Angela Eagle criticises Jeremy Corbyn after cancelling surgeries

The MP for Wallasey was a key shadow cabinet ally of Jeremy Corbyn until last month, when she launched a leadership challenge against him - though she has since bowed out in favour of another challenger, Owen Smith. This is huge. At least 180,000 people applied to join Labour in the 48-hour signing up window . In his formal leadership speech, Corbyn took inspiration from social reformer Willi... [Full Article...]

Corporate lawyers argue over whether Colbert can be Colbert

It could be trademarked, she says, but trademarking that character would require Stephen Colbert's permission, as the two share a name. Last night, Original Stephen Colbert I introduced Stephen Colbert II's identical twin cousin , Stephen Colbert III. [Full Article...]

Germany calls on mosques to prevent extremism

Germany calls on mosques to prevent extremism Germany would do "everything humanly possible" to ensure security, she said, although there would have to be a "thorough analysis" before specific new measures were drawn up. President Barack Obama on Wednesday offered his condolences and U.S. support to German Chancellor Angela Merkel following a spate of bloody attacks in her country, the White House said. [Full Article...]

Turkey discharges generals, shuts media outlets after coup

Turkey discharges generals, shuts media outlets after coup The authorities have now embarked on a relentless campaign to eradicate every influence of Gulen from Turkish institutions in a crackdown that has shaken every aspect of life in Turkey and led to the detention of almost 16,000 people. The attempted coup has also tested Turkey's ties with its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally the United States, where Gulen has lived in self-imposed exile sinc... [Full Article...]

Asean foreign ministers' meeting concludes in Laos

Asean foreign ministers' meeting concludes in Laos The statement also expressed "strong opposition" to any coercive unilateral actions that could alter the status quo in the South China Sea , while urging all states "to refrain from such actions as large-scale land reclamation, and the construction of outposts as well as the use of those outposts for military purposes". [Full Article...]

Pres. Obama's Kenyan half-brother says he supports Trump

Obama said the work still to be done must be done by Hillary Clinton, who has promised to serve a "third" Obama term. Tim Kaine attend a campaign rally in Florida. "I think the president was quite direct in the argument that he was making". He said Putin doesn't want to see a united North Atlantic Treaty Organisation or a united European Union. [Full Article...]

Dozens of newspapers and TV stations shuttered in crackdown on dissidents

Dozens of newspapers and TV stations shuttered in crackdown on dissidents Officials have repeatedly said this is only the beginning of the purge, with over 60,000 people either among the detained or sacked for suspected ties to exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen. Dozens of journalists have been detained, with arrest warrants issued for many more. Turkey has branded Gulen's movement a terrorist organization and wants the cleric extradited. [Full Article...]

Angela Merkel says refugees who carry out attacks 'mock' Germany

Two attacks in Bavaria - an axe attack last week near Würzburg and a suicide bombing on Sunday in Ansbach - were carried out by a refugee and failed asylum seeker respectively. Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said his state - where three of the four attacks took place - would hire some 2,000 additional police officers by 2020, improve police officers' equipment and create new offic... [Full Article...]

Turkish authorities dismiss military personnel, shut media outlets

Turkish authorities dismiss military personnel, shut media outlets Prime minister Binali Yildirim said: "The investigation is continuing - there are people who are being searched for". The Supreme Military Council, gathering top commanders of NATO's sec. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who survived the biggest threat to his 13-year domination of the country when supporters countered the plotters on the streets, has blamed the July 15 coup on the reclusive US-base... [Full Article...]

Merkel to face questions over migrant, security policies

The chancellor said that she was incensed that people who had come to the country to seek shelter had turned against it and its people. He had applied for asylum in Germany but had been rejected because he had an asylum application already pending in Bulgaria, German authorities said. [Full Article...]

Indonesia rebuffs UN, EU appeals to halt looming executions

The Government resumed executions in March 2013, after a four-year de facto moratorium, in a decision that was heavily criticised by the worldwide community as running counter to the global trend towards the abolition of the death penalty. The EU also called on Indonesia to halt all executions. The attorney general's office, which oversees executions, could not be reached for comment. [Full Article...]

Reactions to Kaine tilt positive as Democrats seek unity

July 26, 2016. "It always makes my heart soar when I get the chance to come out", he said during a five-minute chat with the Iowa delegates at their daily breakfast meeting. In swing states, voting for the Clinton-Kaine ticket will be the only way to prevent the calamity of a Trump presidency. Unlike some running mates who tend to linger in the spotlight-hi Joe Biden-Kaine has taken quickly to t... [Full Article...]

Two Cases of Zika Virus found in North Dakota

Two Cases of Zika Virus found in North Dakota New CDC research also allows for longer testing periods for pregnant women, who may show signs of the Zika virus. In a "worse-case scenario", only three to 37 athletes, tourists and journalists travelling to Rio de Janeiro could bring Zika virus back to their home countries, Yale University scientists said in new findings also published Monday. [Full Article...]

Turkey Orders Detention of 47 More Journalists: Gov't Official

Following the failed coup, which martyred at least 246 people and left thousands of others wounded, Turkey sent the official request for Gulen's extradition. The detention of journalists and wide-scale purges of officials have raised concerns about a possible witch hunt in the wake of the violent coup attempt that killed about 290 people. [Full Article...]

Obama offers support to Germany after spate of attacks

Although she did not roll back on her open-door refugee policy, she said the country "must improve the process for repatriation of migrants". Merkel's decision to run again is likely going to depend on how the refugee situation unfolds. He pointed out that "most people who commit Islamist acts of terror are also psychologically unstable". Merkel has been on holiday in northern Germany since ... [Full Article...]

DNC 2016: Recap of Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention

Embracing his former rival to thunderous applause from the convention hall, Obama thus passed the Democratic party's baton to the first woman ever nominated for president by a major American political party. The wealthy real estate mogul has run on a hard-right platform of banning Muslims from entering the United States and building a border wall to keep Hispanic migrants out. [Full Article...]

France names second church killer as Abdel-Malik Nabil Petitjean

The communiqué said that the man was "ready for carry out an attack on national soil". The person in the photo appears to be one of two people who can be seen in in a video posted on Wednesday by Islamic State's news agency, they said. That information was gleaned as police and intelligence officials tried to track back to learn the identity of the second attacker. It was not clear how the two... [Full Article...]

European Union regulators cautiously endorse United States data pact

European Union regulators cautiously endorse United States data pact The new EU-US data-sharing agreement will be able to run for at least a year, European regulators have announced. "The first joint review will be a time in which we will make an evaluation of the Privacy Shield and also a time where additional propositions could be made (by the USA government)", Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, who heads the French data protection authority, told reporters. [Full Article...]

Second France church attacker identified from DNA, officials say

Second France church attacker identified from DNA, officials say They were later shot and killed by police. The other attacker in the matter was named as Adel Kermiche. Amaq earlier reported that the attack had been executed by two of its "soldiers", who had "responded to a summons to target coalition countries" involved in combatting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. [Full Article...]

Lapel pins with images of ex-NKorean ruler found in South

Lapel pins with images of ex-NKorean ruler found in South Three North Koreans who worked in the European Union country of Malta but were forced out defected to South Korea last summer, sources familiar with the matter said Thursday. Aid shipments have also been held up or blocked indefinitely at Chinese customs in confusion over what is covered by the significantly upgraded United Nations sanctions imposed in March following Pyongyang's fourth nucl... [Full Article...]

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