took hostages inside a French church during morning Mass on Tuesday near the city of Rouen, killing an 86-year-old priest by slitting his throat before being shot and killed by police, French officials said . "The terrorists held me with a revolver at my neck". One had three knives and a fake explosives belt; the other carried a kitchen timer wrapped in aluminum foil and had fake ... [Full Article...]

Turkey detains top Gulen aide after coup attempt

Security forces detained his aide, Halis Hanci, in the Black Sea province of Trabzon, a senior official said, describing him as a right-hand man to 75-year-old Gulen and responsible for transferring funds for him. Turkey's Supreme Military Council (YAS) will meet under Erdogan's supervision on July 28. It is expected to be ratified by parliament, where his party holds the majority. [Full Article...]

Donald Trump's Plea to Russian Hackers Roils the Campaign

Donald Trump's Plea to Russian Hackers Roils the Campaign Donald Trump asked Russian Federation to help "find" the missing emails from Hillary Clinton's private server during a Wednesday press conference here at his Florida resort. "I never met Putin, I don't know who Putin is". Earlier, Trump had said the hacked DNC emails, which were released by WikiLeaks on the eve of the Democratic National Convention Sunday, contained comments so offensive that, h... [Full Article...]

Bill Clinton Draws 24.7 Million Viewers on Night Two of Democratic Convention

The momentous day was capped by a rousing Bill Clinton speech that attempted to humanize a woman who's been defined and redefined over two-and-a-half decades in the national spotlight. Asked what more needed to be done to unify the party, Biden replied: "I don't think anything more has to be done, George". A proponent of clean energy, Clinton is known for being a strong advocate of Indo-US tie... [Full Article...]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz blasted by loud, angry crowd

Debbie Wasserman Schultz blasted by loud, angry crowd But in the end, the most pointed call for party unity came in an unscripted moment. Some of the reasons: "He's popular in his home state of Virginia - which went blue in '08 and '12, a state that Republicans dearly need to win back". "She took responsibility for some of the things that may have taken place under her watch", said Curley Clark, a 4th Congressional District delegate who is also the... [Full Article...]

Cash for opponent pours in as FL congresswoman struggles

In another tweet on Monday, Cher said she didn't mean to be "cruel" to Wasserman Shultz, but that even Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump knows how to "read a room". He also knocks Wasserman Schultz for raising and taking money from super PACs and special interests. The problem: Sanders had little control over his delegates, who seemed unwilling to get behind his endorsement of Clinton... [Full Article...]

'The Bachelorette' Recap: Men Tell All And Chad Confronts JoJo

When Harrison asks what he was thinking when he threatened to show up at Jordan's house, he's like, "oh yeah, candies". Cha-ching! For those not in the know, the fantasy suite represents the first time the couples get to spend an entire night together. [Full Article...]

We love Michelle more every day

After a hard fought 2008 primary against Hillary Clinton, Mr. Obama took to the stage again, this time to accept his party's nomination, making history as the first black presidential nominee of a major party. "One force at work here is negative partisanship", said Geoffrey Skelley of the University of Virginia Center for Politics. But Sanders, meeting with New England delegates, said, "As of ye... [Full Article...]

Former CIA chief: Trump 'beyond the pale,' not qualified to be president

Former CIA chief: Trump 'beyond the pale,' not qualified to be president Panetta, who headed the Central Intelligence Agency for two years, said that Trump's comments proved that he was unfit to be president. "There is only one candidate for president who has the experience, the temperament, and the judgment to be commander-in-chief, and that's Hillary Clinton", Panetta said , opening his speech by reiterating remarks that he made at a national security panel earlie... [Full Article...]

Palestinian that Killed Father of 10 Dies in Shootout with Israelis

Palestinian that Killed Father of 10 Dies in Shootout with Israelis Rabbi Michael "Miki" Mark was killed when his auto crashed after being fired on near Hebron on 1 July. The Palestinian gunman who killed a rabbi and father of 10 in a West Bank ambush almost a month ago was killed in a shootout with Israeli security forces near Hebron . [Full Article...]

Democrats Make History by Officially Nominating Hillary Clinton

Clinton has said the emails she did not hand over were private. Clinton has been a regular speaker at Democratic conventions since at least 1980 and returned to the convention arena in 2012, when he gave a rousing 48-minute speech in support of President Obama's re-election. [Full Article...]

Democrats Make History for Women, Mothers, and the 'Real' Hillary Clinton

Democrats Make History for Women, Mothers, and the 'Real' Hillary Clinton Both Clintons and party leaders were eager to change the storyline of the Democratic convention, which began with the toppling of Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and rowdy crowds of Bernie Sanders supporters who waved placards, chanted his name, jeered Clinton allies, booed her name and vented about a system they see as rigged. [Full Article...]

Arlington National Cemetery is a no-go for Pokemon Go

Arlington National Cemetery is a no-go for Pokemon Go They believe playing the game in the museum is a form of disrepect. "We are trying to find out if we can get the museum excluded from the game". In a statement , communications director for the Holocaust museum Andrew Hollinger said playing the game inside a memorial to victims of the Nazi regime was "extremely inappropriate". [Full Article...]

Capitol Report: Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz booed as email leaks upend convention

Later in the speech when Sanders received loud disapproval from the crowd when he told "we must elect Hillary Clinton". He stunned the Clinton campaign with his broad support among young people and liberals, as well as his online fundraising prowess. [Full Article...]

It's her party now: Ex-presidents handoff to Hillary Clinton

She is someone who wants to "break down all the barriers to opportunity", in the words of Sen. How do you square it? "Good for you", he said to the delegates, "because earlier today, you nominated the real one". There are clear, achievable, affordable responses to our challenges. "They know more than we do, it's like we just got here". Speaking on MSNBC Wednesday morning, Biden said his party ... [Full Article...]

Bachelorette Recap: When a Fantasy Suite Becomes a Nightmare

The rest of the episode was more or less a snooze-fest. Just maybe not to the guy she originally hoped. We can't blame Chase for being upset and angry, but luckily he had some time to think about the events that had just gone down. "I miss you already", Luke replied. "Later, they told JoJo that they liked the other man too , but they thought the second would be more loyal and a better fit". [Full Article...]

Turkey coup attempt: Nearly 9000 soldiers joined plot - army

The response from the Turkish authorities would, he said, be just and not amount to a witch-hunt. It also discharged more than 2,400 military personnel for "complicity in the attempted coup", a senior Turkish official said. The assault took place over about 12 hours between the night of July 15 and morning of July 16, when the rogue soldiers surrendered to citizens and police that had fought back ... [Full Article...]

Turkey seizes schools, charities in post-coup crackdown

The emergency allows Mr Erdogan and the AK Party government, who are mildly Islamist, to pass laws without first having to win parliamentary support and also to curb or suspend rights and freedoms as they deem necessary. In a sign of the fury felt by Erdogan's inner circle toward Gulen and his movement, Agriculture Minister Faruk Celik said that to call these people animals is highly insulting to... [Full Article...]

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