Ex-CMs not entitled for govt accommodation for lifetime: SC

Ex-CMs not entitled for govt accommodation for lifetime: SC The court said that "any such possession" of government accommodation should be vacated in two months time. The state of UP contended that in a federal set up, like the Union, the state has also power to provide residential bungalow to the former chief ministers. [Full Article...]

India to bring back 10000 workers from Saudi Arabia: Sushma Swaraj

However, despite job loss and poor living conditions, a majority of the Indian workers who are stranded and living in camps are not willing to leave Saudi Arabia. The cut in public spending has put financial pressure on construction companies which rely on government contracts to pay for the cheap foreign labor used in construction projects. [Full Article...]

Hong Kong flights cancelled as typhoon Nida approaches

Hong Kong flights cancelled as typhoon Nida approaches It also warned that heavy rain could lead to mountain floods in parts of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region and Sichuan Province from tonight to Sunday night. Under trading rules, Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd. will cancel premarket trading if a signal 8 warning is in force between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. There will be no morning session if such a warning is lowered after 9 a.m. [Full Article...]

French ID second church attacker; warning 4 days earlier

French ID second church attacker; warning 4 days earlier Two men who murdered a French priest are seen pledging allegiance to so-called Islamic State in a video released by the terror group's news agency. The French anti-terrorism coordinating agency, UCLAT, issued the photo of a man on July 22, warning police that the person - without a name but who turned out to be Petitjean - " could be ready to participate in an attack on national territory ". [Full Article...]

Turkey aftermath: Government detains nephew of cleric Gulen blamed for coup

Turkey's authorities have detained the "right hand" of US-based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, who President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused of masterminding the failed coup attempt, a presidency official said. Turkey's President Erdogan ordered the closing of thousands of charities, private schools and other institutions as his first decree since calling a state of emergency to the country. [Full Article...]

Chaos erupts at Florida delegation breakfast as Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks

Chaos erupts at Florida delegation breakfast as Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks Sanders said Wasserman Schultz, a United States representative from Florida, had made the right decision for the future of the Democratic Party. Clinton said Wasserman Schultz still would have a major role to play in her White House effort, including campaigning for her across the county. [Full Article...]

Kerry says United States neutral on SCS, wants China to follow laws

The Philippines had not sought support from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN ) or the global community in its arbitration case against Beijing over the South China Sea , and did not want to press the issue to provoke China, Perfecto Yasay said. [Full Article...]

Nightly demonstrations follow failed coup in Turkey

Among possible charges that could be brought against him is membership of a "terrorist" organisation, the agency said, adding that he was also wanted over the leak of questions from the 2010 civil service exams. A planned meeting of the military council has been brought forward. Pro Kurdish supporters gather during a rally against military coup and the state of emergency, one week after a failed... [Full Article...]

New York's Bernie delegates irritated at DNC

New York's Bernie delegates irritated at DNC Sen. A controversy over bias within the party leadership favouring Hillary Clinton has rocked the Democratic Party on the eve of its national convention in Philadelphia . "So I can see that there's a little bit of interest in my being here, and I appreciate that interest - and a little bit of interest from the press", Wasserman Schultz said. [Full Article...]

Turkey fires 1700 officers, closes dozens of media groups

A hastily-convened military council meeting came after the government ordered the discharge of 149 generals - almost half of the armed forces' entire contingent of 358 - for alleged complicity in the putsch bid. Missing some content? Care to comment? "Until now, we have not received the backing and the statements that we, the whole of Turkey , expect from these countries", said Berat Albayr... [Full Article...]

UN warns South Sudan president over replacement of rival

This happened after the lapse of a 48-hour ultimatum issued by President Kiir for Dr Machar to return to the capital, from where he fled on July 11 following the outbreak of a four-day spate of political violence. " UNHCR has deployed additional staff, trucks and buses to assist", it said. Since the conflict in the African nation began in December 2013, some 1.69 million people have been intern... [Full Article...]

20000 teachers will be hired to replace coup plotters

Authorities also arrested one of Gulen's nephews. Lieutenant Colonel Hakan Karakus was detained in Ankara , it said. Therefore, it appears Erdogan will use the fear and the failed coup as an excuse to increase control and oppression in Turkey eliminating thus the opposition. [Full Article...]

Ivanka Trump Tries to Woo Millennials and Women in RNC Speech

Ivanka Trump Tries to Woo Millennials and Women in RNC Speech The couple both take part in the Trump campaign's "family meeting" each Monday morning, helping make decisions about spending and strategy, according to a source familiar with the meetings. Similarly on childcare, Ivanka correctly noted that childcare expenses are a major burden for too many working women and more needs to be done to help parents, particularly those with lower incomes, f... [Full Article...]

New Travel Related Zika Case Reported In Escambia County

Seven cases of the Zika virus have now been confirmed in Arkansas, the state Health Department said Wednesday. They asked that residents and visitors comply with requests for urine samples, as it will help health workers determine the potential number of people affected. [Full Article...]

Angela Merkel stays the course on migrant policy despite terror attacks

Over a million refugees have entered Germany since the nation opened its borders at the beginning of a year ago. Merkel also said that "besides organised terrorist attacks, there will be new threats from perpetrators not known to security personnel". [Full Article...]

No newspapers on Day 2

As the staff had left after printing the copies, Police detained all the employees of Rising Kashmir Printing Press including the foreman, Muhammad Yousuf. Police seized tens of thousands of newspapers in Indian-held Kashmir early on Saturday and detained printing press workers, ramping up an information blackout. [Full Article...]

Munich Shooting: Lone Gunman Planned Attack for One Year

Munich Shooting: Lone Gunman Planned Attack for One Year Sonboly , a German-Iranian student, opened fire near Munich's busy Olympia shopping mall on Friday evening, killing nine and wounding 35 more, before turning the gun on himself as police approached. The shooting was one of four attacks in Germany - three of them by migrants - since July 18 that have left 10 people dead and 34 injured, a toll that may heighten public disquiet over Chancellor An... [Full Article...]

Turkey dismisses 88 foreign ministry staff - foreign minister

Earlier this week, the Turkish authorities issued arrest warrants for 47 senior level journalists working for the Zaman Newspaper. A large-scale shake-up of the Turkish armed forces is expected to be announced when the country's Supreme Military Council meets on Thursday. [Full Article...]

Bastille Day truck attacker texted for 'more weapons' minutes before massacre

CAIRO/NICE, France Islamic State claimed responsibility for the truck attack on the French city of Nice on Saturday as French police arrested three people there in connection with the carnage that claimed the lives of at least 84 people. "Information related to the attack in Nice on July 14 was sent out much too late by the SAIP app", the interior ministry said in a statement , adding that th... [Full Article...]

DNC Chairwoman Calls Sanders Aide 'Scummy' in Leaked Email

DNC Chairwoman Calls Sanders Aide 'Scummy' in Leaked Email But party leaders ultimately did not follow that recommendation. That message - and the endorsement of Sanders - has helped the political upstart raise a surprising $2.2 million through June 30, mostly through small donations, after refusing to take money from political action committees. [Full Article...]

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